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Video – BIRTHER CONTROL: Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews Smackdown Birthers Judson Phillips, Sen. Steve Smith and Orly Taitz

ABOVE:  Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips and Sen. Steve Smith, R-Arizona, explain whether the presence of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate puts conspiracy theories to rest.

BELOW:  Expecting an apology from Orly Taitz she instead went off on a rant about President Obama lying about his social security number. Unable to get her to comment on the birth certificate, O’Donnell tells his crew to get her out of here! Get her off this show!

“Go play with Donald Trump!”

Tea Party Takes Over Maine GOP. Now We Get To See What Olympia Snowe Is REALLY Made Of

Well those wild, bigoted and craaaaaaaazy Tea Bagger’s have successfully replaced Maine’s GOP party platform with their own.

An overwhelming majority of delegates to the Maine Republican convention tonight voted to scrap the the proposed party platform and replace it with a document created by a group of Tea Party activists. The official platform for the Republican Party of Maine is now a mix of right-wing fringe policies, libertarian buzzwords and outright conspiracy theories. The document calls for the elimination of the Department of Education and the Federal Reserve, demands an investigation of “collusion between government and industry in the global warming myth,” suggests the adoption of “Austrian Economics,” declares that “‘Freedom of Religion’ does not mean ‘freedom from religion'” (which I guess makes atheism illegal), insists that “healthcare is not a right,” calls for the abrogation of the “UN Treaty on Rights of the Child” and the “Law Of The Sea Treaty” and declares that we must resist “efforts to create a one world government.” It also contains favorable mentions of both the Tea Party and Ron Paul. You can read the whole thing here. Dan Billings, who has served as attorney for the Maine GOP, called the new platform “wack job pablum” and “nutcase stuff.”

Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe must be seriously wondering how long they can remain in the GOP.

Oh Dr. Frankenstein your monster is calling!

Homo Say What? – Tennesse Republican Congressional Candidates Ron Kirkland And James Finn: When We Were In The Military, We "Took Care Of" Homos

Ron Kirkland and George Flinn
At a Tennessee Tea Party event, two GOP candidates for Congress told the audience just what they did to us  dirty homos back when they were in the military service.

Physicians Ron Kirkland of Jackson and George Flinn of Memphis were among the candidates Thursday night who talked largely about how they’re against the Obama administration and its policies, according to The Jackson Sun. The candidates criticized the administration for wanting to overturn the gay policy, which prevents gays from serving openly in the military. President Barack Obama has called on Congress to lift the ban, and military officials are examining how to do that. The candidates said ending the policy is “political correctness” that adds an unnecessary stress on the military. Kirkland, a Vietnam veteran, said of his time in the military: “I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you.” Smith, who served in the first Iraqi war, added: “I definitely wouldn’t want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said.”

Despicable scumbags.

BREAKING NEWS! Statistics Show That 8 out of 10 Tea Party Members Suffer PTBPD – PLUS SNL Mocks Tea Party! (Video)

According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), 8 out of 10 Tea Party members now show at least 5 of the following criteria that must be present to indicate PTBPD (Post Traumatic Black President Disorder):

1. Pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects

2. A pattern of unstable and intense irrationality and magical thinking related to paranoia that the government is socialist and out to get you

3. Tendency to wear Paul Revere clothing to include silly hat, buckled shoes, knickers, white knee socks, and garters; when not wearing Paul Revere attire, a tendency to wear gaudy and classless red, white, and blue clothing embroidered with eagles

4. Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self with a penchant towards hysteria over nothing

5. Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days).

6. Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger and outbursts of screaming “Ah waan Mah Cuntry Baack”

7. Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms with tendencies to believe in conspiracy theories or question the authenticity of a certain President’s birth certificate

8. Must be obstinately argumentative providing exhaustive amounts of information all of which can be rendered pointless with less than 30 seconds of research on Google

Also watch as SNL’s Bill Hader made an appearance as James Carville last night on “Weekend Update,” and had some fun at the Tea Baggers expense.

“You can’t dress how you dress and not expect jokes. You’re wearing colonial costumes. And not even the whole costume…Which founding father wore the tri-corner hat with an Orlando Magic Jersey?”

Barney Frank Saved By Boyfriend From Two Drunk Tea Party Bitches On A Plane!

The Boston Globe is repoting that flying back to Boston from LA yesterday a pair of drunk female Republican eye-doctors were seated near Rep. Barney Frank and they harassed him until his partner stood up to call them bitches, which they probably were. Needless to say, the women didn’t appreciate the remark, and things got heated.

“No one was calming things down and people were standing up shouting,” said Brooke Sexton, who was seated seven rows behind Barney. (I’m guessing the women passed the skin color test and thusly weren’t deemed to be a flight risk, even though they intimidated and harassed a Congressman in the air, thousands of feet high.)

The eye doctors—who were sisters—had been drinking, and started loudly calling the healthcare bill an “Obamanation” once they realized they were seated near Frank. After Frank politely declined their invitation to debate reform from 30,000, they started “crying and shouting,” according to a passenger, and Frank’s partner Jim Ready eventually stood up and told them, “If you’re trying to be bitchy, you’re doing a good job

Attempts to locate or ID the women were unsuccessful.  I guess they never thought of looking at the passenger list.

Oh well.

A pair of drunk Republican Tea Baggers.

There’s no need to be redundant there.

How Low Can The Tee Party Go? How About Selling "Straight Pride" Tee Shirts Reminiscent ‘White Pride’ Racist Slogans

Oh those crazy, deluded, insane, disgusting, sub-human Tea Partier’s

An official sponsor and financial supporter of the Tea Party Express, saying that they typically give 10-15 percent of their sales to the organization.were selling”Straight Pride” tee’s Saturday at a Tea Party Express rally in Lansing, Michigan

Gay advocacy groups say the shirts are reminiscent of the ‘white pride’ slogan adopted by racist groups who oppose equality. ‘It’s like white supremacy,’ says Penny Gardner, president of the Lansing Association for Human Rights, a Lansing area lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights group. ‘It’s as if they are saying the idea of supremacy is some how the American way. The American way is about equality, and equality is all we’re looking for.'”

Now I know that some of you UBER PC gays out tere are going to say things like “Hmmm, slippery slope. If we can say Gay Pride on a tee, why shouldn’t they be able to say Straight Pride”

Well think of it this way.  There would be no “straight pride” merchandise if not to specifically mock or counter gay pride. And this all goes back to the fact that it is still somewhat socially acceptable to bash gay people. The major news organizations basically treat it as a valid difference of opinion rather than the obvious ridiculous and dangerous bigotry it represents.

This is really disgusting. And with with the current surge in conservatism in the country by these Tea Party fucktards, hardly surprising. We need to get ready for much more of this fuckery. And be willing to fight back.