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South Florida Impulse Group Cries “Victim” After Being Busted For Age Discrimination – Read The Letter

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The South Florida chapter of The Impulse Group, a supposed AIDS non-profit that “focuses on the sexual and overall health of the gay community” was recently caught blatantly performing age discrimination at one of their “educational pool party” events in Miami when it required any gay man over  40 to pay a $50 “donation”troll tax  for entry while letting anyone under the age of 40 in for free.

After being busted by the South Florida Gay News and much blow-back the vapid queen group issued a defense statement saying that ageism “played absolutely no role” in its decision to charge anyone over 40 a fee to attend the event, and they were “deeply saddened and stunned”, stunned I tell you  by the amount of complaints and vitriol they received, calling attacks against them and their volunteers “unacceptable”.

That’s right the Impulse Group of South Florida believe that THEY are the real victims here and  NOT the people they discriminated against.


You know what I find “unacceptable” When ANY group or section of our community discriminates or treats others differently.   The vapid little bitch queens at the Impulse Group have some fucking nerve for believing  and/or trying to play off that THEY are the true victims after they are caught red-handed discriminating against  and stigmatizing the very men, men over 40 who lived and fought for their lives and the lives of their friends during the AIDS crisis while watching friends and lovers die in droves around them

The South Florida Impulse group should be ashamed.  As should anyone who continues to support or defend them.