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The White House Won’t Help ENDA, DOMA Or DADT -But IT WILL Give The Well Heeled Gay Elite Tips On How To Become a Polical Appointee! Whoopie!

According to the National Review:

 Eager to soothe jagged relationships with an impatient gay community, the White House is dispatching two senior members of its personnel office, as well as Fred Hochberg, the chairman of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, to hold a workshop with gay rights leaders and donors in town for the annual Victory Fund Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference. A workshop will include advice from White House officials on how to “enhance your application and boost your chances for nomination or appointment,” the conference program promises

Isn’t that so nice of Obama and the White House.  Now the well-heeled, elitist professional LGBT Advocates in Gay Inc who do jack shit can learn how to become a Presidential appointee!  And the Victory Fund is selling the tickets separatelyy at only $99.00! (Sold Out) 

Yes for the one time low price of $99.00 you can learn how to become a Presidential Nominee by just selling out your people and their rights

Whoooopsie’s I gave away the secret for FREE.