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COLD CASE: The 1990 Murder of Gay Porn Star Billy London (William Arnold Newton) Solved.

COLD CASE: The 1990 Murder of Gay Porn Star Billy London (William Arnold Newton) Solved.

Thought to be a victim of Jeffery Dahmer’s Billy London was actually murdered by a white supremacist transgender skinhead.

Only in Los Angeles.

LAPD Det. John Lamberti, with the help of Circus of Books Documentarian Rachel Mason, and amatuer sleuth Clark Williams, have helped solve the cold case murder and identified the killer of William Arnold Newton, who went by the gay male porn names Billy London.

Dubbed the Black Dahlia of the gay community. Newton was last seen at The Rage Nightclub in West Hollywood. His head and feet were found in a dumpster in Hollywood off of Santa Monica Boulevard on October 29, 1990.

London was originally believed to be one of Jeffery Dahmer’s unidentified victims was actually mudered by Darrell Lynn Madden, a former self-proclaimed white supremacist and skinhead who now identifies as an Orthodox Jewish woman named Daralyn Madden.

Madden pleaded guilty to killing a gay man in Oklahoma named Steven Domer and another man named Bradley Qualls, who had been Madden’s accomplice in Domer’s murder and has since confessed to abducting, robbing, beating and strangling Newton to death.

Madden said she approached Newton and put her arm calmly around his shoulder and told him that they were going to rob him and “probably beat the crap out of him,” and that he was going to go with them without making a scene. She said she couldn’t remember where they had taken Newton, but that she had ended up strangling him to death, which matched the coroner’s findings. She didn’t dismember Newton’s body, she knows who did but she refuses to “snitch.”

L.A. County Dist. Atty. George Gascón’s office has decided not to file charges against Madden, citing a lack of evidence beyond the confession, too many unanswered questions remain and prosecutors would have a difficult time proving Madden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt after 30 years.

William Arnold Newton’s grizzly murder will be the subject of a documentary by Rachel Mason the documentary will be a follow-up to Circus of Books and will be much “deeper dive into the world behind the videos.

Via: The WeHo Times

Seriously Deranged "Gays for Trump" March in West Hollywood

Seriously Deranged “Gays for Trump” March in West Hollywood [VIDEO]

A whopping group of about 50 seriously deranged quislings marched last night in West Hollywood to proclaim their support for Donald Trump. The homo-CON group the Log Cabin Republicans put together the event billed the march as “Gays and Housewives Take Over WeHo.”

The group many of them mask less, gathered at the Pacific Design Center on San Vicente Boulevard around 9:30 p. m. and at 10 p.m. began their march north to Santa Monica Boulevard, chanting “gays for Trump. They also walked along Santa Monica Boulevard, attracting angry shouts from people dining outside Fiesta Cantina, and also walked down Robertson Boulevard past the Abbey.

No injuries were reported during the march but some serious shade was thrown at the marchers..

You can watch rare sighting of the species known as MagaGayus Self-hateratus below.

Historic Site Of Studio One Gay Disco In West Hollywood Faces Demolition – SAVE THE STUDIO ONE SITE!

Studio one dance


In 1974 Scott Forbes took over the building in West Hollywood  that would become the epicenter for gay nightlife and activism for the next few decades.  It’s name was Studio One which we now have to save from—you got it—from greedy land developers in West Hollywood.  Located at 652 North La Peer Drive, was designated one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation on Wednesday.

Studio One “offered no shortage of mirrored balls (seven to be exact), strobe lights, lasers, a gleaming red neon Pegasus and a fish tank* in the men’s room that spouted water for hand washing,”WeHoville says in their history of the space. “Studio One was planned, designed and conceived for gay people, gay male people,” Forbes told the L.A. Times.  Many, many celebrities graced the club either as guests or performers, especially during the late 1970s and for most of the 1980s. Photos of those people were displayed in the hallway between the disco and cabaret included:  Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Elton John, Ginger Rogers, Diana Ross, Carol Channing, Martha Raye, Donna Summer, Rock Hudson, Ethel Merman, Chita Rivera, John Waters, Eve Arden, Eartha Kitt, Bette Midler, Dorothy Lamour, Tab Hunter, Ann-Margret, Bernadette Peters and Liza Minelli.  and in the early-80s it also hosted one of the first major fundraisers in response to the AIDS epidemic and sponsored the first Gay Night parties at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Magic Mountain

Today the building still remains a nightclub called The Factory but it will soon be demolished to make way for a hotel with more than 250 rooms, underground parking with more than 1,000 spaces and a plethora of cafes and small retail spaces “by real estate developer Jason Illoulian  with a project he is calling “Robertson Lane.”, Illoulian has Manhattan’s Ace Hotel in mind as a downtown hipster hangout, with a lobby filled with cool geeks working on their laptops.

