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NOM Uses Martin Luther King For Hate and Bigotry. Has Right Wing Media Whore Alveda King Sold Out MLK’s Legacy To Them?

The National Organization for Marriage is still trying once again to associate Martin Luther King’s name with their anti-gay cause.
Earlier this summer at NOM’s failed “One Man, One Woman – Summer of marriage Tour” paid right wing media whore Alveda Celeste King, MLK’s niece handsomely to appear at a few of thier stops.  Alveda who is vehnemently anti-gay and who said at a 1997 rally in Sacramento protesting proposed state legislation to extend civil rights to gays and lesbians, King said: “To equate homosexuality with race is to give a death sentence to civil rights. No one is enslaving homosexuals…or making them sit in the back of the bus.  Alveda King has been on the campaign circuit for more than a decade pushing a discriminatory, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, hard right family values message for fun and profit twisting the great legacy of her uncles name.

Alveda’s King’s academic credentials have also raised eyebrows. She is regularly referred to as “Dr. Alveda King” in promotional material, although her doctorate is an honorary one, bestowed by St. Anselm College, a Catholic school in Manchester, N.H. And she could not recall why she was awarded the honorary degree. “I guess for my stand on the support of marriage, and family, and education, and life.”  In 1994, she released a letter condemning Coretta Scott King’s support for abortion and gay rights, saying it would bring “curses on your house and your people…cursing, vexation, rebuke in all that you put your hand to, sickness will come to you and your house, your bloodline will be cut off.” and  Alveda said of of her aunt, who died in 2006, saying, “I’ve got his DNA. She doesn’t, she didn’t…Therefore I know something about him. I’m made out of the same stuff.”

What a CUNT. I hate using that word but it does decribe her perfectly.

Alveda King has been cut off from the King family because she has made a career out selling the King name while peddling views that are diametrically opposed to those held by Martin Luther King Jr

And now since she has “joined” The National Organizarion for Marriage, NOM with The Minnesota Family Council has released add that encourages voters to support Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer because he does not support marriage equality. The ad uses images and soundbites of Martin Luther King, Jr. and blatant scare tactics. And you can bet that this would not be happening if Alveda King was not involved with NOM and recieving a nice sum of money for speaking engafements to push her agenda by seling her uncles name.

Now how about a REAL Martin Luther King quote:
“Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: – ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'”

3M Gives 100K To MN Forward To Elect Anti-Gay Tom Emmer. And Yes, 3M Also Has A 100% Rating From The HRC

Here we go again!

First TARGET and now 3M the technology, health care, security, tape and manufacturing giant has donated funneling some 100,000 dollars to MN Forward, the Minnesota business PAC that wants to elect Tom Emmer governor of the state, despite his opposition to basic things like gay rights, marriage equality and anti-bullying measures.

3M, like TARGET has a 100 percent rating in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and HRC’s Buying for Equality guide.  (HRC has dropped TARGET and BEST BUY from the guide since.  (Perhaps HRC should just DROP The Guide PERIOD)

3M is also using Target’s excuse to explain its donation, which only became public because of Minnesota’s election finance disclosure rules. “That donation is about advancing public policy that will foster a more competitive business environment,” says a 3M rep. (Meanwhile, notes the Minnesota Independent, “The company declined to elaborate further on the motivation for the contribution, and would not say if they were directly supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Emmer. But a quick glance at MN Forward’s expenditure records reveals that any contribution to MN Forward essentially serves as a donation to Emmer rather than support for general ‘business policy.’ Over 95 percent of MN Forward’s campaign spending has been devoted to Minnesota’s gubernatorial campaign, with only minimal amounts directed at lower ballot races.”)

And yes HRC has “reached out” to 3M but isn’t commenting further until they hear back.  Even though its public news that they donated to MN Forward.

Trash those Post It’s girls!

While We May Be Boycotting TARGET For Anti-Gay Political Donations, Bravo Television Sure The Hell Isn’t.

Bravo, the so-called “Bisexual” Television Network according to Andy Cohen, the aged twink boytoy who is Bravo’s programming chief, has no pronlem casting LGBT and LGBT supportive haracters on it’s Television Shows.  What id does have a problem with is the fact that they have an exclusive distributioon deal with TARGET and the retail giant that supports anti-gay politic’s is the only brick-and-mortar outlet that carries it’s programming.  And romo spots currently airing on Bravo still say exclusively sold through TARGET.

I wonder what Andy Cohen and BRAVO have to say about this?  Actually I wonder what Kathy Griffin, Racheal Zoe, Brad, Jeff, Padma, Gail Simmons, The Real Housewives oif EVERYWHERE and others on the network would have to say about it?

Shall we ask? Contact BRAVO. 

TARGET Gave Money To Tom Emmer, Tom Emmer Donated Money To "Kill The Homos’ Christian Rock Band "Junkyard Prophets" – The Trickle Down System Of Homophobia

Last night Rachel Maddow took a closer look at the boycott of Target and Emmer’s donations to You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, a Christian ministry fronted by the band Junkyard Prophets.  And surprise, surprise Junkyard Prophets supports the radical Muslim ideology that calls for executions of homosexuals.

