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2 Russian Vloggers Pretend To Be Gay, This is The Abuse They Received – Video

Undercover Anti-Gay Russia


Two vloggers from ChebuRussiaTV,  a popular Russian YouTube channel which bills itself as “a project based solely on our enthusiasm and only positive intentions. Our purpose – to give people positive emotions and provide motivation to commit new crazy feats! Prank, social experiments.” Conducted a hidden camera experiment that in which the two held hands and walked down the streets of Moscow and taped the outward anti-gay reactions of Russian citizens which ranged from curses to physical violence.  

Scary stuff.

The video has almost 1 million  views at the time of this writing. Click on the closed captioning.


The Experiment – Anti-Gay Straight Man Pretends To Be Gay for a Year (Video)

Timothy Kurek used to be one of those typical anti-gay “Christians” who couldn’t get over his so-called “religious” views about homosexuality until an idea came to him after a friend of his was rejected by her family when she came out as a lesbian

Kuerk in an attempt to understand what it was actually like to be gay, told everyone around him including friends and family that he was gay, and began to live his life as a gay American for one year.

The experiment which took place in Nashville TN and altered Kuerk’s views and “challenged” his beliefs.

Kurek even went so far as to apologize for his former view that being gay was sinful and wrong