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Sunday Funday! Back Again!

Helloooooo, and apologies to those who used to look forward to Sunday Funday posts on the weekend – it’s been a busy few weeks for me since moving to London; new job, new house etc etc!

But… (after much nagging from Will) here is another collection of photos for Sunday Funday to make you think and make you smile.


Oh it’s so true:

One of the best signs I’ve seen in a while….!



And finally, the TFL (Transport for London) Network have joined in the iPhone 5 jokes with this sign appearing in Tube Stations:

Go out, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Be young x

Sunday Funday…On Monday…To Extend Your Weekend

Hello all,

For the thousands of you who look forward to my weekly Sunday Funday post (I rounded up to the nearest few thousand), my apologies for not only being late this week, but for missing last week. I was at an education conference (for www.uwc.org) in Budapest and wasn’t able to serve you all.

But fear not, your weekly dose of fun, informative and downright random photos is back.

1) As I’m sure most of you know, Saturday saw World Pride take over London. Rather than bore you with my snaps of naughty Philippinos changing the letters of Philippines to spell various cheeky words, boys in bondage or drag queen imitations of Madge and Gaga, I’ll simply share this image.

As Will already reported, it wasn’t quite the grand scale WorldPride that we all would’ve liked it to have been. But it was certainly a great day, and I can say that as someone who isn’t necessarily in favour of all the imagery that comes with Pride celebrations, there were definitely moments during the parade where I actually felt proud. My only regret from the day is that my friend managed to get a photo with Ben Cohen and I didn’t…!

2) While this photo wasn’t taken World Pride, I was happy to see ‘Christians together at Pride‘ marching this weekend


3) The innocence of childhood can lead to the best unintentional innuendos

4) Having said that, apparently it’s not just kids that manage to make such fantastic errors


5) And to round up the Pride-related posts this week:

Enjoy being part of the special club! Have a great week everyone

Some [extremist] Religion-Bashing to Cheer Up Your Weekend – It’s Sunday Funday!

Well I don’t know about you guys across the pond, but England is less than happy right now, following the football result (here’s me assuming that some of you gays actually care) – so here are some photos to brighten the mood!


2) Let’s address gay marriage, or…

3) The way it should be:

4) After all…

5) And just in case you’re worried that the extremist religious folk are the ones making sense

6) But before I end up ironically stereotyping all religious people, let’s remember that they don’t all discriminate and hate

7) So…On a completely differen not, here’s the cutest photo you’ll see all week

Have a good one!

A Delayed Sunday Funday – Because Monday’s Can Be Fun Too

It’s never too late to post some happiness, right?

1) This week I’m excited to share with you some of these old adverts from back in the day, before people were scared to say gay (ooh that rhymed). Oh and in case you’re confused – “gay” originally meant “happy”.

Lesbian heaven:

If you insist!

I’m pretty sure whoever made this one KNEW about the double meaning.

How many people passed the Queen’s jubilee weekend:Too much gay fun: I knew I should never have tried Ovaltine that one time…! Or maybe I just ate too much Jell-o as a kid…

2) If you’re not already smiling – stick this on and get to it!

3) And while you dance around, ponder this… (because it’s something that has confused me for a long time!)

4) The debate over equal marriage is rife in the UK at the moment, with the Church of England claiming it to be the worst thing to happen to the church in over 500 years.

4) And, of course, the most fool proof argument:

 Have a great week everyone!

Time To Perk Up Your Weekend – Sunday Funday!

Hello dear B2S readers

Hope you’re all having a great weekend – here’s some photos to help make sure you are.

1) Because mocking abidance to silly religious beliefs is always funny, especially when Peeps are involved!

2) Likewise, Bill Maher helps to destroy one of the main arguments against equal marriage

3) Everyone likes a good pun, right? These businesses seen across London have put a smile on my face

4) A bit of motivation to go make the most of the week to come (from the National Geoggraphic Channel)

5) And finally, because I went to KFC for the first time ever today:

And don’t forget to check this out, if you’re interested in being Back2Stonewall’s newest journalist.

Have a great week all!

SundayFunday – The Best Way to End Your Weekend. Photos to Make You Smile

So here’s the weekly line-up to put a smile on your face, make you think and/or make you proud.

1) This is too cute.

2) A quick message from the Big Guy: 

3) In response to Palin’s ridiculous retorts to Obama coming out in support of gay marriage, we say this (amongst many other less polite things):

4) And on that note: I’m pretty convinced that these two images spell out check-mate in the gay marriage argument

5) And finally, for the gay geeks – this genuinely happens if you enter it into google maps:

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