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Prop 8 Attorney Ted Olsen & NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: "Civil unions are a second-class status"

AFER and Prop 8 Attorney Ted Olson and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have joined together to write and excellent opinion piece in the New York Daily News arguing that civil unions are no substitute for marriage equality and are really in fact nothing more than than giving Lesbian and Gay couples a second class status which is almost virtually worthless.

“A civil union reflects a second-class status that fails to protect committed same-sex couples who choose to be married. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue; this is a matter of protecting the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under law for all Americans.

In New York, there are more than 1,300 state rights and responsibilities that come with a marriage license. From spousal inheritance rights to the ability to file joint tax returns to child custody rules to the transferring of workers’ compensation benefits, the scope of marriage-related law is expansive. Some are fundamental, others mundane – but all serve to underscore how deeply interwoven New York’s marriage laws are and how extraordinarily they reach into the lives of countless people……..

A civil union is not a marriage, nor is it an adequate substitute for one. To suggest otherwise is a cruel fiction. Even if all of the inherent confusion and complexities could be resolved and civil unions could somehow provide couples with the same rights and responsibilities of a true marriage, the separation of the two institutions creates a badge of inferiority that forever stigmatizes the relationships of committed same-sex couples as different, separate, unequal and less worthy.”

Head on over to The Daily News online and read the entire editorial.  It’s well worth it.

Olsen and Boies File Brief On Behalf Of Plaintiffs In Prop 8 Case With Ninth Circuit Court Demanding That The Prop 8 Decision Stand

Attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies filed a brief late yesterday to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals demanding that the ruling striking down Proposition 8 must stand.

“Fourteen times the Supreme Court has stated that marriage is a fundamental right of all individuals. This case tests the proposition whether the gay and lesbian Americans among us should be counted as ‘persons’ under the 14th Amendment, or whether they constitute a permanent underclass ineligible for protection under that cornerstone of our Constitution,” attorneys Theodore B. Olson and David Boies wrote in their filing. 

“Proponents and their amici now attempt to fill the evidentiary void they left in the district court with an avalanche of non-record citations, distortions and misstatements regarding the proceedings below, and baseless attacks on the good faith of the district court. The tactic is unfortunate, unbecoming and unavailing. The governmental interests Proponents assert have been affirmatively disavowed by California, or have no basis in reality, or both. The fact is, as the testimony of 19 witnesses and 900 trial exhibits introduced into evidence amply demonstrates, there is no good reason—indeed, not even a rational basis—for California to exclude gay men and lesbians from the institution of civil marriage, the most important relation in life.”

You really have to admire Ted Olsen and David Boies. 

Read the full introduction here or read the embedded legal documents after the jump

Prop 8 Lawyer Ted Olsen Appears On FOX News Sunday – "’Would You like Fox’s Right To Free Press Put Up To A Vote?’" – FOX NEW POLL Numbers Overwhelmingly Agree With Judge Walker’s Decision (Video)

Prop 8 Lawyer and hero Ted Olsen made an appearance on FOX NEWS Sunday with host Chris Wallace.  As Wallace continues to eapeat the same old Right Wing anti marriage talking points against gay marriage Olsen tried to explain it to him this way.

“Well, would you like your right to free speech? Would you like Fox’s right to free press put up to a vote and say well, if five states approved it, let’s wait till the other 45 states do? These are fundamental constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights guarantees Fox News and you, Chris Wallace, the right to speak. It’s in the constitution. And the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the denial of our citizens of the equal rights to equal access to justice under the law, is a violation of our fundamental rights. Yes, it’s encouraging that many states are moving towards equality on the basis of sexual orientation, and I’m very, very pleased about that. … We can’t wait for the voters to decide that that immeasurable harm, that is unconstitutional, must be eliminated.”

Judge Walker’s must-read decision and Ted Olson’s quick take-down of some of the typical and stupid arguments against the decision that is what e should be putting out there for the mainstream public to see.  NOY Joe Solmonese and stupid “hearts and minds” changing bullshit. 

And SURPRISE SURPRISE over at the FOX NEWS website in a  Poll among their website visitors that poses the question:  Did Judge Make Right Call In Gay Marriage Case?  An overwhealing number.  A RESOUNDING 72 percent say YES Jusdge Walker made the right decision in overturning Prop 8 and that Prop 8 is unconstitutional.