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Dean Cain Slams "Intolerant' Gays For Being Offended At FRC Hate Group Event

Actor Dean Cain Slams “Intolerant’ Gays For Being Offended For His Speaking At FRC Hate Group Event – VIDEO

Friday at the anti-gay Family Research Council run Values Voter Summit, “actor”  Dean Cain blasted gays and Twitter users who objected to the fact that he, who constantly says he is pro-LGBT rights would be appearing before the arch-conservative hate group.

Asked the moderator of Cain’s panel: “Have you taken pressure on Twitter on Instagram — and I know the answer to this question but I want to hear you say it anyway.”

Replied Cain:

“Yesssss. Certainly. I take that sort of heat and abuse every single day but it doesn’t bother me in the least…it doesn’t make me mad, it just shows people’s intolerance towards listening to another opinion. Just the fact that I’m here, just the fact that I’m here people were blowing me up all day long with the most ridiculous things that you could ever here. Talk about intolerance. It’s ridiculous. I take heat. It doesn’t bother me, I welcome it, because I sleep well at night. I know I’m doing something that matches my convictions and my heart and I’ll happily defend the things that I say and I stand for.”

Pressure on Twitter. Oh, my. The pain of it all.

Feel free to exercise your Constitutional First Amendment rights. And then let folks exercise theirs. And feel free to complain about them as they exercise their rights. But, if you think you don’t pay a price for the association with the Family Research Council, you’re wrong.

 Don’t pretend you’re an ally; that’s our decision to make, and you aren’t.


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Anti-Gay Propaganda Handed Out At FRC Hate Group’s Value Voters Summit

The  Family Research Center’s Value Voters Summit that President Trump addressed on Friday  included anti-LGBT propaganda pamphlets that were distributed at the event.

Pictures of the booklets appeared to feature insights from the book, “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality,” authored by the Mass Resistance,  longtime anti-LGBT hate group based in Massachusetts, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The material  warned readers of the “public health crisis” created by homosexuals, has earned a swift reaction from Twitter users who have condemned the president for speaking before the Value Voters Summit.  The Family Center is also officially designated as a “hate group” by SPLC and it’s President Tony Perkins has been proven to have ties to white supremacists and to former KKK Grand Wizard David Dukes. 

The host hotel the Omni Shoreham has come under fire in recent years for allowing this conference on it’s ground considering its extreme anti-LGBT stance to no avail.  I myself have complained to the Omni Shoreham many times with their response being they have never seen any anti-LGBT literature or statements made at the conference.

One of this years “Breakout Sessions” is titled: 

Josh Hetzler, Legislative Counsel, Family Foundation of Virginia*; Meg Kilgannon, Executive Director, Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County*; Cathy Ruse, Senior Fellow for Legal Studies, Family Research Council*; Elizabeth Schultz, Fairfax County School Board Member*; Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow, Policy Studies, Family Research Council* 

Fairfax County, VA is ground zero in the efforts to impose transgender ideology on American school children. The Fairfax County school system is one of the largest and richest in the United States, and its close proximity to Washington, DC has made it a target for the efforts to mainstream this radical ideology. Even after the Trump Administration revoked the Obama directive threatening the nation’s public schools, the fight rages on at the state and district level. This panel will present four of the central actors in resisting this imposition: School board member Elizabeth Schultz, who has fought district bureaucrats and the rest of the school board, practically alone, for three years; Meg Kilgannon, a parent of children in the Fairfax County school system who has created a veritable army of parent and taxpayer activists; Josh Hetzler, a legal expert who has traveled the state speaking to school boards and providing draft legal guidance letters, and FRC’s own Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies and FRC senior legal fellow Cathy Ruse, who has testified several times on the legal and policy implications of these ill-thought policies. Take part in this pivotal discussion as the panel exposes the tactics used by the transgender lobby and the strategies parents and taxpayers have used to fight back.

