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Did Seth MacFarlane And Family Guy Cross The Line And Insult The Trans Community?

In last night’s episode of Family Guy titled “Quagmire’s Father”, Brian (the dog) learns that the woman he’d been dating was transgender.

In a nutshell Quagmire’s friends think his dad is gay.. But it turns out that Quagmire’s dad isn’t gay; he’s a transgender woman. To the episode’s credit, it does point out that “gay” is different than “transgender.” And Ida, the transgender woman, does talk about her choice to get gender-reassignment surgery, saying, “Do I want to be happy the rest of my life, or do I want to be miserable?”

But the second half of the episode is about Brian hooking up with the woman, thinking he’s found his soul-mate, but not realizing she’s transgender. When he’s informed of this, he precedes to vomit for thirty seconds straight; in a sight gag, the whole floor of the room fills up with vomit. “I had sex with her!” Brian says, before screaming like what has transpired is the most disgusting thing imaginable. “When they move to a new place, they’re supposed to notify the neighborhood!” a character says of transgender people.

Seth MacFarlane, who supports the LGBT Community 100 percent had previously told After Elton that “the transsexual community will be very, very happy” with last night’s show.  But it seems they aren’t and a flood of complaints is spilling across the internet.

Family guy is absurdist comedy. When do they NOT go over the top? I don’t understand how anyone on here can say that a line was crossed. My gawd, if that’s the case, then the show has crossed about a bajillion lines and more than once.  And if it’s to be taken seriously why is no one upset with the fact that Ida, the transexual had sex with a dog?  or the fact that her son Quagmire got a boner for her? 

But lets not forget that in the end Glenn Quagmire DID ultimately understood and accepted his dad, then ‘defended’ her honor. Whis IS a good mesage.
Society shouldn’t use pop culture as morality lessons, or pick and choose their entertainment based on their political alignment, but people still do. And this isn’t going to benefit anyone who is Transgendered who takes the jokes at face value.
So lets’s cut MacFarlane and Family Guy a break.  After all it is a cartoon and we have much more REAL dangers and issues to deal with .

Wanda Skyes to Bill Maher – "If Gays Were Allowed To Serve Openly, Think How Awesome The USO Shows Would Be." (Video)

Friday night, on thw season premiere of “Real Time With Bill Maher”, Wanda Sykes stopped by and talked about gays in the military in only the way that Wanda can.

“They’ve embraced DADT, but they’re all for gay people going off and getting shot,” said Wanda, who was only one-upped by Family Guy’s stangely hot and sexy : “If you’re sitting there watching TV in your undershirt, worry about terrorism, worrying about your family, and at the same time objecting to the person who’s out there putting his life on the line so your family can be protected, you’re the worst kind of fucking asshole there is.”

Wanda’s Best Line:  “Gay soldiers aren’t RuPaul/Elton John gay, they’re brokeback mountain gay”

Watch the video below.

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