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BRAVA DIVA! – Dem Rep. Maxine Waters Calls Trump Administration “A Bunch Of Scumbags”

Forget Chuck Schumer. Democratic Representative Maxine Waters has seemingly become the spine the Democrats so desperately need to tackle the GOP and the Trump administration. The California congresswoman, whose blunt honesty coupled with priceless facial expressions, have scored her a new generation of admirers who are tired of all the politics and simply want the straight talk.

At the end of February Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” and in true Maxine Waters fashion, held nothing back when discussing Donald Trump’s administration, specifically its alleged ties with Russia.

“This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are, who are all organized around making money,” Waters said.

Waters then proceeded to eviscerate the Trump administration calling the cabinet the “Kremlin clan” for its proposed dealings with Russia, and specifically tore into White House chief of staff Reince Priebus’ attempt to water down a New York Times story backing this claim.

“Priebus has been trying to clean up for Donald Trump for far too long. When he was making outrageous statements, when he was basically lying,”

YOU GO GURL!  Mad respect for Rep. Maxine Waters.


White Supremacist at CPAC: African-Americans “should only be allowed to vote in Africa,” – Video

NOM anti0-gay MarchI’ve not written a lot about CPAC this year.  Mostly because I’ve been busy and really lets face it.  we all know that the GOP is a bunch of evil scumbags and that’s really not news to anybody.

But this week CPAC got even “scummier” at  panel titled “Trumping The Race Card.”(I kid you not) on the GOP’s current outreach to minorities (ha!) when a card-carrying GOP white supremacist (no, NOT Tony Perkins) had enough of the GOP’s “new faux outreach strategy” and  defended slavery claiming that white people “like him” are being “disenfranchised” by the federal government and now the GOP.

Think Progress reports:

The exchange occurred after an audience member from North Carolina, 30-year-old Scott Terry, asked whether Republicans could endorse races remaining separate but equal. After the presenter, K. Carl Smith of Frederick Douglass Republicans, answered by referencing a letter by Frederick Douglass forgiving his former master, the audience member said “For what? For feeding him and housing him?” Several people in the audience cheered and applauded Terry’s outburst. After the exchange, Terry muttered under his breath, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association.

Later when Terry was asked if he’d accept a society where African-Americans were permanently subservient to whites, he said “I’d be fine with that.” He also claimed that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa,” and that “all the Tea Parties” were concerned with the same racial problems that he was. At one point, a woman challenged him on the Republican Party’s roots, to which Terry responded, “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”

Of course right-wing blogs and websites are  claiming that the Terry was planted by liberals in order to embarrass CPAC even though he is the author of an extremist right-wing blog himself named, Shotgun Barrel Straight. (Google it.  I’m not linking to it here)

Scott Terry: Young, white, male, and angry GOP good “christian” who’s a gun owner. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again in the news very soon.

“Ex-Gay” Group PFOX Files DOMA Brief Citing Horrific Childrens Book About Child Molestation

Lifelong self loathing closet-case Greg Quinlan and his group Parents & Friends Of Ex-Gays (PFOX) have filed a Supreme Court brief against the overturn of DOMA. molestation.

 Joe Jervis of Joe My God:

PFOX goes on to cite NARTH, whose co-founder was busted for hiring lithe young Latino prostitutes, and JONAH, who is being sued for asking male clients to expose their genitals and grope themselves in order to “get in touch with their masculinity.” Also cited is “ex-gay counselor” Richard Cohen, who asks clients to beat a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming, “Why, Mommy? Why did you make me gay?”

Also PFOX  cites  that nobody is born gay, and  that gays and lesbians should not be a “protected class” under the law because homosexuality “is not an immutable characteristic.” As evidence, it presents the stories of four self-proclaimed “ex-gays” that purportedly show that “sexual orientation can shift over time and does so for a significant number of people.” and blame the  “gayness” of  person on child molestation citing  Richard Cohen’s book Alfie’s Home, the most horrifically disturbing children’s book that anyones ever seen.

Alfies Home


Alfies home 2


Alfies Home 3


Alfies Home 4


National Organization For Marriage Attempts To Link Homosexuality To Pedophilia For The Second Time

The National Organization for Marriage is no longer holding up any pretense that its just about “marriage” any longer and has revealed its true evil hate group face as for the second time in less than a week, it has falsely asserted that there is a link between homosexuality and pedophilia. 

From Equality Matters:

In an August 23 blog post, NOM claimed that the effort to normalize pedophilia is following the same pattern as the effort to normalize and legalize same-sex marriages.

As evidence, NOM included an excerpt from a piece written by Joe Carter, editor of the First Things blog.  Unsurprisingly, Carter’s piece actually attempted to link homosexuality, not just gay marriage, to pedophilia:

Remember when conservatives were mocked and derided for claiming that Lawrence [v. Texas] would lead to the normalization polygamy and pedophilia? Now some of those same people who sneered at us are using the decision to promote . . . polygamy and pedophilia.

What we consider a slippery slope to social disruption eventually becomes a useful ramp to normalizing degeneracy.

More vile lies, garbage and trash from NOM. 

In my opinion it has now become time to take off the kid gloves and destroy NOM, Maggie Gallagher, and Brian Brown by any means possible.

Oy Vey! Tony Perkins And His Anti-Gay Hate Group "The Family Research Council" Is Pissy That The DOJ’s Appeal To Defend DOMA Just Isn’t Anti-Gay Enough

Last Friday I posted that the Department of Justice announced yesterday that they were going to be appealing the two rulings, in Gill v. Office of Personnel Management and Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Department of Health and Human Services and defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Well thats not good enough for Brian Brown and The National Organization For Marriage. Because the DOJ’s reasons to appeal weren’t anti-gay enough.

Now Ginger haired “Princess Tiny Meat” Tony Perkins and his officially recognized hate group The Family Research Council is in a tizzy because they don’t think that the DOJ is doing enough to be anti-gay and bigoted in thier defense of the unconstitutional law that is called the Defense Of Marriage Act.

“Apparently, the administration is so fixated on making the homosexual community happy that it’s not even working to uphold what’s best for kids. In this instance, the Justice Department seems to imply that by doing their job they’re somehow doing America a favor. Hardly! Defending the law is DOJ’s whole reason for existence. So while the President may have strong feelings on the matter, they by no means excuse him or his administration from doing its duty. Since the President is failing to live up to the responsibilities his elected office holds, it is within Congress’ explicit right to intervene to defend the laws they have passed. This current appeal is already shoddy substitute for the compelling argument that the statute–and American families–deserve.” – Tony Perkins via Press Release

Perhaps the Department of Justice isn’t doing it’s job properly enough and we all  should all start pushing it to do so.  It can start by investigating the FRC, AFA, IFI, NOM and all those other alphabetic anti-gay hate groups  for violations of the RICO Act.