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Two HOT English Blokes Stand Up To Fight Bullying (Did I Mention They Were Prince Harry and Ben Cohen?)

Ben Cohen has seriously ramped up his work with his StandUp Foundation dedicated to stopping bullying worldwide.

In the video below Ben talks  his work with international partners Microsoft and Nike, as well as Wicked the Musical. (And his voice is even HOT!)

Also Ben,  recently posted a picture of him and Prince Harry, who supports Ben Cohen’s work and the anti-bullying project.  Princess Diana would be so proud of Harry, who has carried on with her spirit of supporting charities and helping those who need it.

Hillary Clinton Sends Out A Video Message About Bullying: “If you see someone being bullied—speak up.”

President Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once again stood up against bullying and  posted a message to the State Department website today site today telling bullies that they should take a long hard look at thier actions and telling all people that if they see someone being  bullied to speak up.


When I travel the world, I try to meet with people to talk about what’s happening in their communities and countries. And one of the things I see wherever I go is that communities that foster tolerance and accept diversity tend to be more prosperous, successful, and just plain better places to live. Strong societies draw strength from the talents of women, people with disabilities, religious minorities, LGBT people and those of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. That’s just as true in the United States as it is everywhere else.

Today, across North America, students and teachers are coming together to take a stand against bullying. Building communities of tolerance is something every person can contribute to—in your school, in your workplace, where you worship, and in the streets of your town.

If you see someone being bullied—speak up.

If you’re being bullied—reach out. To a teacher, to a hotline, to a friend. Know that you are not alone. Help is available. We all want you to hang in there.

And if you are bullying someone else—take a hard look at your actions and the pain you cause. 

Whether it’s physical, emotional, or social— bullying is wrong.

We can all contribute to more tolerant, supportive environments and to stamping out bullying wherever it happens.

Hillary Clinton.  The woman who should be President.


After The Suicide Of 14 Year Old Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga Has Had Enough! Gaga To Meet With Obama Over Teen Bullying

I’ve had enough,  you’ve had enough, and Lady Gaga has had enough!

Teen bullying, especially LGBT teen bullying must stop and after the tragic suicide of gay 14-year-old teen Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga tweeted today that she’s meeting with President Obama to make this epidemic of hate that pushes our youth to kill themselves illegal.

Jaimie offered thanks to Gaga in an emotional “It Gets Better” video he recorded earlier this year in which he talked about the bullying he was enduring.

Said Jamey: “Lady Gaga, she makes me so happy. She lets me know that I was born this way, and that’s my advice to you, from her, and all you have to do is hold your head up, and you’ll go far.”

Jamey Rodemeyer, killed himself last weekend after what his parents said was years of bullying.

Tracy Rodemeyer, Jamey’s mother will bury her son in a t-shirt with a message of acceptance and defiance.

It reads simply: “Born this way.”

My heart is truly breaking.

Video – Australian Bully Victim Casey Heynes Who Fought Back Speaks Out

Earlier this week I posted about 15 year old Casey Heynes who attends Chifley College Dunheved Campus in Austrailia  who was continually picked on and bullied everyday until one day he fought back and it was caught on video.

Casey has been interviewed by Australia’s A Current Affair

Watch the interveiw below.

Video – Casey Heynes: A Bullied Child Protects Himself …..And Gets Suspended

This video clip is making the rounds today and I thought I’d share it with you.

Casey the larger child in this video goes to Chifley College Dunheved Campus in Austrailia which states that it “is a progressive and compassionate middle-school (Years 7 to 10) where students, staff, collegial partners, parents and the community work together to Learn, Discover and Inspire.”  Well obvioulsy they don’t inspire students not to bully each other.

 Casey was being bullied while one of the bullies friends videotaped it using his phone.

 Merlsification on Facebook explains:

“The larger kid on the right, is my son’s friend Casey – thankfully they don’t go to the same school. Poor Casey has been bullied his whole high school life, and this is what happens when he snaps!!

And guess what?  Casey was the one that got suspended from school!

So here we have a school that has not been able to protect a student, and even with video proof that the poor kid was being harassed and he fought back to protect himself and Casey gets suspended. 


Well to Casey I say.  Well done!

We all know “violence is not the answer”,  but in some cases it certainly gets the job done. And in n this case I feel like it was justified. Besides that Casey you taught the little weasel and his friends a lesson that some don’t get to learn until they’re much older. They should be thanking you for the attitude adjustment.

And if you out there would like to give Casey’s schools an attitude adjustment for suspending him for being the victim.  You can email them at dunheved-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Vanity Fair Writer Brett Berk Issues Public Apology For Calling "GLEE" Characters "FAGS"

Last night I reported here about Vanity Fair writer Brett Brek, an openly gay man who reviewed  reviewed last week’s episode of Glee titled “Sexy“,  and refereed to two of the main teenage gay characters of Kurt Hummel and Blaine played by Chris Coffer and Darren Criss “foam-party fags”

Well word spread via the Internet and Twitter and lo and behold and not long after Berk issued an apology on his website:

Back2Stonewall.com would like to thank all of you out there that picked up on this and sent your complaints to Mr. Berk.
Despite the fact that Brett Berk states that he used the description in an “off handed way”.  Words DO have consequences especially when describing two teenage gay characters in a mainstream magazine in what could be seen by others as a derogatory manner.
Again THANKS to all who helped.