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Whats "Too Gay" Today? Kirk Cameron Gay Closet Case?, Anti-Gay ArchBishop Hit With Pie!, Robert Pattinson Is An "Actor", and David Beckham’s Undies

*  There’s been a few BLIND GOSSIP items flying around lately about this super conservative 80’s sitcom actor who’s been spotted in gay bars and enjoying Bette Midler music.  And the general consensus seems to be that it’s Christomaniac Jesus freak Kirk CameronI don’t know about Kirk one way or another but after all he did hang around with a guy named BONER.

*  Robert Pattinson has declined a $1 million Burberry offer advertising?   His reason. “I’m an actor, not a model”.  Think again TwinkLight.

*  Matt Rettenmund’s Boy Culture celebrates its fifth birthday. Happy Birthday Matt!

*  As soon as David Beckham’s contract runs out with Emporio Armani, he’s launching his own line of underwear.  So now you can have Beckham on your bulge all the time!
*  Belgium’s Anti-gay Archbishop Andre Leonard, who recently declared AIDS as God’s punishment for gays, was pied during a service. There’s a video remix of the pie incident.  Anita Bryant 2010!  LOVE IT!

What’s "Too Gay" Today? GLEE Beefcake!, Tom Hardy Jerkin?, NOM Can SUCK IT!, John Barrowman ALERT!, Republican Sex and Marriage Advice, and MORE!

* Glee-fcake: Chord Overstreet, Cory Monteith, and Matthew Morrison show skin for last nights Rocky Horror Show GLEE episode. Now where the HELL is my PUCK!

*  Handsome, hot, hunky and swoonworthy Tom Hardy is close to signing up for Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman also the studio is in talks with Angelina Jolie to play evil queen Ravenna.  Must resist comments having to do with Tom Hardy and “jerkin”.

*  Bravo has greenlit a show that might not be aimed directly at gay men. Kara DioGuardi and Jewel will host a singer-songwriter competition show with a $100,000 prize.

*  The National Organization for Marriage lost its challenge to campaign finance disclosure laws in New York, largely because they hadn’t yet violated them. NOM doesn’t want to have to disclose their money trail and is currently fighting disclosure laws in a number of states besides New York To quote La Diva Griffin ‘SUCK IT BITCHES!’

•  BBC America starts airing the BBC’s I’d Do Anything … To Be In Oliver!  tonight at 9 PM, with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Graham Norton, and John Barrowman.  I’ll just put the TV on mute and drool over John.

*  Uwe Boll, for no discernable reason, has filmed Blubberella, which the official synopsis describes as “The first female fat superhero …She will kick major ass – with her major ass …”   In 20 years poor Ed Wppd Jr. is going to lose the title of Worst Director ever.

*  Republican Sex and Marriage Advice Video.  “Do you really want to put God’s telephone inside somebody’s butt?”

What’s "Too Gay" Today? "Supernatural" Goes Gay-er, Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner Get Wet Together, Harlem’s Mount Morris Baths For Rent, and NYC’s The Chelsea Hotel Is For Sale!

*  Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner on the Prague set of Mission: Impossible 4 get all wet togther and no we are not taking about those walk-in closets having showers.

The landmark New York’s Chelsea Hotel is for sale. Famous guests over the years included  Bob Dylan, Charles Bukowski, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Arthur C. Clarke, Dylan Thomas, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Lance Loud of An American Family.  It’s also where The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death in 1978. Anyone have a couple of billion dollars I could borrow?

*  Legenday Harlem Gay Bathouse the Mount Morris Baths is for rent.  The Mount Morris Baths was a longtime survivor of New York’s gay bathhouse scene, the type of place where, the New York Times reported in 2003, the same sign could warn patrons about a no-sex policy and advise them about proper condom disposal.  In a poetry collection titled “Black Men, White Men,” the poet G. S. Weinerman immortalized the Mt. Morris Baths by writing a piece titled “Mt. Morris Baths, New York.” In the poem, he wrote about the “ancient, loving rooms” and the “furtive heritage” of the historic bathhouse. The postscript to the poem read: “Today, it is old and faded, but if you look hard, you can feel and see the lost elegance which somehow remains  SOMEONE RENT OR BUY THIS PIECE OF LGBT HISTORY AND I WILL MANAGE IT. PLEASE. 

*   CBS premiered The Talk yesterday, and fast overnight ratings have it up 24% from As the World Turns’s ratings last October.Which really isn;t all that diffucult actually.

*CW’s “Supernatural” goes just a bit gay. And no its not the fantasies that you write about in your Sam and Dean Slash fiction.

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Chris Pine Fills His Pants, GLEE Rocky Horror Promo, Gavin Rossdale Admits To Gay Relationship, and Doctor Who Will Live Forever

* The GLEE Rocky Horror Picture Show Promo is here! (Yea an episode with Corey Montieth in his tighty whities!)

