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Victoria Jackson: Gay Marriage ‘Would Make God Mad”

Yesterday on the Howard Stern Show, the  SNL alum Victoria Jackson continues on her anti-gay tirade quoting God’s law and how marriage equality would “make God mad”:

You have to take it up with God. God made the rules, He made a man and woman’s bodies fit together, he made the Ten Commandments. I believe the Bible is God’s word and I base all my world view on the Bible.”

“I have gay friends… I don’t make their identity their sexuality. To me, he’s my fun, theatre-loving, funny friend… why is his identity his sexuality?”

I cannot express in enough words how brainwashed, ignorant and totally clueless this woman is. You can make all the assertions you believe God mandates,and therefore entitled to whatever opinion, faith, belief, non-belief you wish, but this logic (which a comment like this is clearly lacking any logic) that you decide to tell would make God mad. I would assume that God wouldn’t want a  washed up z-list comedian telling what he gets mad at. Let God’s wisdom speak on it’s own. But what do I know, I’m just a gay multiracial hippie.

















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Former SNL Alumn and Current Tea Party Nutjob Victoria Jackson: “Raped Women Don’t Get Pregnant”

“How many times do people get pregnant from rape? It’s point zero zero one percent. It’s a joke. I read lots of articles. I know people, because I’m 53. I’ve know a lot of people, and I’ve actually never known anyone who got pregnant from being raped. And guess what? If I got raped, I would have the baby. And if I didn’t want to keep it because I had these [mocking tone] horrible nightmares, I would adopt it out. But I think that God can turn a bad thing into a good thing. And that, if I got raped and a beautiful baby who was innocent was born out of it, that would be a blessing.”

Victoria Jackson, speaking at the RNC to Michelangelo Signorile. Hit the link for the audio

According to Planned Parenthood, more than 5% of all (reported) rapes (more than 22,000 cases) result in unwanted pregnancies.  But you know what the number shouldn’t matter, though. If only one of those women would want to abort the pregnancy she should have the right to do so, without questions and without being crucified by a bunch of self-righteous crazy loons like Victoria Jackson, Todd Adkin and the Republican Party.

And to the 12th Season SNL which Jakson starred on:  Nora Dunn, Jon Lovitz, A. Whitney Brown, Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey, Jan Hooks, and Kevin Nealon don’t you think its time you publicly call out this loony bitch?

Victoria Jackson Still Loves Gays…But Thinks We Should Be Gay Privately

In are they serious news, Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson, who has become a spectacle of sorts due to extremist religious views, discussed that despite her recent and ultra conservative opinions she still loves her gay friends…but we shouldn’t be out and proud of our sexual oreintation.

Jackson made this proclamation after a longtime friend, Dan Steadman, wrote an article about no longer continuing his friendship with Jackson because of her anti-gay religious right political stance. He wrote about the shift in Jacksson’s political views and how a once endearing, kind, friend became a religious zealout, constantly referring to the extermist conservative GOP views.

“We never officially broke up, but I did ask that I be removed from her Tea Party mailing list. The emails were just getting too bizarre. Fifteen years of friendship slipped away, into the vapors, as they sometimes do.”

SiriusXM OutQ’s Michelangelo Signorile asked Jackson about Steadman’s article at the Republican National Convention this week. Jackson says she didn’t know about it and further elaborated on her opinion about LGBT and our sexuality:

“I didn’t see [the post] but I love my gay friends. My best friends who are gay, I’ve actually never seen them with a boyfriend. It’s like – we’ve never talked about sex. I don’t think people should identify themselves by their sexual life. My identity is in Christ. Some people’s identity is in what country they come from. But I don’t think people should make their identity about their sex life. That should be private. Why are they in the middle of the street in a parade? Why don’t they just have sex in their bedroom alone?”

What the hell? So everyone should be private about their sexuality? So that would mean that there should be no portrayals of sexuality with this asinine opinion. But in order to do so, we’d have to stop with billboards, movies, sitcoms, comedy, radio. etc.,. so that argument completely lacks logic. Sexuality is a part of all of us, and we shouldn’t have to hide it.

Failed SNL Cast Member & All Around Batshit Hate-Monger Victoria Jackson Talks to Self-Hating Ex-Gays

Who in their right mind would ever put this woman in front of a microphone is beyond me. Her voice makes Sarah Palin sound like Maria Callas. And leave it to her to talk to some self-hating, sexually repressed ‘ex-gay’ fuckwits.

Tip of hat to Joe. My. God.