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The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina's Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina’s Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

Those two North Carolina closet cases Jason and David Benham are “doth protesting too much” once again.  This time its over SHIFT (Sexual Health Initiative for Teens) whose mission it is to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health. 

But of course to the boy’s repressed sexual imagination its all LGBT and dirty.

“The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is allocating almost $400,000 from Title V federal grant taxpayer money intended for ‘abstinence’ education and instead, funding SHIFT (Sexual Health Initiative for Teens) North Carolina’s LGBTQ campaign! These tax dollars will be used to train teachers and promote LGBTQ guides targeting older teens on social media to push their Teen Playbook website, which provides ‘guide to safer, sexier choices,’ including the graphic teaching on how to use condoms.”

Now, we’ve seen some of these “safer, sexier choices.” They include “a sex-positive view of BDSM” (uh, that means bondage, dominance, sadomasochism, in case you were wondering) and the mechanics of anal and oral sex, how to masturbate and to question your gender.

Have we really gotten to this point, America? Teaching a sex-positive view of BDSM?! To our kids?!

A few months ago, we wrote about men dressing in drag and reading trans books to small children in public libraries across America. Now we’re writing about initiatives to indoctrinate our kids into BDSM, masturbation and gender questioning.

At some point, we all have to say enough and stand in the gap to speak up. We must utilize every ounce of our influence to stand against this type of moral perversion. How many children need to be deceptively stimulated by these teachings and then hooked into a lifestyle of sexual bondage for the rest of their lives before we speak up?

Now of course if it was the teaching of gay twincest I am sure the boys would get right behind it. And each other.

Brother Loving Benham Boys: Roy Moore Is Innocent. But Even If Hes Not We Can Forgive His Pedo Molestation


The “allegedly” twincestuous loving Benham Bros just want everyone to know that Roy Moore did not commit those numerous underage sex assaults that he has been accused of and even if he did like Mary Magdalene and her street-walking day job that he will be forgiven and must have another chance. (Even though there is no direct correlation between sex crimes and sex work.)

When the angry mob threw the adulterous woman at Jesus’ feet in John 8, they sought her destruction, but Jesus wanted her restoration. Yet at the same time, He upheld His moral standard by saying to her, “Go and sin no more.” So too today, we must uphold a moral standard in our own lives and in society, while at the same time not seek to destroy people with it, but rather restore them to Christ.

Galatians 6:1 sums it up, saying: “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.”

Second, Jesus teaches His followers the proper way to expose sin, which has a specific order found in Matthew 18. First, you go to the person in private. If they repent, you have restored them. Second, if they don’t repent, you then take another person and confront again in private. Third, if they still refuse to repent, you then take them before the church, which is semi-private (keeping it in the family). Finally, if they remain unrepentant, you make it public and disassociate from them.

The establishment frames an issue (or a person who threatens it) with a new narrative. It then facilitates its support network to spread the narrative. And finally, it fractures all dissent by lumping dissenters into the same category of the accused.

It’s a very effective strategy taken directly from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

In Judge Moore’s case, his narrative was framed by the Washington Post that he was a sexual predator taking advantage of underage women. As soon as the story broke, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell instantly condemned Moore without investigating a single shred of the facts. A few days later, Paul Ryan jumped in, among others, and the facilitation was in full swing. All that was left was to fracture dissenters by accusing them of being sexual predators themselves.

The problem, though, is that over the last few weeks, the narrative has started to crumble as the first accuser lacks credibility with her three divorces, three bankruptcies and three charges against pastors for the very thing of which she accused Moore. The second was discovered to be a Democratic Party operative, working for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. And the yearbook accuser couldn’t produce an authentic signature of Moore’s, despite demands from the Moore camp. The facts surrounding the other accusers are still quite gray. None of this minimizes what these women feel, but the question is, do their stories add up to accuse Moore of preying on underage women?

But in today’s digital age, accusations imply guilt. And, as people are framed, narratives are facilitated, and dissent is fractured, truth often falls by the wayside.

“The first accuser lacks credibility with her three divorces, three bankruptcies…”

One more divorce and another bankruptcy, an she could be president!

As for the Benham Brothers I really wish someone would release that  sex-tape already. These boys are covering their illicit feeling for each other and hiding so far back in the fucking closet they need a flashlight, compass and map to get out.  




North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Benham Bros Talk Gay Sex, Daddy Issues, and “Depraved Minds” – Audio

North Carolina's Anti-Gay Benham Bros Talk Gay Sex, Daddy Issues, and "Depraved Minds" - Audio

There is only one thing North Carolina’s own closet-case bigoted Benham Brothers love to do other than being on their knees with each other and that is talk about gay sex and Daddy issues! It’s constantly on their…..minds for for some reason.

