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“Jounalist” Ben Bera of  the Return Of Kings website – the website “for masculine men” has posted a bit of a straight insecure hissy fit “The embracing of gay culture across the Western world has harmed, more than any other group, heterosexual men.”

Bera bitches writes:

It Has Made Men More Vain:

The daily rituals of moisturizing, waxing, applying fake tan, etc., is crossing the thin line between healthily enhancing one’s self-confidence and being consumed by vanity, people should worry more about penile bumps than beauty, it is more dangerous.

As the fashion industry is overly populated with women and gay men, this dangerous mix churns out ever more effeminate looking styles and grooming products for men. We’ve reached a point where some men will spend just as many hours preening themselves in the bathroom mirror as their girlfriends do.

It Has Destroyed Men’s Ability To Bond:

The increasing prominence of gays and the gay lifestyle in media and entertainment has, over many decades, secured in the minds of men what is and is not gay behavior. For the most part, men, helped in their views by women who want to monopolize their time, will see any bonding or intimacy with other men as gay, thus putting a giant wedge in their ability to forge genuine friendships.

It Gives Men Unhealthy Sexual Appetites:

With our elites in assault mode, trying desperately to make gay the new standard, from mainstream media talking about the benefits of “analingus” to anal sex. This rejection of morality and resisting anything but temptation, part and parcel of the gay psyche, is having an obvious and deleterious effect on men.

This obsession with constant sexual gratification, exploring ever more degenerate ways to get that gratification, is leading men down a seedy and perverse path. This has all come about through the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

In the end Bera concludes his screed by writing there are “a few” gay men who he “greatly respects,” but, in general, he believes homosexuality is causing several “societal damage.”

My thoughts about this?  

Cry me a river you pathetic confused closet case. Also stop blaming the gays that you are expected to shower and brush our teeth occasionally and quit your whining about not being able to hug your male friends because gays exist. Because we all know you want to do more than hug them.