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Amy Klobuchar Voted For Donald Trump Anti-LGBT Judge Appointment

Amy Klobuchar Voted For Donald Trump Anti-LGBT Judge Appointment

It’s come to light that Democratic Presidential nominee hopeful Amy Klobuchar in 2018 voted to confirm David Ryan Stras to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, despite his strong opposition to LGBT rights and comments deriding a landmark ruling striking down anti-sodomy laws.

In 2008, Stras critiqued the Supreme Court for inappropriately addressing “homosexual rights” and expressed skepticism about the core holding of Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling that struck down Texas’s sodomy law as an unconstitutional deprivation of liberty,”

Stras served on the Minnesota Supreme Court in Klobuchar’s home state, were he supported the ruling allowing an anti- same-sex marriage amendment to appear on the ballot even with a misleading title.

A spokesperson for Klobuchar’s campaign told the Washington Blade that the senator suggested other candidates to the White House for the appeals court seat, but defended her vote to confirm.

“Her vote was based on the reality that given the choices, on balance she thought he was better than the other candidates who would have been nominated from other states.

Against “homosexual rights”, same-sex marriage and wants to bring back sodomy laws. Just how much worse could the other candidates be Amy?

White House Against Removing DADT Repeal From Defense Budget, HRC Denies Its Happening. CAN WE BELIEVE EITHER OF THEM?

On Monday there were many posts flying around the blogosphere referencing a Wall Street Journal article which stated that the DADT repeal is as good as dead because behind closed doors both Dems and Repubs were working together (bipartisan) to remove it from the National Defense Authorization Act so that the NDAA could pass quickly during the lame duck session of congress.

Yesterday  Dan Pfeiffer, White House communications director, said in a statement on, “The White House opposes any effort to strip ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ from the National Defense Authorization Act.” and the Human Rights Campaign. calls the removal of the DADT repeal nothing more than “”background noise” that does not have the support of Democratic leaders in the Senate.

The $64,000.00 question is can we believe them? 

Probably not.  Both the White House and The Human Rights Campaign have betrayed our trust numerous times.

Obama and The White House also opposed any effort to remove the public option from healthcare.  And on LGBT rights how many promises have been made and been broken?  How many words of “support” have been given. with no tangible movement made?  Saying Obama’s White House opposes something means nothing..it is just words, how many times have we heard words of support without any actions or pressure from the White House so there could be some actual advancement of LGBT Civil Rights.

And as for the HRC.  For 2 years they squandered and wasted the opportunity of having a Democratic President, Legislature, and Senate by allowing Obama and the DNC to push us to the back of the bus in lieu of recognition cocktail parties and kind words.  ENDA is DEAD,  DOMA repeal off the table,  The Domestic Partner Benefit’s Act has disappeared because of how much it would cost to give same-sex partners the same rights as their straight counterparts.  And all this has happened because the HRC squandered the small window of opportunity that we actually had to make any advancements and lying to u saying that “there is a plan”.  Which turned out to be bullshit.

If the DADT Repeal is not passed during the lame duck session and even if it is we need to re-think and restructure  our strategy on how to move forward on LGBT rights.  If the past 2 years has proved anything it is that we cannot trust the White House to do the right thing.  And whats even sadder is that we cannot trust or allow Gay Inc. (HRC, NGLTF, etc.) to be involved.  They squandered and wasted the best opportunity that the LGBT rights movement has had in over 20 years and now while everyone is blaming the Democrats for the failure of advancement and everyone is over looking the fact that Gay Inc is just as responsible, if not more for the lack of advancement of ENDA, DOMA,  DADT and the  Domestic Partnership Benefit’s and Obligations Act   because it was in their charge to actually work for it.  It is their JOBS (And quite well paying ones) to do that and  NOT go to cocktail parties, and feed us line after line of “there’s a plan” bullshit.

The next move is ours.  The outlook for any future substantial movement forward on LGBT rights is dark over the next few years.  Now is the time we need to review and change our strategy which has not been working  And we need to clean house of those in Gay Inc. who say they represent us and do nothing. 

It’s only then we do this will we make any real  advancements.

Barney Frank Blames Us For Not Getting ENDA Brought To The Senate Floor

Time is running out before the Democrats get massacred during Mid-Terms.  We MIGHT get the DADT Repeal (Non-Repeal) passed but ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act),   The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act, not to mention any repeal of DOMA have fallen by the wayside.  And who does openly gay crotchety Barney Frank throw under the bus?  US!

Frank who is the chief architect of ENDA — said he is working on bringing the bill up during the lame-duck session but did not know if it would happen. He placed part of the blame for ENDA’s delay on gay activists. “They haven’t been doing a good enough job of lobbying their members. People have demonstrations. They don’t lobby their members. I want all of the groups that I agree with to be like the NRA,” Frank said.

Oh okay Barney you and your friends want to be PAID?  Taken on trips?  Given gifts?  How about a facelift and some liposuction?  That’s do-able.  The HRC’s budget is 25 Million a year.  I am sure we could BUY the votes we need for everything.  And truthfully it whole be a better use for the money than running the HRC.  25 Million could buy a lot of votes. 

On the other hand Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality says that ENDA was never a top priority [for Democratic leaders], and we ran out of time.” (Which I agree with but then blames the media for elevating the issue of gays in the military over ENDA. (Which I don’t because Congress should be able to handle more than one issue at a time)

The truth of the matter is that the Democrats don;t care about us.  They care about their jobs.  We have lobbied and we have called and Barney knows that and I’ll call bullshit on his fat blustery ass any day.  His comments are nothing more than a smokescreen to push this all back on us.  But the truth is, the REAL truth is that they don’t care about the LGBT Community and they don;t care about equal and civil rights.  They are scared if they move upon anything LGBT rights legislation that has less than a 90 percent approval rating throughout America that it would harm the chances for their re-election  because they are and they might actually have to work for a living. 

They have the NERVE to blame us for THEIR failure and not doing what is not only their job, but constitutionally right because all Americans are supposed to be created equal.

They sold us a bill of goods and then did not deliver.  They’ve insulted us by throwing us crumbs and then making believe they were giant achievement’s, and in the end when everyone can see that they have  failed us miserably now they try to blame us.

This was our best shot.  Democrats controlling the Presidency and the Hill.  They promised us.  They lied to us.  They took the money and support that we gave them and then threw us under the bus.  And we might never get a chance like this again.

They should be ashamed of themselves.  But I doubt that they are.

How can we trust anything they ever say, or any promises that they make ever again.