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Quotes Of The Day: BEAUTY (Lucy Lawless) and the BEAST (Maggie Gallagher of NOM)

The Beauty – Lucy Lawless

“You know what’s nice about Spartacus is that they have a gladiator who was gay and manly and he has one of the few true love relationships [on the show] with a young man who also is in the same ludus — that’s a gladiator training camp. And it causes no problems for them whatsoever — the fact that they’re identified that way. It’s really nice to see gay men being portrayed as something other than cardigan-wearing hand-flappers.” – Lucy “Xena” Lawless, speaking to Out Magazine about her new Starz series.
The BEAST – Maggie (MOO-gie) Gallagher of The National Organization For Marriage
“The first question for me is: Are same-sex unions ‘marriages’? I’m against discrimination, I’m against hatred, I’m in favor of marriage equality, but I don’t think same-sex marriage is marriage. Therefore I think it is wrong for the government to insist, through the use of law, that we all believe that same-sex unions are marriages.” –  Maggie Gallagher, speaking at a debate at the University of Colorado.
(WOW…… Ugly Inside, ugly outside and an idiot to boot!)