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FOX News Witch-Hunt Outs Gay Teacher With Porn Past

Kevin Hogan was just another English teacher at Valley Regional Charter School in Massachusetts.  That is until FOX 25 News “investigative reporter” Mike Beaudet ambushed Hogan and announced to the school that in his past Hogan had starred in 3 gay porn films.

Does the school know that you’re a porn star?” Beaudet asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hogan said.

“Do your students know that you’ve been in these movies? Come on. This is you. You know what I’m talking about,” Beaudet said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hogan repeated.

“Do you really think it’s appropriate to be working with kids?” Beaudet asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Happy Thanksgiving,” Hogan replied.

Not only did FOX 25 and Mike Beaudet purposely invade Hogans privacy bringing up something from his past that’s legal for no other reason than sensationalist homophobia the piece insulated pedophilia in light of the Sandusky scandal at Penn State by pointing out numerously that Hogan was the school’s Crew Coach and asking parents if they they thought it was appropriate that Hogan be allowed to work with children.

I’m disturbed. I’m surprised,” said Stephanie Saponaro, whose son is coached by Hogan on the crew team. “The kids really love him. He’s been a great addition to the team. He’s a new coach this year. New head of the English department. This is scary.”

“What is my reaction? Oh my God!” said another parent. “Everyone’s innocent until proven guilty. I don’t like to judge people.”

Innocent until proven guilty?  Of what?  Doing something that’s 100 percent legal?

Mike Beaudet and FOX 25 ruined this mans life in 6 minutes Hogan is now on administrative leave

Mike Beaudet and FOX needs to be held accountable for this yellow homophobic witch-hunt journalism. 

You can contact FOX 25 at Main Phone Number: 781-467-2525
Or by using this CONTACT Page.

Californian Presbyterian Minister To Stand Church Trial for Marrying Gay Couples in California

The Reverend Jane Spahr, who married same-sex couples when gay marriage was legal in California, before Proposition 8 was passed is set ti stand trial before a Presbyterian court and is charged with “publicly, intentionally and repeatedly” violating Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) doctrine by presiding at the weddings of 16 couples between June 2008 and November 2008, before California voters outlawed same-sex marriages. 

Rev, Spahr has pleaded not guilty, explaining there are other parts of church doctrine that are just as important such as being welcoming and valuing diversity. Spahr’s lawyers plan to argue this time around that she would have been breaking church law and shirking her pastoral responsibilities if she had refused to marry gay couples who had the legal right to wed and wanted Presbyterian ceremonies.
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The regional Presbyterian of the Redwoods, which oversees 52 churches from an area north of San Francisco to the Oregon border, was required to bring the charges against Spahr earlier this year after a member filed a formal accusation against her

It’s the second time Spahr, a lesbian who founded a ministry for gay Presbyterians, has faced possible sanctions from her church. In 2006, she became the first pastor of her faith to be tried for officiating the weddings of gay couples from states that did not permit same-sex civil marriages.

Eleven of the couples Spahr married are expected to testify as witnesses at the trial scheduled to start Tuesday at a church in Napa, California.


POW! BAM! SPLAT! – In 2001 The Army Issued A COMIC BOOK On How To Conduct DADT Inquiries

Holy illiterate homophobic bigot Batman!

Wired.com is reporting (via Boing Boing) that the Army actually issued a comic book in 2001 about the right ways to proceed with an inquiry about homosexual conduct.  (probably for thier upper brass who needed pictures on how to conduct a witch hunt.)

The comic titled “Dignity & Respect”, (Right!)  is about the TRIALS and tribulations of Private First Class Howard. He has the misfortune of being observed in a homosexual act by two of his fellow soldiers. That triggers a tiptoe through a thicket of regulations and bureacrat-speak. Like: “What is a ‘reliable person?’

You’re certain about [his] sincerity?” Williams’ first sergeant asks his commander. “I think so,” she answers. Then she recommends Williams for a discharge.

Finally, there’s a Q&A. “Wouldn’t admitting to being a homosexual be an easy way for soldiers to get out of the Army?” one Q goes.

Oddly, the A is: “No. Absolutely not!

Well guess what?  Private Howard gets DISCHARGED