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Former Survivor Winner Turned Politician Kentucky's Nick Wilson Blasted For Voting for Anti-Trans/Don't Say Gay Law

Former Survivor Winner Turned Politician Kentucky’s Nick Wilson Blasted For Voting for Anti-Trans/Don’t Say Gay Law

Former Survivor winner and now ex-fan favorite Nick Wilson let his homophobia and transphobia freak flag fly on his vote on a recent bill in The Kentucky House Of Representatives.

The reality show star turned Republican politician, who has been representing his district since 2022, voted in favor of a proposed new law that would prohibit most health care for trans minors and control what bathrooms they use, as well as limit what sexuality-related subjects school districts are allowed to discuss. 

The community of former Survivor players is typically very tight and very protective of each other. But not this time.

Survivor contestant Karla Cruz Godoy, from this past season, called Nick’s actions “transphobic” and encouraged people to register to vote. Lyrsa, who was on David Vs Goliath with Wilson, blasted the Survivor Reddit for allegedly removing posts talking about the issue, and Gabby, who also played with Nick, called him a “former friend” in a post talking about where we are as a society. Multi-time player Jonathan Penner called him “an asshole”, and numerous other players also posted more general messages of support for the trans community including Ozzy, Angelina and Adam Klein, said eartbroken and ANGRY. Omar Zaheer from Survivor 42 also got in a sick burn that referenced Wilson’s final tribal council… “This isn’t the first time Nick has been on the winning side of a wrong vote.”

Even ultra hot Zen nudist Max Dawson chimed in.

Since his vote Wilson has made his Instagram account private. He has not spoken publicly about his vote.


Uproar After Transgender Contestant Outed On Survivor, But Is CBS Also To Blame?


Last night an outing of a “Survivor” cast member on television has sparked outrage from many.

Zeke Smith, (above right) who appeared on back-to-back seasons of the reality series, was revealed to be a transgender man by fellow contestant Jeff Varner in an episode that aired Wednesday night.

Varner, shared the information during an emotional Tribal Council on “Survivor: Game Changers.”

“Why haven’t you told anyone you’re transgender?” Varner asked Smith.

Other contestants reacted negatively, telling Varner that was personal and he shouldn’t have said it. Varner insisted he did it to show that Smith was deceptive during the game.

Smith responded by explaining that he didn’t want to be labeled “the trans ‘Survivor’ player.”

“I wanted to be Zeke the ‘Survivor’ player,” Smith said.

While what Varner did was insensitive and stupid, is Survivor also at fault here for setting this whole situation up from the beginning as a show stunt?

After all Survivor obviously knew that Zeke was transgender before the show began and has been know to cast “contestants” who had “secrets” And Smith who was cast last years Millennials vs. Gen X  never made it past the final nine before being booted off and was not a “Survivor Game Changer” as this season credits its cast as. Out of all the players from the past 30+ seasons and hundreds of contestants why did Survivor ask Zeke Smith to come back? Could it be because he didn’t last long enough last season for his “secret” to be exposed?

What Jeff Varner did was despicable and he has apologized, But perhaps he is not the only one who should apologize.

Maybe Jeff Probst, Survivor, and CBS also needs to apologize for this bit of manipulative stunt casting to help its ratings that have been sinking steadily season after season. 

It is “reality” television after all.

Man Who Survived TLC’s “My Husbands Not Gay” “Ex-Gay Therapy At Evergreen International Talks – Video

Steve, the man in the video below was a gay Mormon man who belonged to the Evergreen International “gay conversion” program that TLC’s “My Husbands Not Gay” subject Preston “Pret” Dahlgren is the former chairman of .  After Evergreen shut down last year, Dahlgren joined North Star International – yet another such group – as a board member.

Jeff Bennion, another of the men profiled in “Not Gay,” is a spokesman for North Star.

None of this is mentioned in the TLC show. Which is a clear attempt to deceive the viewers.

Steve states that at least 1/3 of the people who were in his group have since committed suicide.

