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Petition Started To Keep James Corden OUT of the Movie WICKED - FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY SIGN IT!

Petition Started To Keep James Corden OUT of the Movie WICKED – FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY SIGN IT!

Cats”, “Into The Woods, PROM. These are just three of the recent beloved musicals that has suffered the casting James Corden for no real reason.

Well enough is enough! A petition has been started on Change.org which reads “James Corden in no way shape or form should be in or near the production of Wicked the movie. that’s pretty much it.”

At the time of this posting the petition has garnered 38,049 signatures + 1 mine.

Please sign. For the love of all holy sacred musical theatre please sign.

Stephen Schwartz Pulls Wicked from North Carolina

B’way Composer Stephen Schwartz Bans WICKED, All Other Works From Being Put On In NC Over Anti-LGBT Law

Stephen Scwartz Pulls Wicked from North Carolina

Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz who has written such hit musicals as Godspell (1971), Pippin (1972) and Wicked (2003) is refusing to allow any of his musical productions to be put on in North Carolina because of its recently passed anti-LGBT law HB2 and is asking all other Broadway composers and agencies to do the same.

Via BroadwayWorld.com

“To my fellow theatre writers and producers: As you no doubt know, the state of North Carolina has recently passed a reprehensible and discriminatory law. I feel that it is very important that any state that passes such a law suffer economic and cultural consequences, partly because it is deserved and partly to discourage other states from following suit.

“Therefore, I and my collaborators are acting to deny the right to any theatre or organization based in North Carolina to produce any of our shows. We have informed our licensing organizations and touring producers of this, and I’m happy to say have met with compliance and approval from them.

“In the 1970’s, I, along with many other writers and artists, participated in a similar action against apartheid in South Africa, and as you know, this eventually proved to be very effective.

“If you are in agreement, you may want to join me in refusing to license our properties to, or permit productions of our work by, theaters and organizations in North Carolina until this heinous legislation is repealed.

“Thank you for considering this.”

An important lesson for North Carolina: No one mourns the wicked.


Check out the rest of the content at Back2Stonewall.com the one and only independent LGBT news and media site in America by CLICKING HERE.


Two HOT English Blokes Stand Up To Fight Bullying (Did I Mention They Were Prince Harry and Ben Cohen?)

Ben Cohen has seriously ramped up his work with his StandUp Foundation dedicated to stopping bullying worldwide.

In the video below Ben talks  his work with international partners Microsoft and Nike, as well as Wicked the Musical. (And his voice is even HOT!)

Also Ben,  recently posted a picture of him and Prince Harry, who supports Ben Cohen’s work and the anti-bullying project.  Princess Diana would be so proud of Harry, who has carried on with her spirit of supporting charities and helping those who need it.

Selma Hyack and ABC To Turn "WICKED" Into 8 Hour Mini-Series

Michael Ausiello Over at tvline.com is reporting that Salma Hayek and ABC are developing an eight-hour miniseries adaptation of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire.

Sources confirm that the actress-producer is teaming with ABC to develop an eight-hour miniseries adaptation of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, the Gregory Maguire bestseller that spawned the Broadway phenom. The insider stresses that it would be based on the novel and not the musical. As a result, this Wicked would be less of a prequel and more of a parallel story to The Wizard of Oz. (Universal, as you may know, is currently developing a Wicked film, and that would be based on the musical.)

Hayek who will be the producer may also play a supporting role in the project, which will be written by Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers).

Jason Ritter as Fiyero?