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VIDEO: James Franco At Los Angeles’ West Hollywood Gay Pride 2010!

James Franco (swooooon) and video artist Kalup Linzy were shooting documentary footage (And at one point it looked like Jimmy was cruising)  for a larger project that they’re staying pretty secretive about, but it involves Franco’s recurring role on “General Hospital,” where Linzy will soon join him as a new performance artist character. Franco’s “General Hospital” storyline will bring his fictitious soap alter ego “Franco” to MOCA at The Pacific Design Center, where the soap will shoot Franco and Linzy’s scenes on-location later this month. In fact, for the next few weeks MOCA will be projecting an outdoor video installation of Franco backstage at “General Hospital” onto its walls, some of which can be seen at the end of this video. And because Linzy’s video work is often described as parodying soap opera storylines, his addition to the “General Hospital” cast is yet another example of life imitating art imitating life, all of which seems to be part of Franco and Linzy’s mysterious artistic master plan.

Franco is so cute and so weird.  One day James you will be mine!  Bawahahahahahahahaha!

Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Face Down Anti-Gay Mob At Los Angeles’ West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade

Sharon and  Kelly Osbourne, this years Grand Marshals of todays’s gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood, came face-to-face with angry anti-gay protesters.

The anti-gay group came right up to Sharon and Kelly midway through the parade, and instead of stepping back and ignoring them, Sharon got back in their faces yelling, “You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Then Kelly got on the mic and yelled to the crowd, “My God loves Gays!” and lead the crowd into a chant of “God loves Gays!” The cheers and chants got so loud, the crowd drowned out the sounds of the protestors.

Brava Sharron and Kelly!  Amazing job!

This is this the way it should be done!  Right back in their homophobic bigots faces!