Omni is owned by Robert Rowling of Highland Park, a major Republican donor who’s made campaign contributions to numerous anti-gay lawmakers and makes makes major donations to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads Super-Pac 


Liberty Counsel Promo For FRC’s Values Voter Summit Leaves Out RICO Investigation For Kidnapping

Liberty Counsel


Well the Liberty Counsel has made a brand new info-promo for the Family Research Council’s 2014 Haterpalloza aka The Values Voter Summit which they brag about themselves and their standing up for “religious liberty” but somehow seem to miss mentioning thier involvement in a civil RICO lawsuit [PDF] against Kenneth Miller for helping ex-gay Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter from her ex-lesbian spouse and flee the country.

Via Right Ring Watch:

 41. Unbeknownst to Plaintiff Janet Jenkins, in 2009 Victoria Zodhiates (now Hyden) was an employee of Response Unlimited, Inc., and also a “student worker” at Liberty University School of Law. On information and belief, Victoria Zodhiates sent an email during this time period to her co-workers at the law school requesting donations for supplies to send to Lisa Miller to enable her to remain outside the country. Lisa Miller’s attorney, Matthew Staver was the Dean of the Law School and Ms. Zodhiates’s boss. Matthew Staver and Philip Zodhiates were also personal acquaintances at this time. On September 20, 2009, both Philip Zodhiates and Victoria Hyden called Lisa Miller’s father, Terry Miller in Tennessee to assist in arranging her and Isabella’s transportation from a Walmart parking lot in Lynchburg, Virginia, to Waynesboro, Virginia, from whence they would depart for Canada and Nicaragua the next day.

42. In early November, 2009, elders of the Thomas Road Baptist Church packed up the personal belongings of Lisa Miller in two bags. These bags were picked up from Lynchburg, Virginia by Philip Zodhiates who arranged to have the bags transported to Nicaragua by sending them with his son’s school teacher who was taking some children on a mission trip to Managua. Philip Zodhiates arranged for the teacher, John Collmus, to deliver the bags at the airport to Timothy Miller. The bags also contained some supplies for Lisa Miller, such as peanut butter.

47. Lisa Miller’s attorneys Mathew Staver and Rena Lindevaldsen also routinely instructed their Law School students that the correct course of action for a person in Lisa Miller’s situation would be to engage in “civil disobedience” and defy court orders.

48. Also in 2009, TRBC Head Pastor Jonathan Falwell was among several religious leaders who made a call for “Christian civil disobedience” and published a public declaration, known as The Manhattan Declaration stating that they:

“will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia, or any other anti-life act; nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriages or the equivalent, or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family.”

49. Hence, Defendants TRBC and its related ministry Liberty University School of Law encouraged its agents to disregard state laws governing parental rights, particularly Vermont’s law giving rights to members of same-sex families. The TRBC and Liberty University School of Law through its public declaration promoted, condoned and explicitly ratified its agent’s tortious, racketeering activity. These agents and employees have followed this direction, making TRBC and Liberty University School of Law liable in respondeat superior for the consequences.

57. At the trial of Kenneth Miller in August 2012, a number of Lisa Miller’s friends and supporters testified, including Defendant Wright, and several members of the PIC. When asked if any of them had met or heard of Philip Zodhiates, the answer was no. At the trial, the government introduced phone records that showed phone calls made from Philip Zodhiates’s cell phone between 1:28pm and 1:30pm on September 22, 2009, to a cell phone with an Orlando area code that is registered to Liberty Counsel, a landline registered to Liberty Counsel, and a landline registered to Liberty University School of Law. Mathew Staver, Dean of the Liberty University School of Law, splits his time between Lynchburg, Virginia and Orlando, Florida. At the time that the calls were made, Philip Zodhiates was still en route back to Virginia after depositing Lisa Miller and Isabella near the Canadian border.

58. Lisa Miller’s attorneys, Matthew Staver and Rena Lindevaldsen have at all times maintained that they did not know their client’s location to various courts in Vermont (including in sworn testimony of Rena Lindevaldsen) and Virginia, and to the press that she simply stopped communicating with them and disappeared.

