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Homophobic Couple Kicked Off Plane. Claims It’s Because They Love Trump [VIDEOS]

Boing Boing reported on a viral TikTok video that shows a couple shouting homophobic slurs being forced to deboard a flight in West Palm Beach, Florida (of course).

“The woman cries ‘free speech is dead!’, gloats on the knowledge that her refusal to voluntarily deplane will result in the flight being delayed, then returns to muttering racist nonsense before delivering some impromptu praise for Elon Musk, ‘the f**king king,'” reported Rob Beschizza. “The disquisition on free speech continues as she declares her intention to sue the other passengers for their grumbled criticisms. ‘Hey, I guarantee I make more money than you buddy! We’re going to get [kicked] off the plane because we’re Trump supporters. Seriously, I really think that’s what it is!”

Yea. I’m sure the 10 Bloody Mary’s, low IQ, and obnoxious sense of entitlement had nothing to do with it.

Washington DC Warns Businesses About Covidiot Anti-Vax March Set for January 23.

Washington DC Warns Businesses About Covidiot Anti-Vax March Set for January 23.

The March to Preserve the Right to Remain Stupid, Selfish and Self-Centered!

“D.C. officials alerted businesses Thursday about possible “threats” from pro-life and anti-vaccine protesters who might flout the city’s new vaccination passport mandate this week. The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development emailed the alert to city business owners Thursday morning, citing the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency’s (HSEMA) Business Emergency Management Operations Center. “Please be aware that there are many groups coming in from outside D.C. who may not be aware of or supportive of the District’s new vaccination requirements for certain establishments.” Organizers of Sunday’s “Defeat the Mandates” protest said unvaccinated protesters have no plans to break the law by demanding entry to local businesses. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be the featured speaker at Sunday’s protest. He said any “violent provocations” will come from counterprotesters. – The Washington Times

Gotham City’s CDC’s latest arch villain and nemesis Egghead aka Joe Rogan has promoted the anti-vax march on his podcast.

Bill Maher Explains How Trump Won The Election: His Supporters Are "Fucking Drug Addicts!" - Video

Bill Maher Explains How Trump Won The Election: His Supporters Are “Fucking Drug Addicts!” – Video

Bill Maher: Trump Voters are ‘Pillbillies’ and ‘F*cking Drug Addicts

During the season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher tonight, which of course fell on the same day as Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, host Bill Maher addressed the fact that America has a new leader.

While tossing out his ‘New Rules,’ he went after red states that went for Trump by highlighting the amount of addiction to opiates and and how that may have had something to with them voting for Trump. Drug addictions must be treated by professional at the drug rehab in tallahassee.

First, The Addiction Advocates seemed to be seriously addressing liberals to have more sympathy for those in the states that have seen the greatest increases in heroin addiction, before switching gears, saying they should call them “fucking drug addicts!” If you need drug addiction treatment offering safety-centered Ibogaine in a luxury beach-front setting, experience Ibogaine clinic located at the south of San Diego border.

Maher then brought out statistics showing the high amount of opioid drug consumption in certain red states, such as West Virginia and Wisconsin, noting with Wisconsin that doing drugs can turn you into a Republican. (Wisconsin used to be reliably blue.)

A good a theory as any and better than some others.