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American Family Association Hate Group: Impeach Eric Holder He Loves The Gays!

Evil Prayers


“United States Attorney General Eric Holder, this week, has again overstepped the boundaries of the law when he arbitrarily ordered that homosexual couples will now receive government benefits reserved only for natural marriage status. This applies even in states that have laws defining marriage as only between one man and one woman. Taking a nod from the playbook of his boss, President Barack Obama, Holder wielded his own pen and paper, trampling on states’ rights and disenfranchising voters in states defining marriage as only between one man and one woman. TAKE ACTION! Urge your representative to press for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanors.” – From an email sent today by the SLPC recognized hate group the GOP backed American Family Association to its supporters. (All 25 of them) The impeachment bill they cite was introduced over two years ago and still only has 24 House cosponsors. Muah!

Sore losers’ sadz rampage.

Renew America Calls For States To Secede Over Same-Sex Marriage Rulings – See Ya!


Renew America, a right-wing group originally launched by Alan Keyes who earlier this year published “Satan’s 10 commandments to the homosexual lobby” reacted to the recent Supreme Court marriage equality victories by asking which states should begin seceding from the union because of it.

Paul Craft writes:

June 26, 2013, is the beginning of the end for the United States of America. Christians, conservatives, and liberals to a small degree, who believe in the Judeo-Christian values of our forefathers will find them boxed in by the government police… From my perspective, for us to follow the laws handed down by God, we have only one option and that is to secede from the union…

The big question is, what state or states would secede from the union? My belief is if just one state would secede others would shortly follow because things will only get worse. If a new nation is formed under the Laws given down by God and the values passed down by our forefathers, this new nation will be blessed. The new nation can take the constitution as handed down by our forefathers since America is in the process of abandoning it.

Of course, the most virulently anti-gay states are also the poorest and least able to survive on their own without the massive help they get from the federal government. (*cough* Kentucky *cough*) So as delightful as it would be to get rid of these bigoted asshole states I won’t be holding my breath for this to happen anytime soon.

Haters Lament: NOM, Tony Perkins, Liberty Counsel, ADF and More Lose Their Little Minds Over Prop 8 Ruling

The haters were sending out press releases fast and furiously yesterday blasting the Ninth Circuit’s ruling that Prop 8 the voter refferendum which stopped same sex marriage in California was unconstitutional.

Calling it everything from judicial tyranny, to blaming blaming Hollywood for the ruling these professional bigots ride the Waaaaaaaambulance all the way home and luckily for us make fools of themselves doing it.

Here’s some of the usual suspects reactions:

Tony Perkins – “Officially recognized” hate group Family Research Council President,  MSNBC pundit, and “allegedwhite supremacist:

This ruling substitutes judicial tyranny for the will of the people, who in the majority of states have amended their constitutions, as California did, to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman. However, we remain confident that in the end, the Supreme Court will reject the absurd argument that the authors of our Constitution created or even implied a ‘right’ to homosexual ‘marriage,’ and will instead uphold the right of the people to govern themselves. Voters in 31 states have voted to uphold the historic and natural definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Twenty-nine, a majority of American states, have actually inserted such a definition into the text of their state constitutions.”

National Organization For Marriage:

“As sweeping and wrong-headed as this decision is, it nonetheless was as predictable as the outcome of a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition game,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “We have anticipated this outcome since the moment San Francisco Judge Vaughn Walker’s first hearing in the case. Now we have the field cleared to take this issue to the US Supreme Court, where we have every confidence we will prevail.” “Never before has a federal appeals court – or any federal court for that matter – found a right to gay marriage under the US Constitution,” said constitutional scholar John Eastman, who is chairman of NOM.

“The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is the most overturned circuit in the country, and Judge Stephen Reinhardt, the author of today’s absurd ruling is the most overturned federal judge in America. Today’s ruling is a perfect setup for this case to be taken by the US Supreme Court, where I am confident it will be reversed. This issue is the Roe v Wade of the current generation, and I sincerely doubt the Court has the stomach for preempting the policy judgments of the states on such a contentious matter, knowing the lingering harm it caused by that ruling.”

Brian Raum, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defense Fund:

“We are not surprised that this Hollywood-orchestrated attack on marriage–tried in San Francisco–turned out this way. But we are confident that the expressed will of the American people in favor of marriage will be upheld at the Supreme Court. Every pro-marriage American should be pleased that this case can finally go to the U.S. Supreme Court. The ProtectMarriage.com legal team’s arguments align with every other federal appellate and Supreme Court decision on marriage in American history.”

Penny Nance – Head of the Concerned Women of America:

“Californians voted overwhelmingly to support the traditional definition of marriage that has been the foundation of this great nation. Our experiences have shown us, as science proves, that the best environment for children to develop as productive members of our society is in a home where there is a mother and a father who love them and each other unconditionally. Yet with a stroke of the pen these three judges have undermined the foundations of the family and liberty. Shame on them.”

And last but not least  Mat (I can’t spell my first name correctly because I am too stupid) Staver, head of Liberty Counsel really loses his ever loving mind….

“This is a travesty of justice and it undermines the legitimacy of the judiciary. When judges find that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, it’s absolutely absurd. This is, I think, an illustration of why the judiciary has lost the confidence of the American people. If you look at ideology, pushed by this particular panel, obviously that’s what this panel did: they looked at their own ideological bias, their radical positions, not the Constitution itself. And when they did that, it undermined their own legitimacy and I think this is the unraveling of the actual judiciary. It is the very seeds, as Thomas Jefferson said, of tyranny.”

Bwahahahahaha.  “Thomas Jefferson and tyranny”  Thomas Jeffereson was the Newt Gingrich of the 1700’s and owned slaves!

Obviously, they all had their press release all set to go without a reading of the actual ruling,  Their ruling was very narrow and applied more to the mechanics of existing rights being stripped from a minority group rather than any inherent validity of same-sex vs opposite-sex marriage — Staver who’s supposedly a lawyer must have gotten his law degree at Cracker Barrel U.

*Maggie Gallagher could not be pulled away from the desert bar at Golden Corral Buffet for comment.