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Jeb Bush at CPAC: Don’t Be Ridiculous. I Am Not Gay Friendly And Do Not Support Same-Sex Marriage.

Jeb Bush CPAC


Via: the Washington Blade:

Despite a perception that he’s the most LGBT-friendly Republican in the field of potential presidential candidates, Jeb Bush said Friday he remains opposed to same-sex marriage. Onstage at the second day of the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, Bush was asked if his views had changed on same-sex marriage by conservative commentator Sean Hannity. The former Florida governor was succinct in his reply: “No. I believe in traditional marriage.” The potential candidate — who once backed the efforts of his brother, former President George W. Bush, to pass a U.S. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage throughout the country — made the comments before a conservative audience as he tried to play down his support for immigration reform and federal education standards under Common Core.

And as for Tim Miller the openly gay traitor. quisling, and homo-COM that Bush hired as a communications director for his 2016 campaign.

Spin that and choke on your 30 pieces of silver Judas.

Ken Melhman 2: Electric Bugaloo – Jeb Bush Hires Gay Man As His Communications Director

Tim Miller self loathing homo


Jeb Bush, who has lately been pushing the meme that “he is his own man” has hired an openly gay man as his top communications aide as a precursor to his a presumed 2016 Republican presidential hopeful run .

The chosen quisling in question, Tim Miller, (pictured above right) is currently executive director of the America Rising Political Action Committee (PAC) and wrote on Twitter Friday (20 February): ‘Thrilled and honored to work for a great person with the right message.

Miller was deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee, worked on Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, and was national press secretary of Jon Huntsman’s 2012 presidential campaign

Via Politico:

Jeb Bush plans to name Tim Miller, executive director of America Rising PAC, as his top communications aide, Republican sources told POLITICO on Friday. Miller initially will be a senior adviser to Bush’s Right to Rise PAC, and is expected to become communications director if Bush launches his campaign. Kristy Campbell, who has been the PAC’s chief spokesperson, likely will be national press secretary of the campaign, or have some senior communications adviser role. Miller is an aggressive, younger operative who can be expected to inject a pugilistic style into Bush’s high command. America Rising – based in Arlington, Va. — is the two-year-old GOP opposition-research group that relentlessly spattered Democratic Senate candidates during the last cycle.

Being a self loathing quisling sure must pay well.

*Many thanks to Fritz Liess for the awesome headline