THIS is what TLC/Discovery channel calls “entertainment”.

Watch the video below and learn the TRUTH.


Tip of the hate to Ex-Gay Watch and Good As You.

CBS Brings Back Racist GOP HomoCON Colton Cumbie for Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

Colton Cumbucket Cumbie

The upcoming 27th installment of CBS’s fading hit reality show Survivor returns next month and as per usual to try to keep the franchise alive it will bring a new twist, the castaways will consist of ten returning players each competing against their very own loved ones. (YAWN)

Unfortunately Survivor and its casting agents (which must be the same as Big Bother’s) have decided that one of the returning players and his “fiance” will be the infamous Colton Cumbie, the gay, racist, and elitist Republican bully of last year’s Survivor: One World.

“Dammit I’m Cumbie”  has the maturity of an unfertilized egg and on his first stint on Survivor  convinced his tribe to give up their immunity idol so that he could vote out fellow black tribemate Bill  whom Cumbie called “ghetto trash” and told the African-American stand-up comic to “get a real job” before listing all the Black people he interacts with in his everyday life including his housekeeper.  But it far from ends there. Cumbie racist and insensitive comments continued throughout his time on the show at one point calling a little person contestant (Lief)  a “munchkin,” and bullying another contestant and telling her to “jump in the fire”

It not only amazes me but in my opinion it is and afront to the LGBT community especially at this time in our fight for full civil rights that CBS and Survivor deem it  fit to bring Cumbie back as a contestant this season especially since here have been many lesbian and gay contestants on Survivor with a much more positive images including Rafe Judkins, Spencer Duhm, Todd Herzog, J.P. Calderon, Ami Cusack, and Scout Cloud Lee to name a few.  But like this years casting of Big Brother CBS will once again be using racism and intolerance to get ratings at the LGBT community’s expense.


Survivor 25: Philippines Casts Anti-Gay Bigot Celebrities Jeff Kent and Lisa Whelchel – (Yes Blair Warner)

Survivor 25 : Philippines begins tonight on CBS.  And once again it’s casting department has scraped the “celebrity” bottom of the barrel this time out by casting anti-gay bigots  Jeff Kent, who won the National League MVP award in 2000 and who in October of 2008, Kent donated $15,000 to support California’s Proposition 8, the anti-civil rights initiative that banned same-sex marriage.

To further sour the anti-gay pot, Survivor also cast the “Pray The Gay Away”  loving “Christian” Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair from The Facts of Life  (Who I am sure if Mrs Garret was around today would slap the shit out of.)

Welchel, who pimped herself on the show by way of online campaign that she and her fans concocted told  Zap2It.com after being cast: “I would love to be able to show a different  image of a Christian … [Many people] think that — and unfortunately it’s well  deserved — Christians are about separating and dividing, and less about  accepting and including. I would like viewers to see that with all this  diversity in the tribe that I genuinely am interested in and care about people  and who they are, where they are.”

What Welchel forgot to say was that she is a huge anti-gay bigot and thinks very highly of gay conversion therapy.

On her  website, Whelchel told a mother worried her son might be gay that, “If a  person desires, it is possible to leave behind a homosexual lifestyle. I know this is true  because I’ve seen it come true in the lives of many of my friends. Thousands  have been helped, loved, and supported by websites such as Exodus  [International] and the many ministries they recommend.”

You take the good, you take the bad, you take ’em both and there you have: a washed up teen sitcom actress who finds God and loses her fucking mind.

Survivor also cast yet another “born again christian” to keep Welchel company and one lone out lesbian contestant Dana Lambert from Arkansas who will have to deal with all the bible thumping bullshit.


Gay Republican SURVIVOR Contestant Colton Cumbie Tries To Explain Away His Disgusting HomoCon Ways

Gay Republican contestant Colton Cumbie (what a fitting name) who was on this seasons  Survivor: One World had to leave the game early because of a physical ailment but not before becoming one of its most despised contestants in Survivor history due to his racist, hateful, and typical republican remarks which he then tried to explain last night on the Survivor: One World Reunion Show after the season finale.