This week they’ve visited Mat ( I never got a case I didn’t lose) Staver and Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program where they decided to denounce the “darkened heart” and depraved mind” of the gays.

Right Wing Watch:

Religious Right activists David and Jason Benham were the guests again today on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program, where David declared that marriage equality is a satanic attack on God that is a consequence of society having been taken over by those with a “darkened heart” and a “depraved mind.”

“We’ve deconstructed gender,” he said. “It’s an ultimate attack on the Creator … So this is where we find ourselves as a culture, is with a depraved mind where we’re celebrating and even forcing others to participate in immorality.”

“What the Lord wants,” Benham added, “He wants us to have life and this whole deconstruction of gender, this whole redefinition of marriage, all of these things is a mask for Satan who is robbing and killing and destroying these people who desperately want life. They want to seek the love of a father, trying to find it in the arms of another man and they’ll never find it there.”

Obviously the boys aren’t into cuddling each other.

But do they swallow?


The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina's Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

Benham Boys: Trans People Peeing Is Like the Joker in The Dark Knight – Both Cause Chaos

Benham Brothers Gay Sex

Disgraced HGTV never-weres the Benham Brothers are keeping their anti-LGBT “Christian” hate brand alive by now saying that  laws that allow trans people to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity and laws that allow same-sex couples to marry aren’t really about those civil rights issues at all – they’re about allowing the Devil to cause chaos!  CHAOS THEY SAID!

In a Facebook video posted last week that’s been viewed well over 8 million times, Jason Benham says the Obama administration is “basically mandating that all public schools in the entire nation, that we have to open up our bathrooms – especially girls’ bathrooms – to boys.” It’s unclear why he says “especially girls’ bathrooms.”

Benham goes on to claim, “the fact that the Department of Justice and Obama and Department of Education is doing this, it’s leading us into absolute chaos.”

“Here’s the interesting thing,” says Benham, who, with his brother David and father, extremist street preacher Flip Benham, have spent years in North Carolina attacking the LGBT community. “You guys remember the movie ‘The Dark Knight,’ when the Joker is hanging off the building and Batman is holding on to him and Batman’s like, ‘What do you want?’ and the Joker just says, ‘Chaos!’? Well that’s what we are experiencing right now,” he concludes.

“Today, having transgender folks go into bathrooms, that’s going to open up a loophole for deviant men to go in and prey upon our women and girls,” he claims, falsely. “That’s still not the issue. The issue is the revolution, and the revolution is chaos,” he insists, when in reality, the issue is people just need to pee.

Source: The New Civil Rights


Gay Porn Star Twins, Elijah and Milo Peters, Redefine The Word “Bromance” – Take The Poll

Two gay men from the Czech Republic have rocked the porn world recently, not just because they are twin brothers, but because they are lovers.

Elijah and Milo Peters, 22 year old twins, are a well known feature of the porn site Bel Ami for their “twincest”.

“My brother is my boyfriend, and I am his boyfriend,” one of the twins tells Salon.com in a phone interview from Prague. The writer notes that the two sound so much a like, it’s impossible to tell who’s who. “He is my lifeblood, and he is my only love.”

Clearly there is something fundamentally tempting about the twins; after all many would state ‘what’s the only thing better than having a hot man infront of you? Having two hot men infront of you!’ And Bel Ami have certainly reaped the benefits of the world’s desire to see this twincest in action: traffic to the company’s website has doubled since the twins first started appearing in 2009.

But once you’ve gotten over the intrigue, and the eroticness of two beautiful Eastern-European men together, you may well come down from the dizzying hedonism and ask yourself about the morality of it all. Now, I’m certainly not here to lecture you on your morals and values (not least of all because I’m somewhat undecided myself) so instead I wish to put the question to you – see the poll below.

  • Is incest fundamentally wrong?
  • Or, are morals around incest not really morals at all, but merely socially inflicted ethics (which can therefore be molded, changed, justified)?
  • Do the “morals” of incest relate only to the heterosexual world? Are these social norms constructed purely around the biological reasons against siblings conceiving a child?

Therefore, I pose this question to you, and welcome any comments or justifications to your response:

[poll id=”35″]

Note: the Peters brothers aren’t the first twins to make a go of it together in porn, but they look to be the first managing to make a success of it.

And the twins say they have no intention of quitting any time soon. “We want to keep making videos for Bel Ami for the next 50 years”.

p.s. Does anyone else really love their names? (who am I kidding, none of you are focusing on the aesthetics of their NAMES here)