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WTF?! – Dolce & Gabbana Disgustingly Compare Themselves to Charlie Hebdo – “Je Suiss D&G”



After trying to weedle their way out of their anti-gay comments on Sunday by releasing a statement reading: “It was never our intention to judge other people’s choices. We do believe in freedom and love.” and that Dolce was expressing his personal views “without judging other people’s choices.”  Stefano Gabbana seeing it was not working took to Instagram not much later to compare their situation to that of Charlie Hebdo magazine which was the victim  of a gun attack o, which left 12 people dead.

The unmitigated gall  of comparing and playing victim to tragedy where people are physically attacked and killed for satire is very different from people choosing to  not to buy D&G’s overpriced crap because they offended millions of people. It is not only insane but offensive beyond words.  How dare they exploit other people’s deaths and compare it to them losing profits and reputation.

If their original remarks were not enough to drive you to #BoycottDolceGabbana this is.


Petition to Amend Michigan’s Non-Surrogacy Use Law Underway

LGBT Surrogacy ImageThe State of Michigan currently has a law in effect which prohibits the use and act of Surrogates and Gestational Carriers.

Michigan has very strict laws prohibiting surrogacy contracts. State law not only holds these agreements unenforceable, but also imposes fines (up to $50,000.00) and jail time (up to five years) on anyone who enters into such a contract.

Michigan courts have upheld the validity of this law. In one 1981 case, individuals involved in compensated surrogacy agreements challenged the constitutionality of statutes barring the exchange of money or other consideration in connection with adoption and related proceedings. In a very short opinion, a Michigan Court of Appeals concluded that state regulation of adoption in this manner does not infringe on individuals’ federal constitutional due process right to procreation.

There is currently a petition on Change.org to have this law repealed. The petition is urging the State of Michigan Supreme Court as well as Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to repeal this law on the basis that it is a discriminatory law.

The petition states –

“It discriminates against Michigan’s LGBT citizens from starting a family and having biological children. Since Michigan has a same-sex marriage ban in the state’s constitution since 2004, it makes it almost impossible for Michigan’s LGBT citizens to adopt children. Since LGBT relationships are not recognized legally, any adoption would be a single parent adoption, therefore nearly impossible to approve. This is why it is imperative that the current Michigan Surrogacy law prohibiting all forms and agreements between parties should be repealed. Not only is the law incredibly discriminatory against Michigan’s LGBT citizens, it is also unneeded  Surrogacy does not exploit woman nor does it make children a commodity. It allows woman to give the gift of life to a loving, nurturing and stable couple. Please consider this petition and all the voices who agree with me which are represented by each signature on this petition.”

The petition currently has 115 supporters.

The Expanding Of Same Sex Couple’s Family

Do you want children? Have you discussed it with your partner/spouse? How often do you think of starting your own family? These are questions that our generation in the LGBT community are able to ask ourselves and making this once perceived dream into a reality than our predecessors.

With the country becoming more accepting of same sex couples our lifestyle opportunities have also increased.It is a challenge. Recently, The New York Times discusses the evolving reality of same sex couples expanding thier families. Newly married couple Tom Lotito and Matt Hay are now faced with this decision of whether to extend their family.

Since their nuptials they have been asked numerous times not if, but when they would have children. The experience has been great and leaves Matt with the impression that“It’s another way that I feel like what we have is valid in the eyes of other people,” 

University of California’s Gary Gates from the Williams Institute examined a recent census of couples that chose adoption. “The definition of family is unquestionably evolving,” Dr. Gates stated.  Between 2000 to 2010 the census showed that adoption had risen from 9 to 20 percent.  Dr. Gate found in his research that  of the 20 percent a third of those were male same sex couples.

Now there’s also help for same sex couples looking for representation and aadvice for suggoacy like The International Fertility Law Group that provides legal assistance.

Unfortunately there’s still opposition to same sex couples having children from the religious right but as more support grows for same sex couples looking for options, these hecklers effect on the situation is dwindling.

The younger generation even has role models to emulate from like Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer that have children via a surrogate with their longterm partners. We have more options. Now for those parents of gay couples are beginning to realize that we can have the same life experiences as straight couples if we choose to.

It is a discussion that all couples regardless of sexuality need to have now. Regardless of sexuality, with a barrier now eroding, LGBT looking for longterm relationships are discussing this issue. I discussed it with my last partner and about our desire to have a family. Make no mistake we considered what an uphill battle the entire way. But I want my own family more than anything in this world so any of those obstacles would be well worth it.

It’s a hard decision for some as this evolution in our culture gives gay couples the same opportunities and challenges that straight couples face. Currently it depends on where you live in the US but (hopefully) one day soon that won’t be an obstacle. But expanding the family for same sex couples  is now longer just a dream.