And the little Auntie Tom even brought his Mother who then apologized for his actions.


Survivor’s Favorite Contestant and Indiana Governor Hopeful Rupert Boneham Speaks Out For Gay Marriage But….

The most popular contestant in CBS’s reality show “Survivor” history, the gentle giant himself Rupert Boneham is running for governor of Indiana.

In a video made by the Boneham campaign Rupert speaks about marriage equality pledging to STOP Indiana DOMA saying:

“I’ve been married to my wife for 14 wonderful years. Like many couples out there, we’ve had our hardships, we’ve had our trials, but nothing like the LGBT has to go through. It pains me to see my family and friends blocked from the same rights, privileges, protections that my wife and I are granted, just because we are legally married. What does it say to the youth of Indiana when a whole segment of our society is treated like second-class citizens?”

Great news for Indiana! 

Boneham’s opposition both Republican and Democrat support Indiana DOMA are are against same sex marriage. Boneham is running as the Libertarian candidate and there is a downside.

Back2Stonewall.com talked with Evan McMahon who works for the Boneham campaign and while Rupert does stand for Marriage Equality he does tow the Libertarian lines on Job and Housing protections and does not support ENDA type laws believing that business and housing owers should have full discretion on who they should be able to hire and rent to and be able to say no and discriminate for any reason.

Oh well you can’t have it all.

CBS’s “Survivor” New Season Casts Auntie Tom Gay Republican As Villian – Jeff Probst Calls Him A “Devil”

CBS’s reality juggernaut Survivor has announced its Season 24, Survivor: One World cast which premieres Feb. 15 and finally we can all say that a reality television show has actually done something RIGHT by casting 21 year old,  pink polo-shirted, gay Republican Colton Cumbie (I kid you not.  CUM-bie is his last name) as the villain of this season.

Via Insider EW

Of course, no Survivor is complete without a villain, and Probst says this season’s baddie comes in the form of gay Republican Colton Cumbie. “He doesn’t know it, but he is a full-on villain. He thinks he’s the most charming guy ever. He’s a devil and I don’t even think he’s disguised.”

Hurrah!  Finally a season where we  don’t have to feel obligated to root for the gay guy. 

HEY GOProud and Jimmy LaSalvia!  So on which episode should we expect the first staged hate crime targeting Colton Cumbie on the island ?

Watch the Survivor 25 – One World preview clip by clicking HERE and meet Colton CUM-bie!  You’ll know her the minute you see her.

CUM-bie of the fun they are going to have at the Suvivor Sucks Forum this season


Openly Gay Retired NYPD “Daddy Bear” Detective Mark-Anthony Caruso to Compete in ‘Survivor: South Pacific’

From Marc Anthony Caruso’s Survivor profile:

”I call myself Daddy Bear,” says the openly gay former NYPD morgue detective. ”I’m older, wiser, and cuter, I guess. No, I’m kidding. I’m not cuter.” One thing he’s not kidding about, however, is which two former players he’d like to see return this season. ”I would like to see Jane. And I know people may not like hearing this, but I like Russell. I do! I just like him! I worked in the New York City police department for 20 years. There’s a thousand Russells”

Carrie Prejean Signed For Next Season’s "Survivor"?

Andy Dehmart over at Reality blurred is reporting that Carrie “I Touch Myself” Prejean has reportedly been cast on Season 22 od “Survivor” called Redemption Island.

Andy reports this according to a report at Survivor Sucks by missyae, also supposedly returning will be a Boston Rob and Russell Hanz once again. 

Stunt casting is increasingly part of Survivor for some reason.  perhaps one day they’ll figure out that they really don’t need it enough to justify casting a homophobic ex-beauty queen to get rating.  I mean c’mon wasn’t Shannon Elkins homophobia this season enough.  Not to mention the possible closeting of two of this seasons current contestants

If it’s true sucky casting of Prejean  on Survivor 22

This Tribe has spoken