*  Back in April of 2009 as I reported here cross-dressing UK singer Marilyn spoke about having a gay relationship with HOT Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.  Gavin’s been quiet about it until today when he finally acknowledged that YES he did indeed have a gay affair with Marily.  But also hastens to add at the end of the interview that “It’s a part of growing up. That’s it. No more, no less.” It was just the one time”.  Just the one time Gavin?  C’mon, last year it was no times dude.  Embrace it man.  We love you.  You are hot as h ell dude.

On October 19th  the long overdue DVD release of Season One of The Bionic Woman will be released!  All 14 episodes of the first season (it was a mid-season replacement), plus the five episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man that first brought us the story of Jaime Sommers (who was a pro tennis player until a skydiving accident led to her bionic surgery, that led to her death) and don;t forget MAX The Bionic Dog!

* Smelling more money the BBC has decided that  Doctor Who will no longer be limited to twelve regenerations, and is effectively immortal.  The big revelation comes in an episode of spin-off show The Sarah Jane Adventures, airing October 25 and 26 in the UKNo explanation will be given. It kind of removes the stakes for the Doctor, doesn’t it?  BRING BACK DAVID TENNANT!

*  Chris Pine fills more than the cover of Details magazine November issue.  LOOK AT THOSE PANTS!.  DAMN!

Evan Lysacek Naked! (And Without Johnny Weir) – What’s "Too Gay" Today? Special Edition!

Olympic Gold Medalist and  “Hetrosexual” figure skater Evan Lysacek has stripped down and poases nude for ESPN The Magazine’s annual “The Body” issue.

Someone feed this boy some Bobka will you.  And whats with only one cupped hand needed to cover the, ehm blade? 

You can see Evans other nude photo and watch the “Making of” video after the jump…..

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Rachel Maddow Calls Bill O’Reilly A "Race-Baiting Fuck", Bisexual Ghost Hunter Ryan Buell Talk Gay Ghost Sex, Man Bashed INSIDE Stonewall Inn Bathroom, Singer John Mellencamp Blasts NOM, and Sesame Street’s ELMO Is A "Homocidal Starfucker"

*  Rachel Maddow calls Bill O’Reilly out as a “race baiting fuck“.  THANK YOU RACHEL.  It’s about time someone had the balls to say it in plain language.

*  “Paranormal Sates” openly bisexual ghosthunter Ryan Buell talks about “gay ghost seduction” in a recent interview entitled:  ‘I came back from the grave just to be with you …hey, your roommate is kinda hot!’

* Two men have been arrested Sunday for attacking a man in the bathroom of the Stonewall Inn, the site of the legendary rebellion that helped spark the gay rights movement. The suspects reportedly told the man, “We don’t like gay bars, and we don’t piss next to faggots”,  I really hope that they both got the shit kicked out of them by the time that cops got there.

*  John Mellencamp blasted the National Organization for Marriage for using his song “Pink Houses” as part of their anti-equality campaign: “Please be aware that Mr. Mellencamp’s views on same sex marriage and equal rights for people of all sexual orientations are at odds with NOM’s stated agenda,” wrote his publicist. “We would encourage you to find music from a source more in harmony with your views than Mr. Mellencamp in the future.”  Yea John!  “Here’s a little dity about Jack and Bryan.”

*  BREAKING NEWS:  Sesame Street’s Elmo is a “Homocidal Starfucker”! – via CurrentTV

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – West End Bares "Strip Britannia" Video!, Montreal Is A TOP!, Stephen Fry Is Gay and Smart!, Oprah To Host "Sound of Music" 45 Year Reunion, and The American Academy of Pediatricians Has A Hard On For Viagra Commercials

*  “Strip Britannia” was the opening number from the West End Bares Fundraiser with Oliver Thornton in the sinign lead.  You can visit The West End Bares production has an official YouTube channel with a lot of other videos from the event.

*  Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, along with co-stars Charmian Carr (Liesl), Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich), Heather Menzies-Urich (Louisa), Duane Chase (Kurt), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta), Debbie Turner (Marta) and Kym Karath (Gretl) will reunite for the first time in 45 years on Oprah on Oct. 29.

45 years?  Forget about climbing any mountains.  It’s surprising that they can get out of bed.

*  Aubin Parrish and  American Academy of Pediatricians believe that “erectile dysfunction medication” commercials should not be shown during prime-time,  Televison shows that expoilt war, murder, rape and violence seem to be quite alright with them though.

Stephen Fry has signed up to play Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s smarter brother in Sherlock Holmes 2

*   Trip Out Gay Travel Awards remains open with Logo. Montreal is determined to be the gayest city possible, in the best possible way, and shot this video for why they should take home the top prize for best place to get away from home.  So make Montreal your TOP.  (I’d love to make Daniel Bayliss mine!  WOOF @ Danny!)