When Emmer asked of the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Ministries he replied: “These are nice people.”

Watch as Rachel Maddow reports:

TARGET Stock Loses $1.3 BILLION In Stock Market Capitalization After Tom Emmer Donation Boycott Begins

Target Corp. has lost $1.3 billion in stock market capitalization sinceJuly 27th 27, when Target Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel first defended the donation of $150,000 to help a pro-business, anti-gay-marriage Republican gubernatorial Tom Emmer  Over the same six trading days, stock prices rose at Target’s largest rivals, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Costco Wholesale Corp. Broader market indexes also were up, including the Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 proving that this was not related a retail or whole market trading slump.

Target spokeswoman Jenn Glass attes that the shifting stock price reflects “too many factors that we can’t attribute it to just one thing.” Despite the fact that gay advocates, their supporters and progessive groups are standing up to the retail giant. 

Yea for OUR side!  1.3 BILLION Dollars Lost Target!  And it ain’t over yet bitches.  Not by a long shot!

Target Doesn’t Give A Flying F@#k About Its LGBT Customers And Other Reasons We Should Boycott Target

A reader at another website  recently sent Target an email telling them that they had closed their charge account and will no longer be shopping at Target because of Target’s donation of $150,000 to MN Forward, which in turn donated that money to anti-gay Republican Candidate Tom Emmer.

In response Target sent the following e-mail: (In form letter format)

Target has long believed that engaging in civic activities is an important and necessary element of operating a national retail business. What’s more important than any one candidate’s stance on a particular issue is how we nurture thoughtful, long-term growth in the state of Minnesota.

Our support of causes and candidates is based strictly on issues that affect our retail and business objectives. To continue to grow and create jobs and opportunity in our home state, we believe it is imperative to be engaged in public policy and the political process. That is why we are members of organizations like the Minnesota Business Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce and many others. And that is why we decided to contribute to MN Forward.

MN Forward’s objective is to elect candidates from both parties who will make job creation and economic growth a top priority. We operate best when working collaboratively with legislators on both sides of the aisle. In fact, if you look at our Federal PAC contributions year to date, you will see that they are very balanced between Republicans and Democrats. For more information please visit www.target.com/company, and view the Civic Activity page.

Target has a large stake in Minnesota’s future, which is why it is so important to be able to provide jobs, serve guests, support communities and deliver on our commitment to shareholders. As an international business that is proud to call Minnesota home, it is critical that we have a business environment that allows us to be competitive. Our guests, team members, communities and shareholders depend on Target to remain competitive.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

Jennifer Hanson
Target Executive Offices

Between this email and Targets biggest arument on why we shouldn’t be pissed at them, “We have a 100% rating from the HRC”, and the fact that it is dragging it’s feet in at least making a matching donation to some pro-LGBT candidates or PAC’s  to at least smooth the waters.   It really does makes it obvious that Targets thinking is:  Business first, everything else second, and fuck our LGBT customers third.

Now its hard to fault a business for looking out for it’s own business.  But c’mon is there really any political candidate out there that is anti-business?  Or whose sole political platform is to close businesses down and screw with our economy. 


 So what is Target’s problem?

Quite simply it’s caught the Tea Party Syndrome.  Yes the dreaded Tea Party Syndrome.  Now I’m not saying that Target  is affiliated with or has anything to do with the Tea Party.  But like the Tea Party they are supporting and backing Political candidates and platfroms based on only a small criteria of the candidates overall issues.  For the Tea Party it’s fiscal responsibility, and for Target it’s all about busisness and for both its fuck the rest of the issues its about whats best for me and me alone”, which is not only dangerous but socially and morally irresponsible.  And for that alone Target no longer deserves our patronage. 

Which brings me to my next point.  Why all the hemming anfd hawing over a boycott of this low class Pottery Barn wannabe?  How else are you goign to make your displeasure known and actually make an impact?  Write a letter or send an email?  How many emails do you “delete” a day without even looking at them?  Do you think that they even care and will take any action because they get some emails?  No.  But when the first weeks reciepts come in and theres a noticeable drop in profits and revenues they will.  Especially since to them  it’s all about the money. 

So to all you bitching and moaning out there about boycotting Target I ask why?  Why would you even want to shop somewhere that does not support your rights?  Also in case you don;t know there’s not a helluva lot of difference between Target and Walmart other than its HRC Score. Which I guess we can throw out the window now.

In reality in terms of wages and benefits, working conditions, sweatshop-style foreign suppliers, and effects on local retail communities, big box Target stores are very much like Wal-Mart, just in a prettier package. And of more than 1,400 Target stores employing more than 300,000 people nationwide, not one has a union. Employees at various stores say an anti-union message and video is part of the new-employee orientation. 

So they sort of suck anyway and for the same reasons that you won’t shop at Walmart. 

Anyway you cut it its not any classier or better to shop at Target.  PERIOD.