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Wayne Beesen to “Porno” Pete LaBarbera: Your Next Job Will Be Mopping Up Jizz In A Bathhouse – SNAP!

"Porno" Pete LaBarbera
“Porno” Pete LaBarbera

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’s D- List hate group leader (and Hair Club for Men member) “Porno” Peter LaBarbera is in an absolute tizzy over the fact that his days as a professional gay basher are coming to an end.

In a recent “editorial” Porno Pete laments:

Big Gay Inc. is also in the vanguard of pushing Christians and moral-minded people out of the Public Square. Central to its ability to transform society’s mores is its drive to silence and discredit opposing views…Their Orwellian strategy is working. The collapse of America’s Judeo-Christian moral consensus has been as swift as it is stunning. Consider this: Just six decades and a few years ago, homosexuality was such a taboo that Harry Hay, an early “gay” activist who conceived of the idea of homosexuals as a “minority” (like racial minorities), could hardly find enough open homosexuals in the nation to join him in forming a “homophile” rights group (Source: “The Trouble with Harry Hay,” by Stuart Timmons).

Fast forward to today: fanatical homosexual activists like Wayne Beesen of “Truth Wins Out,” which pressured Tebow to cancel the appearance at Jeffress’ “hate church” (Besen’s smear term; he also called it a “bigot church), and then applauded him for doing so – now fight to make opposition to homosexuality taboo. The homosexual lobby is working to ban pro-heterosexual change therapy, and “gay” militants and lawyers insist that their newfangled “LGBT rights” trump even religious freedom when the two collide, as they invariably do.”

Well the awesome “fanatical homosexual activist” Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out along wiht debunking everything that LaBarbera said also offered some career advice for the gay hating has-been nerver-was :

It appears that even this stalwart homo-hater, who slithers around gay  porn palaces and scurries about licentious leather bars looking for smut to post on his prurient website, knows the end is near. It is clear  that there is a shrinking market for professional gay bashers and one  can only hope he polishes off his cracker-thin resume and finds a new  gig before it is too late. Since he has so much experience visiting the  tubs in Chicago, and is likely a familiar face, maybe they will be kind  and offer him an exciting, new opportunity cleaning the cubicles.”

Keep up your great  “fanatical homosexual activism” Wayne!   We need more like you and less of the lame politically correct bullshit that Gay Inc. tosses around that has absolutly no power and makes all the impact of of powder-puff


Marcus Bachmann Backs Down On Demanding Payments From Reporter Who Exposed His Ex-Gay Conversion Practice

Last month Back2Stonewall reported on how Marcus Bachman called Truth Wins Out UberCutie reporter and Communication’s Director John Becker who exposed Bachmann’s “gay conversion” therapy practice  demanding  $150 bucks that Bachmann claims Becker owes him for not showing up for two “anti-gay” therapy sessions that Becker cancelled after his piece was written.

Well after a cease-and-desist letter from Truth Wins Out,  and a Change.org petition that gathered more than 4,000 signatures demanding that Bachmann “stop the stupid”.  

A voice message, left by a Bachmann & Associates’ billing representative,  has now informed John Becker, that “[his] account is at a zero balance” and that the charges were written off “per Marcus Bachmann orders”

Truth Wins Out To Sue Anti-Gay Religious Group For Defamation

Truth Wins Out  the LGBT organization formed by Wayne Besen that fights anti-gay religious extremism and monitors anti-LGBT organizations announced today that it is going to put forth a defamation lawsuit against Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) 

The lawsuit is a result of PFOX President Greg Quinlan’s comments on a Washington, DC television show claiming that TWO Executive Director, Wayne Besen, tried to have him murdered. Quinlan  has also been defaming publicly been defaming Besen’s character by falsely stating that Beesen was fired from the Human Rights Campaign, where he served as Deputy Director of Communications from 1998-2003 and that Besen has said that Besen had said to him that someone should run hom over with a bus or inject him with AIDS.

For those of you who don’t know, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) was started in the late 1990′ as an effort to mock the successful pro-gay organization, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).From its beginning , PFOX was a tool funded and used by the extreme religious right to deny equality to GLBT Americans. In 1998, the group was jumpstarted with an $80,000 grant from the officially recognized anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council.

Truth Wins Out sent Quinlan and PFOX a letter giving  them an opportunity to apologize for their smear campaign. , Quinlan responded:

 “Once I was able to stop laughing and realized that the letter wasn’t intended to be parody, I thought: Okay; Wayno wants a response to his list of comical demands? Here’s my formal response: Grow up…So, Wayne, if you really feel you must waste money you could be using to bash ex-gays, bully Christian churchgoers and spread the lie that people who are trapped in unwanted homosexuality can never escape it, I say knock yourself out. We’re happy to countersue and expose the hundreds of smears you and TWO have lodged against me and other pro-family advocates. Smears that actually amount to defamation. Little man, I’m calling your bluff.”  
 Besen replies:
“We are preparing a lawsuit and PFOX will soon realize that this is no bluff,  PFOX will not be able to pray away this lawsuit any more than they can pray away the gay. The outcome of this disturbing matter will be settled in a court of law.”
The lawsuit is expected to go forward something early this week.