What’s Too Gay Today? – Sons Of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnan Stripped, Sweaty, and Buff, Katy Perry CENSORED!, Wachoskis Gay Iraq War Soilder Romance, and Tim Gunn Gets Catty!

Sesame Street censors Katy Perry over cleavage: “in light of the feedback we’ve received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on You Tube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers.”  Which is ironic considering they’ve just recently eaten at the “All-You-Can-Eat” Booby Buffet.

*  More details on the Wachoskis’ forthcoming futuristic gay Iraq war romance. “They rut like dogs!  WOOF!

*  NAACP’s Ben Jealous will speak at the at New York Lesbian and Gay Community center on Wednesday  “The NAACP is opposed to discrimination in all its forms. We recognize that many of our members are also members of the LGBT community, and just as the LGBT community counts on us to stand with it for basic civil rights protections, so we count on the LGBT community to stand with us in our unified struggle for the broader civil rights agenda.”   Jealous, who is helping to lead a march for jobs and justice in Washington next month, will ask the LGBT Commnunity to attend the rally.  Gee Ben, where has the NAACP been during DADT and Prop 8?  NOW you are reaching out?  Just saying…..

*  Tim Gunn got catty over last week’s Project Runway challenge and on Lifetime itself.  And who can blame him really (Jackie O Sportswear Challange?  Pleeeease/)  Tim went off on his Facebook Vlog and suddenly after a few days it disappeared.  Sources say Lifetime made him pull it but Gunn said Lifetime had nothing to do with it. I did it completely on my own,”  […] Gunn says he’s not sure now if he’ll be posting any more “Runway” critiques on his Facebook page. “I’m debating it,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, and at the same time I want to be able to talk matter-of-factly.  You can watch Gunn’s bitchfest here It’s awesome!  Love you Tim!

*  FX’s “Sons Of Anarchy”Charlie Hunnam strips down for Men’s Fitness.  Sweaty never looked so good! Nathan Maloney from the UK’s (MUCH SUPERIOR) “Queer As Folk” has really grown up.

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – OK Go "White Knuckles" Video, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Sequel, Joaquin Phoenix, As The World Turns and the The Breakfast Club 25th Reunion!,

*  A brain, a princess, a basket case and a criminal (Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson) gathered together for The Breakfast Club 25th Reunion and nobody called Emilio Estevez?  Someone’s goning to get thier buns taped together!  (My GOD I feel so old!)

*  Watch the Dancing Drag Queen’s (No, NOT Bristol Palin) of Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach

*  Is there a  Bill & Ted sequel in the works? WYLD STALLIONS RULE!

Joaquin Phoenix to play J. Edgar Hoover’s lover opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Clint Eastwood’s Hoover? So strange.

“As the World Turns” which had the best written gay storyline of any daytime soap ended with a gay cliche and left fans really pissed off.

*  OK Go’s “White Knuckles” Video features loads of dogs, a random goat, and was sone all in one take!  Directed by Trish Sie and OK Go  and featuring Lauren Henry and Roland Sonnenburg’s  Talented Animals!

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Kellen Lutz and Fernando Verdasco In Their Calvins, Sasha Baron Cohen To Play Freddie Mercury, HRC SUCKS AGAIN!, Johnny Depp Loves Male Models, Marky Mark Flexs at 40, and Book of Mormon; The Musical To Open On Broardway!

Sacha Baron Cohen has closed a deal to play Queen front man Freddie Mercury in a film that’s being scripted by Peter Morgan for a 2011 production start.  This is the first time the surviving members of Queen–Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon–have licensed songs and music publishing rights for a movie .  Borat as Freddie?  Well he does look like him.

*  The Human Rights Campaign now blames Prop 8 ruling, NOM for possible Democratic loss of Congress – in fear-based fundraising email. Karen Ocamb: “The problem is – HRC may have just provided opponents of LGBT equality talking points and quotes. Not to mention that HRC is just plain wrong.”  Ah yes, HRC. What canb I possibly say that hasn’t been said about them.  Oh yes.  FUCKTARDS! 

Kellan Lutz (Left) and Fernando Verdasco (Bottom….I wish) mke “package” delieveries  for Calvin Klein.

*  Johnny Depp surrounds  himself with male models in his new upcoming movie The Tourist. (Johnny’s originally from Paducah, KY.  No shit!)

*  Marky Mark Wahlberg almost 40 and still flexing his muscles  as he plays a  ‘boxer’ in his new movie “The Fighter”.  (Who cares about Wahlberg.  Christian Bale is in it!  The Balenator!)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s musical comedy Book of Mormon will open March 24th at the Eugene O’Neill Theater. Previews begin February 24th.  (Hahahahaha Joesph Smith……Joesph Smith…..!)