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BUSTED! – GOOGLE Hosts Fundraiser For Anti-Gay GOP Sen. Inhofe, Donates To Anti-Science Group

Goog Evil

Google should take their motto “Don’t Be Evil,” more to heart and practice it more closely.

It’s been learned that his afternoon Google will host a lunchtime $250-$2500 a plate fundraiser for anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-muslin, and climate change  denier GOP Sen. James Mountain “Jim” Inhofe from Oklahoma with the National Republican Senatorial Committee at its Washington, DC headquarters.

They don’t get much eviler than Inhofe

Inhofel, a good friend of Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association has voted against every pro-LGBT piece of legislation since being elected in 1994.

Date Bill No. Bill Title Outcome Vote
Feb. 12, 2013 S 47 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 Bill Passed – Senate
(78 – 22)
April 26, 2012 S 1925 Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act Bill Passed – Senate
(68 – 31)
Dec. 18, 2010 HR 2965 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act Concurrence Vote Passed – Senate
(65 – 31)
Oct. 22, 2009 HR 2647 2009-2010 Defense Appropriations Conference Report Adopted – Senate
(68 – 29)
June 7, 2006 S J Res 1 Same Sex Marriage Resolution Cloture Not Invoked – Senate
(49 – 48)
July 14, 2004 S J Res 40 Federal Marriage Amendment Cloture Not Invoked – Senate
(48 – 50)
June 11, 2002 S 625 Hate Crimes Bill Cloture Not Invoked – Senate
(54 – 43)
June 20, 2000 S Amdt 3473 Hate Crimes Amendment Amendment Adopted – Senate
(57 – 42)
Did Not Vote
Sept. 10, 1996 S 2056 Employment Nondiscrimination Act of 1996 Bill Failed – Senate
(49 – 50)
Sept. 10, 1996 HR 3396 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Bill Passed – Senate
(85 – 14)
March 24, 1994 H Amdt 491 Homosexuality Education Amendment Amendment Adopted – House
(224 – 194)
Sept. 29, 1993 H Amdt 318 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Amendment Amendment Adopted – House
(295 – 133)


Google it has been learned was also the biggest single donor to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner on Thursday, June 20, dropping $50,000 in support of this anti-science group. The dinner was headlined by radical global warming denier Sen. Rand Paul. CEI’s other donors include a who’s who of polluters: American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, Altria (Phillip Morris), Koch Companies, and Koch’s Americans For Prosperity. CEI is famed for its ad promoting carbon dioxide emissions: “They call it pollution. We call it life.”

Google has been a very vocal corporate leader in fight for progressive issues.  but now one has to wonder if Google is just playing both sides of the fence and using that old business tactic.

Buy ‘em by the gross (politicians that is) and they don’t come much grosser than Inhofe.

“Don’t Be Evil” indeed.

Obama Keynotes At HRC Gala Saturday “DOMA Must Be Repealed!”, But Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage Today

Well, well.well….

As we all know President Obama keynoted at HRC’s Annual Dinner Gala on Saturday where Obama stood in front of over 3000 well heeled, and well connected gay, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people and said “DOMA must be repealed!”and got rousing applause (And probably raised major dinero for his re-election campaign chest)

Fast foward to today ahen Obama did anan interview with ABC News  (on his wedding  wedding anniversary, no less folks) sayiand he states that he doesn’t support gay marriage and that he’s still “evolving”

From ABC News:

Obama, who was praised this weekend in the gay community, said his position on gay marriage was “evolving,” but refused to say whether he would support gay marriage by Election Day 2012.

“I’m still working on it,” he said of whether he would move from supporting civil unions for same-sex couples to supporting gay marriage

Jesus Christ Obama!  EVOLVE ALREADY and piss and get off the pot.

Obama c’mon. It’s not like the Right could possibly hate you more and you won’t lose any votes finally coming out to support gay marriage.

You are playing one very lame political game and pissing off the LGBT and Progressive and Left community or you really are a bigoted idiot yourself.

EXCLUSIVE: LeAnn Rhimes Responds To Anger Over Playing At GOP Dinner After Saying She Supports Gay Rights

This morning I posted about singer LeeAnn Rhimes who in December appeared on stage with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for their annual holiday concert and at one point in the faced the crowd, in tears, and spoke about “the very tragic year for young gay men and women who’ve been taking their own lives and her support for the LGBT Community and then just yesterday performed at an exclusive fundraiser in Washington D.C. for the incoming freshman class of Republicans who are as anti-gay as it gets and support hate groups and anti-gay measures that push LGBT teens to suicide and victimize the LGBT Community by denying us our equal rights.

So doing what any good cyberhomo would do I headed over to Twitter and sent Miss Two Faced Rhimes the link to my post and asked for a response.  And I got one!

You see her performance last night had nothing to do with politics.  It was because she’s an entertainer. Or in real speak the paycheck was BIG. After a few tweets back to Ms. Rhimes congratulating her for the fact that she’d probably play at a KKK rally for the right amount of money because she’s an entertainer she blocked me from Retweeting her tweets and hastily started deleting the.  But thanks to my handy dandy snipping tool I was able to capture them.

Turns out that Leanne Rhimes supports gay rights and LGBT equality so much that she will do special performances for those who are responsible for harming us for a nice fat paycheck.  I mean wouldn’t any performer who supported the LGBT community?  Bette Midler?  Kathy Griffin?, Cher?, Cyndy Lauper?, Margeret Cho?, shall I keep going on?  Well maybe I shouldn’t the people I mentioned actually have talent.

