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Smoking Hot Ex-World Master’s Jiu-Jitsu Champion Carlos Machado Caught Chopping Wood On Webcam

Carlos Machado naked jerking off



Smoking hot Brazillian Carlos Machado is an ex world master’s champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) born in Rio de Janeiro and currently  runs BJJ schools across the United States.

Machado moved to Los AngelesCalifornia in 1994 where he met martial arts movie star Chuck Norris, who s has been one of the greatest advocates of Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In 1995,  he moved to the city of DallasTexas where taught Brazilian jiu-jitsu out of the same building in which Chuck Norris’s television show “Walker, Texas Ranger” was filmed and took  part in many episodes 

Besides running his school, Machado has been involved in competition, winning once the Pan American of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (97/98), several events in the U.S. (U.S Open 98/99), and the World Master’s Championships (2000) in two weight divisions (middle weight and open class).

I wonder what Chuck would say?

You can Machado’s solo exhibition HERE <—– EXPLICIT CONTENT

Carlos Machado  jerking off


Andrew Breitbart Leaks Anthony Weiners Penis Photo – Wanna See Weiner’s Wiener?

Supposedly Andrew Breitbart made a deal with Rep. Anthony Weiner that he wouldn’t leak Weiner’s penis pic as not to as Breibart said ” “I don’t think I want to put his family through that type of thing.”

But that didn’t stop Briebart from whipping out his IPhone and showing the pic to some buddy’s who immediately photographed it and has sent it on its merry way.

So now its ALL out and  this should invalidate whatever deal  cut with that douchebag Briebart not to show it and hopefully Briebart will be prosecuted for attempted extortion and blackmail.

Now about the pic.  Its fuzzy but DAMN Anthony is packing a nice piece!

I told you all he has the biggest balls in the House

UPDATE:  I have removed the picture of Anthony Weiner’s penis from Back2Stonewall.com.  My integrity has won out over page views.

I saw it.  Its impressive and I still think that this is not such a huge deal as to ruin a brillant politican’s career. 

If you want to follow-up on this please head over to Gawker.com

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – GLEE XXX Rated Porn Movie Trailer (Hold Me Puck I’m Scared!), Jonathan Rhys Meyers Heads To Rehab, Jason Alexander Bares It All, And The Backstreet Boys ARE GAY!

* The “This Ain’t Glee” XXX Porn Parody from Hustler.  I am at a loss for words……

*Even my lesbian friends enjoy looking at this ab shot of Matthew Mossison from the real “GLEE” in this months Vouge magazine. (Now if HE was in the porn version,………

*  The Backstreet Boys will headline San Francisco Pride on Sunday, June 27th.  Main stage producer Audrey Joseph, who was brought on board by the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee only in April to line up talent for this year’s 40th anniversary of the LGBT Pride Parade and festival, confirmed the news Tuesday, May 18. The Backstreet Boys were already scheduled to be in San Francisco for a pair of concerts at the Warfield, according to Joseph and the band’s website. Besides the boy band, popular for hits such as “As Long as You Love Me,” the lineup for Sunday, June 27, is expected to include Rose Royce (“Car Wash”), Martha Davis and the Motels (“Suddenly Last Summer”), and Andy Bell from Erasure (the band known for the song “A Little Respect”).  You weren’t expecting that were you?

*  Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a recent drunken display at an airport earlier this month where he was banned from United Airlines. Yeah, turns out he wasn’t just getting disorderly, he was getting racist. When an airline worker prevented him from boarding his flight to LA he started flinging around the ‘N’ word with his vodka breath. The thought of doing creative naked things with this man just went out the window, flew down ten stories, and died on the pavement in a bloody mess

*  Jason Alexander has become the new Jenny Craig spokesperson. He’s lost 30 pounds, and judging by the video below, he’s pretty happy with those results. I just wish every celebrity who loses weight would celebrate with a flashy song and dance number.