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RedTube Porn Site Offers To Sponsor NYC Subway Station

A company whose business is all about pleasure says it wants to help with New York City’s train pain. Porn streaming site RedTube has offered to take Gov. Andrew Cuomo up on his idea to sell naming rights to subway stations. The governor, who really should have seen this sort of thing coming, first floated the idea of letting private sponsorships of stations late last month.

“We here at RedTube are eager to lend a hand and give back to our loyal New York fans,” said RedTube vice president Alex Taylor in a letter. “Should we make it through the application process, we were thinking we could literally adorn the station we sponsor as well as a number of trains in RedTube branding so people can actually ride a red tube.”

Owned by porn giant MindGeek, RedTube is a YouTube-like service that focuses on pornographic videos. It boasts 20 million daily users. Sponsoring a station isn’t going to be cheap if RedTube does, somehow, get approved, though. Required donations range up to $600,000. – via Fortune

I want to ride the [big] red tube!  

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