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Video – NOM’s Maggie Gallagher – Srivastav And Her Cast Of Evil Minions Spew Hate In Albany

The Wicked Bitch of the Northern hemisphere Maggie Gallagher – Srivastav took to the steps steps of Albany’s State House yesterday with her evil minions in tow to spew more rabid hate and lies against the LGBT Community and against same sex marriage yesterday as the fate of gay marriage coming to the state of New York hangs by a thread inside it’s chamber.

Where’s a flying farmhouse from Kansas or a bucket of water to watch this witch melt when you need one?

Jeremy Hooper over at Good as You has a detailed cast breakdown identifying each of these haters and has been following NOM closely for well over the past year.  GREAT WORK JEREMY!

Crazy Psycho Tea Bagging Witch Christine O’Donnell: "Homosexuals Are Psychologically Defective"

Republican//Tea Bagging Senate candidate Christine “I had a picnic in a blood stained satanic altar” O’Donnell told a reporter, “People are created in God’s image. Homosexuality is an identity adopted through societal factors. It’s an identity disorder.” (Talk about the pot calling the kettle. Or should it be the cauldron calling the lid?)

O’Donnell’s suggestion that gays suffer from a psychological disorder is far worse than other comments about gays that have already gotten media attention, such as her claim that the government spent too much on AIDS and her insistence that “gays get away with so much.” Also: Last week O’Donnell insisted that her rigid moralistic views represent long-ago youthful excesses. But as late as 2006, she was apparently still suggesting that gays are suffering from some sort of mental illness that has caused them to stray from God’s “image.” Indeed, this would appear to put O’Donnell squarely in the camp of those who liken homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality – The Washington Post

Theres just a whole lotta crazy going on there.  PLEASE someone thropw a bucket of water on her so we can watch her melt.