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Kentucky Governor VETOES Religious Freedom/Right To Discriminate Bill

Kentucky  Gov. Steve Beshear vetoed the controversial religious-freedom Kentucky Bill  279 Friday afternoon.  The Bill would allow religious individuals, organizations, and business owners with a “sincerely held” belief to openly defy state and local civil-rights laws, including those set in place in four Kentucky cities: Covington, Louisville, Lexington and Vicco that prohibit anti-gay discrimination.

“I have significant concerns that this bill will cause serious unintentional consequences that could threaten public safety, health care and individuals’ civil rights,” Beshear said in a statement. “As written, the bill will undoubtedly lead to costly litigation.”

The sponsor of House Bill 279, Rep. Bob Damron, D-Nicholasville, (YES A DEMOCRAT)  said he thinks he’ll have the 51 votes required to override the veto if House leaders decide to take a vote. Damron said Beshear, a Democrat, did not ask him or Democratic House leaders to refrain from trying to override the bill during a conversation of more than an hour Friday in the governor’s Capitol office.

In a written statement, Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, said, “The Senate is prepared to override the veto of HB 279 if and when the Speaker moves to do so. As a House bill, that chamber must act on the bill first.”

“It won’t be comforting for many Kentuckians to know that the ACLU is now calling the shots in the governor’s office,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for The Family Foundation. “Religious people should not have to ask permission from the ACLU and gay rights groups to believe what they believe.”
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and the Covington City Council had asked Beshear to veto the bill. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, who is gay, came under fire from some advocacy groups for not publicly asking Beshear to veto it.

Gay rights groups applauded Beshear on Friday for vetoing the bill.

N.J. Governor Chris Christie Vetoes Same Marriage Bill, Democrats and Garden State Equality Reacts

Proving that he’s nothing more than coward and and a lackey of the GOP New Jersey Governor Chris Chirstie has vetoed a same sex marriage bill passed by both houses of the legislature.  Christie says he wants voters to decide whether New Jersey changes the definition of marriage. Democratic lawmakers say it’s a civil rights issue that shouldn’t be put up for a public vote. Lawmakers have until the end of the January 2014 legislative session to override the veto.

A two-thirds vote in each chamber is necessary to override Christie’s veto, and can be attempted as many times as necessary until January 2014. A veto override in the House would require 12 more votes, and 3 more votes in the Senate.

Steven Goldstein “President and CEO” of Garden State Equality’s released a statement earlier today:

Frankly, I don’t think Chris Christie has an anti-gay bone in his body, however much I cannot say the same about his impending veto.  His veto will be a brutally anti-gay act, pure and simple.

The Governor keeps calling for a referendum, which everyone knows will never happen in New Jersey.  To borrow the Governor’s words, it’s time for him to stop engaging in political theater.  Our lives are not La Cage Aux Folles:  LGBT people fall in love, raise families, often children whom the rest of society shuns, and pay taxes in what is still one of the most heavily taxed states in the country.

Our Governor knows our contributions to society.  He won’t veto the bill because he’s anti-gay.  He’ll veto the bill because the 2016 South Carolina Republican Presidential primary electorate is anti-gay.  And if I get flooded with letters now from Charleston, so be it.

And that’s what hurts so badly.   I like this Governor and am able to see him beyond the headlines.  When you are rejected by someone you want so badly to love you unconditionally – my own parents have taught me what that’s like – the pain is searing.  Rick Santorum I can live with.  Gerry Cardinale I can live with, too.  But Chris Christie’s rejection?  That hurts.

Oh  PLEASE get over the crap of “love the sinner, hate the sin”……as in, “we can be friends while you deprive us of our rights” bullshit. Get mad and grow some balls

 Sorry Goldstein but your creepy unconditional love needed by Christie is sickening.  And just to put some perspective on Garden State Equality this is the same group that put out a giant press release praising Chris Christie for nominating a gay black man to NJ’s Supreme Court who turned out to be an arch-conservative and who vowed to recuse himself from any gay marriage cases and the day after that press release Christie did a press conference promising to veto gay marriage.  New Jersey’s premier gay rights group is thoroughly manipulated or thick in the head.  Paod “wishy washy” LGBT advocates like Goldstein is the reason we get nowhere fast

Meanwhile New Jersey Assembly Democrats have released a video response to Governor Chris Christie’s veto this afternoon of the recently-passed marriage equality bill.

Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingo VETOS Civil Unions Bill – Let Her Homophobic Legacy Of Hate Begin

Hawaii’s (Republican) Govenor Linda Lingle has vetoed Hawaii’s Civil Union Bill stating that she  is “comfortable” with her decision. She wants the people of Hawaii to vote on the civil rights of the state’s gay citizens. She said she did her very best to reach a “reasoned decision.”

During Q & A, Lingle said that she gave her decision “the dignity it deserves.” but she hopes it doesn’t define her. (Too late there bitch!)

Lingle is one nasty piece of homophobic republican work.  Allowing the people to vote on whether or not gays should have the right to marry is the typical cop out and excuse they all use.. If they’d left it up to “the people” back in the 60’s, down here in the white trash south, the african americans would still be sitting at the back of the bus. But apparently it’s still perfectly alright to screw over the gay community.

Hawaii should be boycotted immediately and totally.  Remember The Aloha State has been a battleground in the gay rights movement since the early 1990s. A 1993 Hawaii Supreme Court ruling nearly made Hawaii the first state to legalize same-sex marriage before voters overwhelmingly approved the nation’s first “defense of marriage” constitutional amendment in 1998.

And for those of you who say it was Lingle not the people of Hawaii thats total bullshit.  Who voted for her to begin with?  You have to hit them where it hurts, and that is in their wallets. Stop as much tourism as possible to the islands. Be assured that once yourism takes a hit and business suffers and they begin to exert pressure how easily a new civil unions bill or even a gay marriage bill will fly through Hawaii’s House and be signed by the Govenor.

I hear the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean is a perfect alternative for Hawaii.

Today Is Hawaii’s BIG Decision Day. Will Governor Linda Lingle Sign Or Veto Hawaii’s Civil Union Bill?

Today is the day that Hawaii’s Govenor Linda Lingle will announce whether she’s going to veto the Hawaii’s recently passed civil union bill or sign it into law.

Lingle marched in Monday’s July Fourth celebration parade in Kailua, but she wouldn’t tell reporters what she plans to do about civil unions…only that it has been a very difficult decision.

“I really thought about this more than I have thought about any other piece of legislation,” said Lingle. “It is a subject that has really touched the hearts and minds of everyone in Hawaii.”

Actually Lingle its about fairness, equality, and whats right. Lingle who is not running for re-election has nothing to lose if she sign’s the bill.  But if she decides to VETO something as simple as a civil unions bill may her legacy haunt as a hater and homophobe be written in the history books