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation  the Robertson Lane project, as it is called, would create a walkway between La Peer Drive and Robertson Boulevards that would go through the site of the old Studio One.. “This route could easily be realigned to spare this landmark from the wrecking ball,” says the Trust.

So many of our LGBT historical landmarks have disappeared and then forgotten by history. 

PLEASE show your support in preserving the Studio One Disco site by signing the petition here.

Reference: https://fishlab.com/brown-algae/

Another Meningitis Outbreak Leaves Man With Irreparable Brain Damage


Over the past few months there has been several reports from health professionals warning gay men to be mindful of the spread of the potentially deadly meningitis bacterial virus. Unfortunately the strain has spread and irreparably affected the life of a openly gay man by the name of Brett Shaad in West Hollywood who is now brain dead. Here’s more:

LOS ANGELES — A 33-year-old West Hollywood man who felt sickened by bacterial meningitis earlier this week has been declared brain dead amid warnings to sexually active gay men about the deadly strain of illness, officials said.

Brett Shaad was declared brain dead but remained on life support Friday afternoon, said Elizabeth Ashford, a spokeswoman for Shaad’s family. She declined to release further details.

[John] Duran, who saw Shaad last weekend, described the openly gay man as being “robust and healthy” prior to Monday, when he began to feel sick.

On Wednesday, he went into the emergency room. By Thursday, he was in a coma.

Earlier Friday, officials warned sexually active gay men to beware of the potentially deadly health threat because Shaad’s case was detected in Los Angeles County.

Tests were being done to see if the strain of illness is similar to the meningococcal infections that circulated among gay men in New York City and infected 22 people, resulting in seven fatalities, since 2010.

The illness could be spread by sex and kissing but not by casual contact.

We need to be as educated as we possibly can about this outbreak that appears to be affecting gay men. What makes this all the more scary is that the symptoms resemble that of a common flu. It’s why it is vital for all of us to know about vaccination and prevention. Prevention goes a long way in stopping the spread of this virus and we all need to take it upon ourselves to be safe and protect those that we interact with sexually. 

What the Center for Disease Control (CDC) urges us all to do in case we suspect we have symptoms or possibly been with someone that has the bacterial strains to get tested immediately and be sure to tell your doctor or health professional why you believe you suspect it may be meningitis by listing your symptoms. Also be sure to be up to date on any and all booster shots for the vaccine.

All the information I’m providing is a paraphrasing of what we should all be doing just to be safe. This is in no way to incite panic from this story but we all have to be informed of what’s going on now so that we don’t see a snowball effect. So please let those around you know to be aware of the precautions they need to take and what symptoms to look out for in order to protect all of us.

Tim Tebow + Ex-Limp Bizkit Frontman Fred Durst = True Love Forever?

The New York Posts Page Six is all a flutter over the bizarre pairing of “gay hands – I’m saving myself for marriage“” Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow and wangsta sex addict and  ex-Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst who were spotted having a cozy lunch together in West Hollywood at “Craig’s” restaurant.

“The two dined at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday night. A source said the unlikely friends met while Tebow was a star quarterback at the University of Florida: “Fred has been a fan of Tim’s since he played at Florida. Fred is from Florida and used to go watch Tim play. They stayed in contact and ran into each other at the ESPY Awards a few years ago.”

Of course the two guys eating together in WeHo means absolutely nothing.  I mean 42 year old Durst and 24 year old Tebow must have so much in common, right.  And a low IQ and terrible taste in music go hand in hand. Limp Bizkit is trailer trash shit perfect for a fundamentalist Christian football jock.  But the mind does wonder what if……

Brokaback Trailer Park anyone?

H/T to Evan Mulvhill @ Queerty