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Tenderloin Museum To Present Lost Film by Jonathan Raymond,, Gay San Francisco 1965-1970

Tenderloin Museum To Present Lost Film by Jonathan Raymond,, Gay San Francisco 1965-1970


On December 1, the Tenderloin Museum will screen a piece of rediscovered history: Gay San Francisco by Jonathan Raymond, a previously lost documentary depicting gay life in San Francisco five decades ago. 

Shot between 1965-1970, Gay San Francisco features a collection of incredible footage of San Francisco’s thriving gay culture, with a focus on the Tenderloin, San Francisco’s first “gay ghetto”.

Shot between 1965-1970, Gay San Francisco features a collection of incredible footage of San Francisco’s thriving gay culture, with a focus on the Tenderloin, San Francisco’s first gay neighborhood. Scenes from gay bars are intercut with fascinating interviews featuring gay men, lesbians, and drag queens discussing issues from harassment to sex to job security. The film also includes a not-to-be missed Halloween drag show at On The Levee, one of SF’s many historic gay bars that closed it’s doors long ago.

This screening compliments the Tenderloin Museum’s first major temporary exhibition, The Unseen World of the Tenderloin: Rare Historic Photographs 1907-71.

For more information please visit the museum’s website.

Gay Good Samaritan Becomes Victim Of The Same Anti-Gay Crime He Reports In San Francisco

Leo Volobrynskyy, a San Francisco resident originally from Odessa, Ukraine became a victim Friday night of the same attacker of an anti-gay hate crime at a liqour store in San Francisco’s tenderloin district that Volobrynskyy himself called into police just  moments earlier as customers and the cashier did nothing but laugh.

Volobrynskyy left the San Francisco International LGBT Film  Festival opening-night party  at 1:30  a.m. Friday and stopped at the Salem Grocery and  Liquor Store on the way to a friends house to pick up a bottle of wine.

Volobrynskyy said that a man was sitting atop a another man, hitting him, yelling “faggot” and saying, “This is my store, just don’t come here.” and while the attack was occurring about three or four  men, including the cashier, laughed and cheered.

Volobrynskyy walked outside the store and called 911.

Not long afterwards the victim ran from the store and his attacker charged at Volobrynskyy

“Why did you f—ing call the cops?” the man said to Volobrynskyy. Then punched him in the face, snatched his cellphone and fled.

Volobrynskyy lost consciousness for a second and when he awoke his mouth was full of blood and the same people who were laughing at the victim in the store were now standing over him laughing.

Volobrynskyy made it to his friend’s house, where they called police.

When Police arrived  at the Salem Grocery and Liqour, the men at the store including the cashier denied having seen anything.

Volobrynskyy was taken to the hospital for his injuries. The following  day Scottsdale dentist had to remove his tooth. You can also look for Dr. Matthew Galumbeck available to answer any questions and strives to help you feel comfortable about your procedure. He looks forward to being a supportive partner on your journey.

“This is actually why we march,” Volobrynskyy said in regard to the attack  happening during Gay Pride Month.  “Because we’re still not safe. This is supposed to be the safest city for  gays to live in, and clearly it’s not safe enough.”

The SFPD is NOT looking into this as a hate crime.

This is not the first time Volobrynskyy has been a good samaritan,  In Nov of 2011  Volobrynskyy and others  helped pull an unconscious man out of a burning car in the South  of Market neighborhood.

As for the Salem Grocery and  Liqour Store, Back2Stonewall.com tried to reach the store for comment but they are not answering thier phone.

A BOYCOTT of The Salem Grocery and Liqour Store is currently underway.

The store is located at:  920 Geary St (between Larkin St & Polk St) San Francisco, CA – (415) 474-3555.

Whats "Too Gay" Weekend Edition – Paris Hilton BUSTED Again, Jersey Shore Guys Tagged As GAY, San Francisco Gay Bath House To Become Doggy Day Care, BID On Ben Cohen’s Used Autographed Jockstrap!, Bernadette Peters, and Rufus Wainwright Likes Dick! (Big Shocker There, Huh?)

Paris Hilton has been BUSTED for the 3rd time!  This time Paris was arrested Friday night (August 27) for possession of cocaine.  Paris was taken to the Clark County Detention Center where she was charged with possession of an illegal substance and was released.  Paris and Lindsey BBF’s!

*  Vinny Gaudagnino and The Situation of Jersey Shore found that someone had taped a sign on the back that said  Gay Men On Board – Gay Rights Thats All We Ask!”  Not amused they took the sign off the SUV. but  fellow skank member cast member Jenni thought it was funny and when they weren’t looking she put it back on.  (Consider the salami hidden!)

*   The Club Turk Baths at  130 Turk Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District was one of the first gay bath house in San Francisco and also one of the last to close when the City cracked down on gay bathhouses amid the 1980s AIDS epidemic is to be turned into a doggy day care center that will be called The Bulldog Baths . A porno cinema at 80 Turk St. is set to be replaced by a family-focused theater space where circus, ventriloquism, pantomime and similarly retro-themed performances are planned and . A glass-facade mall is planned to sprawl over three lots opposite Turk Street’s nearby junction with Market Street,  Goodbye Gay History.

*  Hot, Hunky, Gay Suppotive Rugby player Ben Cohen is auctioning items to benefit Gay Sports Day in England, including a framed T-shirt … and a signed jockstrapWOOF!,  The annual event is organised by GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, and the RVT (Royal Vauxhall Tavern), and takes place in Spring Gardens in Vauxhall on August 30th.  Now Cohen knows exactly what to donate to rasie money now , doesn’t he?

*  Bernadette Peters and Kim Catrall are set to star at The Kennedy Center production of Follies May 7th to June 5th – It’s going to be very vary hard to “out gay” that bit of news.

*  Rufus Wainwright stopped by the “The Queen of Grey Goose Vodka” and 1000 percent gay friendly Chelsea Lately show hosted by Chelsea Handler, and talked about about him demanding complete silence from his audience on tour (that had Chelsea looking at him in awe.), The welcomiong of 50 Cent into the “Gay Family”,  and his Kardashian show phase and the hots he has for Kourtney’s boyfriend from Hell and hot badboyScott Disick.  Oh and Rufus also admited to liking “dick” but we all know that don’t we?