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The Simpson’s Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney – Eggggcellently Funny Video

The nutjobs over at Brietbart.com are livid. Livid I tells ya.  And the comments are HYSTERICAL!

I haven’t been into the ‘nighttime cartoon thing’ since Flintstones.

By the way, Simpsons, while ‘just a cartoon’, is an example of conditioning consumers by PopCulture. We are conditioned to accept what it pushes, which is largely liberal – leftist pap. It’s the kind of thing Breibart shouted against ( although I have no clue what he’d say about this particular.)

The Simpsons — another evil branch of the conspiracy of commie traitors on tv.

No surprise there, “The Simpsons” is run by Marxists.

 As someone who grew up with the Simpson’s this is just sad……..I love the Simpsons but the dirty liberal foks have killed them….. No matter, I Already voted MITT.

What a bunch od morons.

The Simpsons Take A Shot At FOX News On It’s 25th Anniversary – VIDEO

Sunday night, The Simpsons on celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a programming block highlighting some of the series best episodes.  And in doing so congratulated the FOX network with one exception BIG exception.

An ending title card which read  “This doesn’t include FOX News”.