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FACEBOOK Bans Jack Mackenroth and David Drake For Posting Anti-Trump/Pro ACA Messages

Late last month Facebook Facebook banned bestselling author and journalist Kevin Sessums after he described Donald Trump supporters as a “nasty fascistic lot” in a post. Facebook later insisted that the ban had been a “mistake, lifted the ban and restored the post.

But today Jack Mackenroth AIDS activist, model, and fashion designer and David Drake,  American playwright, stage director, actor and author have both been banned from Facebook for up to 30 days.  Mackenroth for posting an anti-Trump article and Drake for asking his followers to mail Paul Ryan and stop the attack on the Affordable Care Act.  Meanwhile anti-LGBT, white supremacist, and alt-right groups and postings go unchecked by Facebook letting real hate speech run wild.

Facebook uses the following excuse: That they “processes millions of (posting) reports each week, and we sometimes get things wrong.”

But many say the REAL problem is that Facebook does not really look into many of cases before hitting the BAN BUTTON and over-reacts to post reports by “Trumpsters” and right-wing members of the Facebook community so incongruous posts such as Drake’s and Mackenroth’s get deleted and they get banned while FB goes easy on anti-LGBT, and alt-right political posts for fear of a backlash.

Facebook MUST follow its own guidelines for banning and treat all members of the Facebook community the same and pressure must be exerted on them to do so. And one good starting point might be by actually looking at a post first after a complaint before hap haphazardly banning people for fear of reprisal by the right-wing,