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David Kaufman, Founder Of Transracial.net and HuffPo Contributor Is A TOTAL ASS.

Today David Kaufman, Founder Of Transracial.net posted an article at Huffingtonpost.com titled LGBT Leaders and Spokespeople Undermining the Cause.

In his article, Kaufman not only comes off as poster boy for being Barack Obama’s bottom boy but actually tries to blame “netroot” bloggers (Pam Spaulding, Joe, My, God, Towleroad, AmericaBlog, etc) for Cosmopolitan hunk Scott Browns win in Massachusetts and the decline of support for the Democratic party. Very far farfetched I know, but I did say he was a “total ass”, and I must admit that I am disappointed that he didn’t mention me because it would be an HONOUR to be included in such a crowd.

“That Brown won should have come of little surprise to these LGBT “leaders” or their devoted fan base. After all, Spaulding, Queerty, Mixner and Co. practically cheer-led the former Cosmo-hunk to this critical triumph. Having officially turned on their president, these netrooters have conceded the greater good for their own shortsighted image-inflating. Well aware of the monumental consequences of a Republican win, Gay-stream media nevertheless continued their Dem-dissing and Obama-bashing with little concern for its election-day implications.”

So Kaufman in other words seems to think that we have no right to be angry, or should at least hide it after all of the promises that Obama had made to the LGBT Community have not only fallen by way wayside but also in fact that even the simplest of matters like the repeal of DATD has been stalled and ignored by the Administration and they have refused to act aggressively on it so now it has become a major clusterfuck.

Then Kaufman has the nerve to hit us with the following:

Most crucially, same-sex marriage advocates must finally understand they cannot equate their struggle with the African-American battle for Civil Rights or South African movement to end Apartheid. Not because Marriage Equality is not a noble goal, but because they are simply not the same thing.

And — yes, I’ll dare say it — because they simply have not earned it!

A century passed between the end of slavery and the Cvil Rights Movement’s first major successes. The anti-Apartheid movement took at least half that time. I only hope Gay folks won’t have to wait so long.

Kaufman seems to forget that it is not ONLY about marriage but has to do with the 1000+ other RIGHTS that are attributed to straight married couples that Gay and Lesbians do not get and that Gay marriage is just one small issue of the Gay Civil Rights movement.

Perhaps Kaufman who describes himself as “American, mixed-race, Jewish and Gay” (And please note that Gay comes last) should pick up a queer history book. If he did so he would know that Gays and Lesbians have been persecuted by religion, murdered, burnt at the stake, hung, drawn and quartered, imprisoned, sent to mental institutions, lobotomized, sent to concentration camps, and are bashed and murdered even today and have been since well before the middle ages worldwide.

So Kaufman I see your Century and raise you SEVEN CENTURIES.

Kaufman then has the gall to pinp the “black vs. gays” argument:

The glaring omission of a single Black Gay leader on the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) advisory board. Yes, Julian Bond is the head of the NAACP and it’s lovely to see him there. But considering California is the state where the whole “Blacks vs. Gays” debate had its sorry start, the inclusion of a Gay-Black voice would have gone far towards much-needed reconciliation.

Have I missed something? Isn’t Julian Bond African American? But for myself not to get into this whole “black vs. gay” bullshit. Which is exactly what it is, is bullshit and Kaufman is slinging it like a pro. It wasn’t the lack of African American involvement that did get garner African American support in the Prop 8 Vote in CA. And lets be brutally honest about this, it was the fact that the African American Community is a deeply religious community and bigotry through the church is hard to fight. You would think that Kaufman would know that especially since African Americans has the same fight with white Christians in the 1960’s And the people who now scream the loudest about comparing the battle for Gay Rights against the battle for African American Civil Rights is the black community themselves. Like they “OWN” the civil rights battle and its offensive to them that the Gay Community which is now are fighting for their rights have the nerve to invoke the memories of their battles when they themselves not only invoked the memories of other disenfranchised groups during their fight but also had absolutely no problem in having support for gays and lesbians in the 1960’s.

Mr. Kaufman, simply put are fiull of shit.  And if anyone can be blamed for the divide between the gay and black community it’s YOU and your posting of such pyschotic drivel.   Your article is preposterous and gross. I for one amd so tired of hearing this ridiculous argument from other minorities, especially minoritys of color. That any black person could look down on another outcast group and condescendingly dismiss their concerns is beyond outrageous and the height of hypocrisy. That it took 100 years to achieve any semblance of racial equality in America is a shame, not some yardstick by which to measure other movements. And doing so purts YOU on the same footing as the racists who justified their bigotry 50 years ago by saying  Blacks were not “naturally” ready or developed enough for equality. You DO NOT ASK for RIGHTS. You demand rights precisely because they are endowed to you from birth. If rights were bestowed by vote, they would be privileges now wouldn’t they.

So a hearty FUCK YOU you Mr. Kaufman and  and please hand in your Gay Card on the way out.