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Robert De Niro Debuts Documentary About His Late Gay Father At Sundance

Robert DeNiro

Legendary screen actor Robert De Niro has debuted a documentary about his late gay father at the Sundance Film Festival.

Via the Hollywood Reporter:

Robert De Niro the actor has never been particularly forthcoming about his personal life — nor anything else, for that matter. The very private New York-based Oscar winner rarely gives interviews or shows up at events. But for the first time, he reveals a great deal of his youth and upbringing, his early family life, and his relationship with his father, the late figurative painter Robert De Niro Sr., inRemembering the Artist Robert De Niro Sr. It will make its television debut in June on HBO, and its Sundance debut was met with enthusiasm, curiosity — and surprise. Robert De Niro Sr., we learn, was part of the post WWII set of New York painters — Jackson Pollack, Lee Krasner, etc — and he enjoyed initial success by being championed by Peggy Guggenheim at her New York gallery Art of This Century in the ’50s. Actor De Niro appears in the film, reading from his father’s very personal journals (which reveal he left De Niro’s mother, also a painter, when he realized he was gay) and talking about watching his father paint as a child.

Well you learn something new everyday.

Here’s a man who has come to terms with his father and that has to be good for his own sense of acceptance and that of his family. I am still a little shocked that De Niro was so willing to publicly open up his private life. But good for him and I applaud him for doing so.

James Franco Dropped By Advertising Campaigns Over His Gay Themed Films

James Franco

James Franco has stated that three advertisers to drop him from their campaigns due to his involvement in gay themed movies.

“I’ve lost three kind of advertising campaigns now because the companies say they don’t like my image, but I know that it’s directly related to the films that I put out at Sundance,” Franco said last night during the South By Southwest red carpet premiere of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

Franco was referring to Kink, an often erect documentary-style film about BDSM porn actors and Interior. Leather Bar, a fictional recreation of footage censored from the gay 1980 thriller Cruising. Franco produced Kink and co-directed Interior. Leather Bar.

He also played Hugh Hefner in a third Sundance film called Lovelace, a narrative re-telling of porn actress Linda Lovelace’s exit from triple-X scene.

Franco did not name the three companies that dropped him from their ad campaigns, he did cite it as proof of pervasive homophobia in mainstream American media. He also commented that he tends to help support gay film projects that he believes in and that might not get made without his help

Watch James Franco’s exclusive interview with Daniel Villarreal of GayNet below.  (Starts at the 30 second mark)

Sundance 2013 – James Franco’s: “Interior. Leather Bar” – TRAILER

Crusing 1980-horz

The 1980 film Cruising, starring Al Pacino as an undercover cop investigating a murder in the New York City gay, leather, bar scene, was plagued with controversy, and protests by the gay community.

Director William Fredkin cut over 40 minutes of sexually explicit material to deliver an “R” rated movie and to appease the  Motion Picture Association of America.

Those 40 minutes have never been screened publicly.

Franco and Travis Mathews set out to reimagine what might have transpired in those lost scenes in this intriguing film about the making of a film and actor Val Lauren  re-creates the Al Pacino role.

Val is repeatedly forced to negotiate his boundaries during scenes on and “off camera,” as unsimulated gay sex happens around him. The film itself is constructed as a play with boundaries remaining queer in subject and form. As much a film about filmmaking as it is about an exploration of sexual and creative freedom, and defies easy categorization.

“Interior. Leather Bar.” opens at The Sundance Film Festival this week.