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UPDATE: Security Guard Who Called Gay Veteran “Faggot” At Occupy Wall Street FIRED!

Last night we reported that Joey Boots, a LGBT activist and 6 year military veteran was called a “faggot “ by a Brookfield Security Guard guarding Zuccotti Park at  Occupy Wall Street

News has just come down that Brookfield Properties finally has done at least one decent thing and has  just fired the homophobic low-life neanderthal.

John Del Signore with Gothamist reports:

Matthew Cherry, a spokesman for Brookfield, tells us, “His comment was offensive and inexcusable, and we have a policy of zero tolerance for such behavior. In accordance with our code of conduct he’s been terminated from his work with Brookfield.” Cherry clarified that the unidentified man was a security subcontractor; when asked what company was doing the subcontracting and whether it was still under contract with Brookfield, Cherry declined further comment.

I hope yopu enjoy the unemployment line homophobe and may the video of you calling a gay military veteran “faggot” on camera haunt you the rest of your life.