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NYC Dallas BBQ Chair Basher Bayna El-Amin Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For Attack On Gay Couple

Dallas BBQ Basher Gets 9 Years

Duncan Osbourne reports at Gay City News:

Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin was sentenced to nine years in prison and three years post-release supervision for assaulting two men in the Dallas BBQ in Chelsea in 2015.

“The jury rejected your claim of self-defense,” said Arlene Goldberg, the judge who heard the case in Manhattan Supreme Court, on September 15. “That you did not cause serious physical injury to them was only a matter of luck.”

El-Amin faced five low-level felony assault charges in a May 5, 2015 altercation he had with Jonathan Snipes, 33, and his then-partner, Ethan York-Adams, 26, in the restaurant, which is located at Eighth Avenue and 23rd Street.

The prosecution’s case, which included several videos, was that the fight was divided into three parts and the 42-year-old was not charged with any crime in part one, where he was defending himself from Snipes, who started the fight by attacking El-Amin.

In parts two and three, El-Amin was continuing to fight when Snipes had effectively surrendered, the prosecution said. El-Amin always faced the greatest jeopardy from his actions in part three, where he can be seen hitting the two men on their heads with a heavy wooden chair as they stand with their backs to him.

El-Amin claimed he was defending himself in the altercation with the much smaller Jonathan Snipes at the Chelsea restaurant. Indeed, surveillance video showed Snipes starting the fight bu hitting El-Amin with a canvass bag. But El-Amin, according to prosecutors, continued the fight after Snipes had given up. Additional video showed El-Amin “hitting the two men on their heads with a heavy wooden chair as they stand with their backs to him walking away to the horror of on-lookers and then fled the scene.

“The case boils down to this defendant took it too far,” said prosecutor Leah Saxtein. “He decided to get revenge. … He used a dangerous instrument to strike them in the most vulnerable part of the human body.”

El-Amin and some supporters attempted to frame the incident that El-Amin was a victim of racism. Waddie G of the black entertainment website the G-List Society shared social media posts accusing Snipes and York-Adams of exploiting “white privilege” which was picked up by other various QPOC groups including the former LGBT equality group GetEQUAL. . El-Amin who himself spoke at the hearing, described his accusers as “drunk white men who felt they were entitled to swing on me.”

But the judge did not agree. “I know that you want to cast this, your supporters as well, as an issue about race,” Goldberg said. “I don’t see it that way. … When you picked up that chair, that was a criminal act that cannot be excused.”

El-Amin’s lawyer had sought the minimum sentence, three and a half years, for the charges on which he was convicted. The prosecution sought 12 years plus five years of post-release supervision.

El-Amin has a previous record of 29 felony convictions across several states.


NYC Chelsea Dallas BBQ Gay Chair-Basher Bayna Lekheim El-Amin Found Guilty On Four Counts Of Assault

NYC Chelsea Dallas BBQ Gay Chair-Basher Bayna Lekheim El-Amin Found Guilty Of Assault

Just a little over a year ago on May 5th, 2015,  Jonathan Snipes and Ethan York-Adams were dining at the Dallas BBQ at West 23rd Street and 8th Avenue.   Snipes knocked over his fishbowl margarita drink, and overheard Bayna Lekheim El-Amin say he was “a white faggot spilling drinks.”  A tipsy Snipes confronted him, and later admitting to hitting him with his “light purse”.  A fight ensured with the much larger El-Amin stomping on Stipes and then bashing him over the head with a heavy wooden chair, knocking him unconscious while he was walking away. El-Amin then left the restaurant and went underground only to surrender himself to the authorities a few months later. The whole confrontation was caught on videotape.

On Wednesday Bayna Lekheim El-Amin was convicted of two counts of first-degree attempted assault and two counts of second-degree assault

El-Amin’s lawyer unsuccessfully argued that his client, who they made a point of stating is also gay, was acting in self-defense. “The defendant has a right to defend (himself),” he told the jury.

Prosecutors said El-Amin attacked out of rage:  “The defendant didn’t attack these men because he was scared for his life — he attacked them because Jonathan Snipes humiliated him and he was pissed off. The defendant was angry, he was humiliated, and he wasn’t about to let these girly men get the last word,” said ADA Leah Saxtein

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce describes El Amin a “career criminal.”

A cursory internet search reveals several clues into El-Amin’s criminal past. In 2005, he was arrested for violating probation and for failure to appear in court. In 2006, he was locked up for about three months on a forgery charge and was also arrested fo: invasion of privacy, credit card fraud, a violation of Georgia Controlled Substance Act, and a miscellaneous misdemeanor according to Mugshots.com, That site lists his height at 6’6” and his weight at 325 lbs.

Waddie Grant Jr. owner of the QPOC website G-List has been a supporter of El-Amin since the incident claiming that El Amin was  actually the victim charging racial discrimination and that El-Amin was a victim of “white privilege” mistreated by the press.  Grant also knew the whereabouts of El-Amin while he was in hiding and a search warrant was issued and never contacted the NYPD.