59. Meanwhile, Matthew Staver’s acquaintance, Philip Zodhiates, and his daughter Victoria, an assistant in the Law School knew of Lisa Miller’s whereabouts and solicited donations from other Law School employees for her aid. Upon information and belief, other law school employees who spoke to Victoria about Lisa Miller’s whereabouts were too intimidated to come forward to law enforcement for fear of angering Dean Staver and losing their jobs. During the time that Lisa and Isabella were missing, Dean Staver fired several members of the admissions and financial aid department who were under his supervision. To this day, Victoria Hyden is still an employee of the law school, even though her tortious conduct involving Isabella Miller-Jenkins has been in public court records for over a year. Also, while Lisa Miller and Isabella were missing, Lisa Miller’s attorneys continued to press appeals on Lisa Miller’s behalf until the last appeals were exhausted in November 2010 (more than a year after she was missing), stating that they had advance instructions from Lisa Miller as to her wishes for the ongoing litigation.

62. Based on the foregoing, all of the Defendants named herein, in both their individual capacities and as agents of TRBC, Liberty University Law School, Response Unlimited, Inc., and CAM are liable for conspiring with Lisa Miller and with each other to kidnap Isabella Miller-Jenkins, assure her continued detention outside the State of Vermont, and for conspiring with Kenneth Miller to participate in the affairs of the Beachy Amish-Mennonite Brotherhood through a pattern of racketeering activity .. Defendants are also liable for conspiring to violate Janet Jenkins’ and Isabella Miller-Jenkins’ rights to a parent-child relationship on account oflsabella having two mothers instead of a mother and a father, and Defendant Wright is liable under 42 U.S.C. 1986 for failing to prevent the violation of Plaintiffs’ civil rights.


19 Kids and Hating: TLC’s Duggar Clan To Take Part in FRC Hate Group’s “Value Bus Tour”



Anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council (FRC) announced Wednesday that the entire Duggar family, of the irresponsible TLC reality TV series “19 Kids and Counting,” will take part in the FRC’s “Value Bus Tour” that will travel across Virginia for three days next week to mobilize voters in support of virulently homophobic Ken Cuccinelli for governor.

“We are excited to travel across Virginia and express our enthusiastic support for Ken Cuccinelli for governor and E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor. Both of these men are deeply concerned about the issues impacting the family and our broader culture,” says Josh Duggar, the eldest of the reality show family’s children and recently appointed executive director of FRC.

The right-wing conservative Christian FRC, was classified in 2010 as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and is considered by many to be one of the country’s most fervently anti-gay organizations in America but that has not stopped The Learning Channel from continuing to follow the family and eldest son Josh.  TLC continues to film and air the program thus legitimatizing one of the most vile anti-gay organizations in America.

The “Value Bus Tour” kicks off on Monday following this weekend’s annual “Values Voters Summit” HATERPOLOZZA sponsored by FRC in Washington, D.C.,  Appearing will be hard right wing extremists guest speakers including: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former Senator and failed presidential hopeful Rick Santorum (R- PA). The Duggar Family is also listed on the group of confirmed speakers.

TLC is part of Discovery Communications.  Contact them now and tell them to pull the plug on the Duggars and their family of hate.

Source: Edge Boston


HATERPOLOOZA – Value Voters Summit 2011 Day 2: Mittens, Moo-gie, and Whole Lotta Hate!

Well the Value Voters Summit aka HATERPOLOOZA  2012  hosted by the officialy designated hate group The Family Research Council continued on Saturday with more gay hate than you could shake Klansman at.

* Ron Paul won the annual Value Voters Summit straw poll with 37 percent of the vote and Herman Cain came in second with 23 percent. But now Values Voters Summit organizers are skeptical of Paul’s win and thinks he brought in “ringers” to stuff the ballot boxCheating at a convention of evil, “Christian”, hateful, and insane liars?  Come on now.

