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Mike Pence Speaks at FRC Hate Group's Values Voter Summit, Touts "Religious Freedom" - VIDEO

Mike Pence Speaks at FRC Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit, Touts “Religious Freedom” – VIDEO

Last night Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the Values Voter Summit, an annual D.C. confab for “social conservatives” (i.e. Republican religious extremist”) hosted by the anti-LGBT hate group the Family Research Council. Pence touted President Trump’s actions in favor of “religious freedom” —  as reasons for why conservative voters should turn out in the congressional mid-term elections to back Republican candidates and the Trump administration.

Our administration has also taken action to protect and promote our first freedom, the freedom of religion and religious liberty for every American. Last year President Trump chose the National Day of Prayer to announce new policies to protect the religious liberty of every American regardless of their creed. We’ve taken action to protect the conscience rights of doctors and nurses.”

Pence also alluded to further actions in favor of “religious freedom,” predicting Brett Kavanaugh will soon “will soon be Justice Brett Kavanaugh” upon confirmation by the U.S. Senate and issue rulings in line with social conservative thought.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a man of integrity with impeccable credentials and a proven judicial philosophy,” Pence said. “On the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, he wrote more than 300 opinions that reflect a strong record of support for limited government, religious liberty and our Second Amendment. He’s a conservative who will interpret the Constitution as written, and his record and career deserves the respect of every member of the United States Senate.”

You can watch Pence’s speech in its entirety below:


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BREAKING – GetEQUAL Protests The Values Voters Summit, Security and Crowd React Violently – VIDEO

Just minutes ago, GetEQUAL – a national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization – protested inside the “Values Voter Summit” at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.   Activists walked into the conference carrying a simulated coffin, draped in a rainbow American flag, while reading anti-LGBT quotes from Tony Perkins (head of the Family Research Council, the main organizer of the event)

The private security firm that was hired by the Family Research Council treated the protestors roughly and with no respect — literally pushing and in some cases physically dragging them out of the hotel while protestors chanted “Your values are killing us.!” —  many Values Voters attendees  shouted at them and some even physically abused the protestors with punches, elbows and kicks and they were being dragged out.

In a statement from GET Equal:

This protest is being organized to send a clear message that the organized bigotry against LGBT people that this event both represents and deliberately attempts to promote is an affront to our shared American values of justice, liberty, and equality and is a direct violation of the “equal protection” clause in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Values Voter Summit has featured a vast array of high profile anti-LGBT leaders, including Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, and Tony Perkins, as well as seminars and plenary sessions on the subject of how to deny equal rights to LGBT Americans.

“The ‘values’ promoted at this summit alienate millions of LGBT Americans from full and equal citizenship; deny us our dignity; seek to prevent us from enjoying the basic joy and security of marriage; create an unsafe environment that leads suicide, violence, and hate crimes; and, too often, result in violence toward and even the murder of our LGBT brothers and sisters,” said GetEQUAL organizer Erica Keppler.

This action harkens back to the words of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said, “We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all our citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred, is a wedge designed to attack our civilization.”

For more information about the protest, follow events on Twitter at #notmyvalues

Back2Stonewall.com applauds the activist and actions of GETEqual who today unlike many of our LGBT organizations made a statement and looked hatred directly in the eye and fought back.

Today you are our LGBT HEROS!

Glenn Beck BOMBS: Talks Fear Of The “The Violent Left” To Nearly Empty Room At Value Voters Summit

Glenn Beck is OVER.

Beck who once enthralled tens of thousands of teatards couldn;t even half fill the room for his speech at HATERPOLOOZA 2012 aka. The Values Voter Summit.

To a nearly empty room Beck claimed that the “the violent left is coming to our streets” to “smash, to tear down, to kill, to bankrupt, to destroy.”  and that its growth” will become a worldwide phenomena and that he doesn’t care how much his prophesy is “mocked and ridiculed.”

Sounds like someone a bit grumpy that he’s sliding into obscurity where he belongs.

Ex-Gay Group “PFOX” Denounces Bullying & Hate Crime Laws On Matthew Shepard Anniversary

As I noted earlier today is the 13th Anniversary of the day that Matthew Shepard was found beaten to the brink of death tied crucifiction style to a fence in Laramie Wyoming.  And in what has to be one of the most disgusting ironic “coincidences” today is also the first day of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council’s “Value Voters Summit” which is nothing but a white trash “HATERPOLOOZA” of so called “Christians’ to get together and spread some serious hate.

PFOX,  Parents and Friends Of Ex-Gays  started off the day by denouncing Anti bullying bills. 

PFOX has had said in the past about the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill:

“This bill threatens free speech and classifies certain people worthy of extra protection under the law based on sexual orientation (which fails to specifically include ex-gays) and gender identity (which includes transsexualism and transvestism, both defined as mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association). PFOX families love all of their children equally, whether homosexual or heterosexual. But this bill divides families by elevating the status of one child over another.

This bill seeks to punish intolerance, but instead legislates hatred against ex-gays and provides gay activists the legal means for justification of intolerance against the ex-gay community and their friends,” Griggs said. “The bill serves to protect non-heterosexuals over heterosexuals while ignoring former transgenders who have undergone reversal surgery and former homosexuals.”

For these “ex-gays” who hate themselves, it seems the only way to cope is to hate someone else even more.