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Barney Frank: It Would Be An Unbelievable Travesty of Justice To Discharge Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach

Barney Frank has actually said something about about the the possible impending discharge of Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach  Frank is asking the U.S. Air Force secretary to put an end his discharge proceedings altogether.

The day after the U.S. Air Force agreed to temporarily block the discharge of Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, Rep. Barney Frank is asking [pdf] the U.S. Air Force secretary to put an end to discharge proceedings altogether.

Frank writes, “Under any circumstances, the decision to discharge Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach would be not only completely unfair, but a distortion of The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Now that we have agreement among The President, The House and the Senate Armed Services Committee that the policy should be abolished, it would be an unbelievable travesty of justice to discharge him. I strongly urge you to end the proceedings against Lt. Col. Fehrenbach”

Thats great Barney.  Thank you for FINALLY saying something because it really took you long enough to say stop the discharges under DADT.  I mean I know you are busy screaming at Fire Island Ferry Ticket Clerks about not getting your $1 Senior Discount and all,  But it is WELL PAST TIME that especially you, other gay and lesbian, and straight members of the Legislature who believe that DADT should be repealed should be standing up publicly and demanding that the discharges be stopped.  And not just for Ferenbach but for the thousands of other gay and lesbian soilders who could potentially be discharged while we wait for the idiots on the Hill to do something so right and so simple as repeal DADT. 

Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Polis. and all other on the Hill who believe that DADT should go. Show some backbone. STAND UP AND DEMAND that ALL discharges be HALTED under DADT and pressure Obama into signing an Executive Order.  THAT is YOUR job!