* Maggie Gallagher Srivastavis who now spearheads the  National Organization for Marriage’s NEW astroturf subsidiary, the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance, made a video appearance (in widescreen, of course) to talk about her children, (and not mention that ones a bastard child)  and do some gay bashing by waving red meat in front of the homophobes in attendance and make claims of a “culture war” as only Moo-gie can

* Mitt Romney denounced the racist vitriol of the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer but still attended this hate convention in and then later in the day went on to BASH GAYS OVER DOMA!  Oh Mittens.

And speaking of Bryan Fischer, [American Family Associations Bryan] Fischer followed Romney’s speech with an ugly anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-liberal speech. Although he did not mention Mormonism, he did emphasize, repeatedly, that the president of the United States “needs to be a man of sincere, authentic, genuine Christian faith.”In the rest of his laundry list of presidential prerequisites, Fischer veered from there to discuss the “mythical separation of church and state,” – Watch the videos of Fischer and the AFA that CNN, MSNBC, and FOX-News will NEVER SHOW HERE

*Many thanks to  Wayne Beesen and Truth Wins Out for the videos posted above there are more on their website so jump on over.

HATERPOLOOZA – Value Voters Summit 2011 Day 1 Recap: A Whole Lot Of Santorum

Well The Value Voters Summit aka HATERPOLOOZA  2012 hosted by the officialy designated hate group The Family Research Council kicked off on Friday with satan’s minions from all over the country meeting at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC (A Union Hotel no less) to meet with GOP Presidential candidates and hate groups from around the country to discuss among other things: “Limiting Government • Reducing Spending • Championing Traditional Values • Protecting America. Outlawing Abortion; Protecting One Man One Women Marriage; and Repealing DADT”  (What a bunch of sweethearts)

Here are the “lowlights” from Day One.  And I do mean LOW.

*The Advocate reports that anti-gay literature, books, and pictures were everywhere on opening day with one table giving away buttons that proclaim “Ex-Gay Is OK!”

* GOP Rep. Eric Cantor characterized the Wall Street protesters as a “mob” that wants to “divide America.”  Funny I don;t remember him calling the Tea Party crowds from last year anything but “patriotic” – WATCH THE VIDEO

*”Roll Over Rover” Rick Santorum took to the stage to beg for voted and BOLD FACED LIED telling . the Values Voter Summit audience that the president has ORDERED the military clergy to perform same-sex marriages.


”Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is talked about how hays only want gay marriage as an attack on what “Christians” believe in and no other reason and then the fight to unseat state Supreme Court judges who voted to legalize gay marriage. He said that protesters in favor of same-sex marriage were ”almost militant” and “the most unhappy people I ever heard refer to themselves as gay.”

*Ex-Gay Group PFOX denounced Bullying Laws and Hate Crime Laws on the 13th Anniversay of Matthew Sherard’s deadly beating.  And also DEFENDS Michele Bachmanm.

*The Liberty Counsel’s Mat (I’m too stupid to spell my first name correctly) Staver announced that Progressives HATE “Christian” American Values

*The National Organization For Marriage had a nice big table at #VVS11.  All the better to spread their hateful bullshit around with. – Via:  Good As You

*Louisiana Gov Bobby (Deer stick in the headlights) Jhindal heaped praise on Tony Perkins, the former Louisiana legislator who leads the FRC, which places conservative Christian values — particularly on issues like abortion and gay rights — at the center of its politics. But mentioned NOTHING about Perkin’s ties to white supremacist groups and David Dukes of the KKK.

*John BONER Boehner tore into the White House over its decision to no longer defend DOMA  vowing to continue his efforts to provide legal support for the law.  “If the Justice Department isn’t going to defend this act passed by Congress, then we will. “He also warned that Republicans will strip funding from the Justice Department’s budget to pay for the defense efforts

Well that’s Day One of HATERPOLOOZA 2012 in a nutshell. One down.  Two to go!

Its SERIOUSLY going to take weeks of fumigation to get the smell of sulfur and the stench of evil corruption and decay out of that Hotel when the Values Voters Summit is over.