So Leanne here I am calling you out because if it wasn’t for politics thank you are nothing more than a two faced greedy money grubbing fame whore.  If it was politics you are still a greedy money grubbing fame whore and a two faced bitch on top of it.  Because if you did care about us and all those poor LGBT teenagers who have tragically lost their lives and gay rights and equality you wouldn;t be entertaining the ones who are killing us.

The Two Faces Of LeAnn – Rimes Performs For Anti-Gay GOP’s After Singing With Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

LeAnn Rimes who recently appeared on stage with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for their annual holiday concert  who at one point in the evening faced the crowd, in tears, and spoke about “the very tragic year for young gay men and women who’ve been taking their own lives because they can’t be themselves.  Well it seems Ms. Rhimes cares more about money than LGBT teen lives or adults for that matter and performed last night in Washington D.C. for the incoming freshman class of Republicans who are anti-gay rights. And vote against things like Anti- Bully laws, Hate Crime Laws, DADT, ENDA, and anything else that furthers gay rights.

The party was  hosted by California’s incoming Rep. Jeff Denham, who, while a state senator, did things like repeatedly vote against the recognition of gay marriages from other states

Way to go there LeAnne.  Unless you donate every cent of that GOP gay blood money fee to a pro-gay your words at the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles fall flat and prove that you are nothing more than a greedy fame whore and that your convictions to the LGBT Community and gay at risk teens are as weak as your vocals.

Sunday Rant: Our Bi-Racial President Believes in LGBT Equality, The Repeal of DOMA (Suppossedly) But Not In Gay Marriage. (WTF?)

Our President Barack Obama is some piece of work.  A child of a Bi-racial couple who might never had been born if not for the landmark Loving v. Virgina case, and a man who has had to at least a few times felt the sting of disctimination and what it feels like to be a second class citizen before bullshitting his way into the Oval Office.  This man has the audacity to say that he supports LGBT Equality and the Repeal of DOMA but not gay marriage.

Obama’s week in review and his “opinions and reactions” after the wonderful Prop 8 overturn? 

Well on Wednesday following the ruling that struck down California’s gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, the White House issued a statement in support of the decision. A very weak statemnent.

“The president has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans,”

 Thats it. Two whole sentences.

The next day Politico repoted through a source that the President DOES NOT believe in same-sex marriage, only civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.  “He supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA],” the aide added, referring to the law that defines marriage as a heterosexual union for federal agencies.

The next day, White House adviser David Axelrod appeared on MSNBC to reiterate the president’s confusing position on gay unions.  Axelrod said the president opposed Proposition 8 because he felt it was “mean-spirited,” but emphasized that he supports recognizing gay and lesbian couples with civil unions, not marriage

Now lets get this straight.  He DOESN’T support same sex marriage, BUT DOES support only letting gays and lesbian couples civil unions, BUT ALSO suppoert repealing the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] which is a major stumbling block to gay marriage.

You can’t have it both ways Obama.  You are either for us, or against us and from where we sit it seems that fopr the past few years that you are againt but throw some “crumbs” and cocktail parties now and again to appease those Gay Inc. assholes who really aren’t in control of us anymore.

As an african american and product of a bi-racial couple you should be ashamed at yourself for dancing around this issue as if you can appease BOTH sides.

Well guess what.  YOU CAN’T/  We won;t accept it.  What you are doing just looks spineless, wishy-washy and as hard as you mihgjt like to try to play the middle all you are doing is screwing yourself and the Democratic Party.  The RIGHT will not bend.  And we won’t.  So unless you plan on doing a 360 and becoming a Republican all you are doing is alienating the progessive base that helped get you elected. Because and listen to me on this, NO ONE will vote for you .

The Democrats and you yourself may think that you have us over a barrel because whats the other choice, a Republican?  BIG SHIT.  At least with them we will get nothing.  With your balless non-leadership along with Democrats not knowing how to control thier own has royally screed us and the chance we had to make this country great again.  Health Care – compromise  – flop.  Budget –  compormise –  flop.  Stimulus – compromise – flop.  All for trying to bend to the Right  to be bi-partisan and they didn’t vote for it anyway with all the changes. 

I for one will not allow you to compromise on my rights!

As for the LGBT Community all we get grandiose promises that never materialize and are played along. DADT comprimised and screws, ENDA disappeared from radar, DOMA you say that you don’t support it but you allow the DOJ to defend it.   Dealing with you, Mr. President and the Democratic Party on LGBT Issues is like “fucking and never being allowed to cum” to put it bluntly.  We are teased, we are lied to, we are not supported and we are not a prioirty. 

Well you know what Barack?  YOU BETTER make us a priority.  Because one thing is for certain.  You WILL HAVE TO explain your stance on gay marriage and equality as the Prop 8 case gets closer to the Supreme Court.  And YOU WILL have to explain yourself not only us but those who are straight allies and the Progessives in 2012 if you run for re-election.  And you better believe that without us you WILL NOT WIN. 

There is no getting away from this Obama and the Democratic Party. 

Man up and grow some balls while there’s still time.  Or else many of you will be without jobs by the end of the next two years.  And your legacy will be having the chance to fix our country and put it back on the path to sanity and civility but were too spineless to do so.