Grant allowed El-Amin a platform to speak on his website.  In his account of the story, York-Adams and Snipes never spilled a drink but got into a fight near a table where a few women were seated. El-Amin says he shouted:

‘Hey, guys! There are ladies here’…. Snipes…walked towards me and said, ‘And YOU calling us ladies!’ And, he struck me. He struck me in the head with an object. I’m not sure what it was, but it felt like a heavy blunt object — and it hurt….I knew that I needed to react quickly because I was afraid that if I didn’t that I would be hit again. Or, someone else at my table would have been hit. So, I immediately went at him.

El-Amin is expected to be sentenced on June 14 by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arlene Goldberg. He faces up to 15 years in prison.


NYC Dallas BBQ Chair Basher Files Countersuit, Claims He’s The Victim Of “White Privilege”

Dallas BBQ Basher

Bayna-Lehkiem El-Amin the career criminal charged with assault against a gay couple after violently bashing them over the head with a chair which was caught on video has said his only crime “was to be a man of color wrongly accused by his attacker, a “privileged white man.” and has filed a countersuit.

Michael Fitzgerald @ TR

El-Amin  says that when he intervened in an argument between Snipes and York-Adams that was interrupting other diners, Snipes “viciously struck” him on the head with a “heavy, blunt weapon” that cut open El-Amin’s head.

He also alleges that although he tried to walk away, Snipes “continued his attack by grabbing at plaintiff’s legs and attempting to claw at plaintiff’s genitals” while York-Adams “joined in the attack by pushing plaintiff onto his injured back.”

At this point, El-Amin said, he was “left with no choice” but to throw a chair at his attackers, “knocking them to the ground and giving plaintiff time safely to retreat from his attackers by walking out of the restaurant.” 

The complaint also alleges that a friend of Snipes’ doctored footage of the attack in order to portray El-Amin as the attacker.

Too bad for the 6’6, 350 lbs. El-Amin that the video footage doesn’t support his re-telling of the event. Even if Snipes had “viciously” attacked him he had no right to bash him over the head with a heavy chair the moment that Snipes turned his back to him and was walking away from the table. That’s a little bitch move if there ever was one.

“Privileged white man”. Now  is creeping its way into serious courts of law as a defense.

“White privilege” the new “race card”.

Accused Chelsea BBQ Chair Basher Fugitive Gives Interview: “I’m the VICTIM!”‏

gay bashingEarly last month on May 6th two gay men were brutally attacked and bashed over the head with a wooden chair during an argument at the Chelsea BBQ restaurant in NYC.  The attack which has been widely characterized as an anti-gay hate crime after video of the incident went viral for the fact that the attacker in question fled the scene.

Gay blogger Waddie G The G-List Society, a black culture and entertainment weblog posted a claim that one of the victims had instigated the fight and that the attacker was a gay man himself and all the outrage had to all do with “white privilege” not the fact that attacker Bayna El-Amin whom the NYPD identified on May 20 who happens to be black is a “career criminal,” with multiple arrests on charges that include forgery and credit card fraud. Not to mention the fact that bashed the couple over the heads with a chair while their backs were turned and walking away from them.

Last night The G-List Society posted an interview with the fugitive at large El-Amin, describing him as an “HIV/AIDS counselor and ballroom community leader.” The opening paragraph is attributed to El-Amin:

“We are fortunate enough to live in a country where all people are protected against crimes based upon their race or sexual orientation. That’s a blessing because everyone in this world doesn’t have that privilege and right. I think that is sad and unfortunate that someone would misuse that right and play this card that they have been gay-bashed or been attacked and then call someone a homophobe. I’m also disappointed in the community, in particular certain members of the LGBT community, who have not done their due diligence to make sure that if someone is saying this – that what they’re saying is true. In particular, that [openly-gay] Councilman [Corey Johnson] in that area who said so many horrible things about me to his constituents. I don’t understand why he would call me a homophobe.”

El-Amin is reportedly staying with at an undisclosed location and is being advised by an attorney while he builds his case of self-defense.

 El-Amin also stated:

“He assaulted me. I was the victim. People don’t realize that. People don’t know that. I was sitting at my table. With no provocation, he came up and hit me. There was no slur thrown at him. There was no bumping into my table and knocking over my drinks. There was no interaction between us in a sense, except for what I said earlier when I said to them, ‘Hey, guys! There are ladies here.’ Then, he came over to me and said, ‘And YOU calling up ladies.’ Then, POW! He definitely made false accusations and tried to put a crime on my that did not happen. I defended myself.”

There are a few major problems with this story.  Other than the fact that Waddie G is defending El-Amin only because he is a person of color and not because of what happened during the incident is also aiding and abetting a fugitive and holding information on his whereabouts back from the police.

1. It’s not self-defense when you hit someone from behind while they are walking away from you, no matter what happened before that. If you were assaulted, call the police.

2, Innocent persons generally don’t hide from the police at undisclosed locations while they “build their case.”

When someone assaults you, you have the right to defend yourself from the attack, however, the right to self-defense evaporates as soon as the attack stops. When the person has turned their back and walked away and is no longer a threat, if you attack, you are no longer the victim. The video provided clearly shows him hitting the other two men over the head with a chair only after it was all broken up and the couple were walking away, backs turned  and not even paying attention to him. This is assault pure and simple.

Watch the video below and decide for yourselves.  WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS DISTURBING CONTENT.