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TeaPartyTracker.Org Launched! Get Your Crazy, Hateful, Racially Bigoted, Anti-Gay, and Extremist Tea Party News In Real Time!

The NAACP has banded together with Think Progress, Media Matters for America and New Left Media to form a “tea party tracker” intent on monitoring “racism and other forms of extremism” within the tea party movement.

Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, said the project was started because NAACP leaders kept hearing from its members that they were seeing racist signs, T-shirts and commentary coming from the tea party movement.  “The site is set up to be utilized as a tool to track activities as they come up,”

The site, which features a blog, a breaking-news section and the tagline which reads “a watched pot never boils.”   (LOVE IT!)

So far the tracker site has posted links related to  Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally last weekend, including a picture of a man wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Blacks own Slaves in Mauritania, Sudan, Niger and Haiti.” The Tracker has also posted a slideshow of photos of offensive signs displayed at tea party rallies.


The NAACP Recieves Death Threats From Tea Baggers After Asking The Tea Party To Reject Racism. Meanwhile in Cincinnati…….

The NAACP has received a number of bigoted death threats and chilling voicemails at local units and chapters around the countrry after the passing of last week’s resolution to encourage Tea Party leaders to rreject and fight racism within their ranks,

CLICK HERE to listen to one..  (Caution it is VERY disturbing and NWSF)

Meanwhile in Cincinnati, OH.  In 2009, the local NAACP gave money to COAST, a right-winged group founded by Tea Party activist Chris Finney, featured in the clip below. Finney who is also a founding member of the Ohio Anti-Gay Hate Group the Citzens For Community Values later last year also became the Chair of Legal Redress for the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP because of his good friend Christopher Smiterman the NAACP local President.who threatened the Cincinnati Gay Community if they made waves over his appointment. 

Kind of fucked up, huh?

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Sean Hayes! (Of Course), Crate and Barrel Gay Wedding Couple Come In 2nd, Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels Nasty Split, Whats Under That Kids Kilt, NAACP Disturbingly Silent On Gay Malawi Conviction, and Southwest Airlines REALLY Loves Your Bags…..ALOT

*  Well Sean Hayes isn’t “Too Gay” to host the Tony Awards. (But then again who is?)  Hayes will be hosting the the 64th Tony Awards on June 13, where he’s up for the Best Actor award. And while we would’ve loved to see Neil Patrick Harris take another turn, but I guess they figured out it was better to cas in on the Ramin Setoodeh ballyhoo.

*  BIG Congratulations to Gregory and Jonathan, the gay couple who has come in second (like all gays do) in Crate & Barrel’s $100,000 wedding contest. They go home not with the $100k dream wedding (that goes to a pair of breeders), but a $7,500 gift card, which isn’t to shabby. But while Gregory and Jonathan actually received the second-highest number of votes from web visitors, the couple with the most votes — Mary and Densey, who received 21,562 nods — got, uh, a $500 card, thanks to the company itself choosing the actual winners among the top finalists.  WTF?

*  Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels announced their split last month after nine years (and two twin kids) together. It was, supposedly, a mutual decision. Or at least that’s what Etheridge wanted folks to believe.  Michaels tells a different story ON. HER. BLOG!  I smell Gloria Allred and a lebian-eruption press conference in her future.

*  Alberta teen forbidden from wearing kilt at graduation. School officials are worried about a “wardrobe malfunction”.

* The NAACP has been disturbingly silent on  the gay Malawi conviction. (As it has been on most gay issues.) Now correct me if i am wrong.  The two gay men are black correct?.

*If anyone out there is unsure of exactly what George Rekers meant by “lift my luggage”, there should be no possible confusion left after watching this video. (NWSF)

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous Blames The Gay Community For The Lack Of African American Support

We all know that Julian Bond Civil Rights Leader and Board Chairman of the NAACP has been a steadfast LGBT Rights supporter.  But today NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, who has been mostly non-commital where the “organization” is concerned tried to lay the fault squarely at the LGBT Community’s feet when it comes to the fact that black activist have not been supporting the Gay Rights Movement.

In an article from ThinkBig::

I really just have one thing to say about this. No one from the african american community ever had to do outreach for me to stand up for thier rights. I have marched, I have protested, and I have signed petitions. And I did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do. And I did it gladly.

Jealous is also attuned to the civil rights struggles of another minority group—gay Americans—and aware of the public perception that black activists have been lukewarm in supporting their cause. Yet for his own family as well as the NAACP, he says, gay rights are not only important but “personal”—and if there’s a gap between the movements, it’s a product of insufficient outreach from the LGBT side.

It’s very easy for the NAACP to hide behind religion as an excuse. Mostly because its true. And mostly because they do nothing to discourage bigotry and hate of any form within thier organization.  Because if anyone should know that its almost next to impossible to change someone’s religious beliefs to accept a minority it should be the NAACP. A meta-analysis of 55 independent studies carried out in the United States with more than 20,000 mostly Christian participants has found that members of religious congregations tend to harbor prejudiced views of other races and sexual orientations. It was that way in the 1960’s and 1970’s when African Americans fought for their rights. And it’s still like that today only this time its the black community hating through religion.

If Mr. Jealous is truly sincere and honest with his support perhaps it is time for the NAACP to make a CONCRETE commitment to and stand up with us for ALL LGBT rights, including gay marriage and educate it’s members because it’s the RIGHT thing to do, instead of splitting hairs as to not piss off religious NAACP members and place the blame at our feet for thier non-support.