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Barney Frank And Scott Brown Are Both Pissed At Kathy Griffin! Ahhhhh The Bipartisanship Of STUPIDITY!

BOTH Barney Frank and Scott “Cosmo” Brown are upset over the recent episode of Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D List where she referred to Scott Brown’s daughters as prostitutes and then ran a disclaimer saying she was kidding.The segment features Griffin being shown a photograph of Brown by two CNN reporters, John King and Dana Bash. Griffin identifies Brown in the picture, saying, “Scott Brown, who is a senator from Massachusetts and has two daughters that are prostitutes

WELL.  Scott Brown who once dropped trou for Cosmo magazine is pissed.  People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits,” he said in the statement made through spokeswoman Gail Gitcho. “I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves.” But Scott isn’t ashamed of himself when he trots them out like trophies on the campaign trail.

Then we have Barney Frank who wrote the letter above.  One would think that Barney would have more productive things to do with his time  like maybe CONCENTRATE ON LGBT EQUALITY, ENDA, DADT, DOMA.  These ring a bell Barney instead of defending Scott Brown’s daughter.  (I bet you 10-1 that Cosmo’s centerfold is in Barney’s desk.

Brown needs to remember that One daughter, went on American Idol, made the top twelve and parlayed her losing fame and her father politics into a craeer and now is a broadcaster, the other is a model. And BOTH had no problem publically appearing and openly supporting thier dear dad.

And Barney. Jesus Christ.  Barney Frank has blown up on camera when people even questioned his opinion, he is the last person to be talking about hurling insult and prostitutes!  Barney should be happy that Kathy didn’t bring up the fact that his boyfriend of past and he were hiding in the closet (literally about being gay, not literally on premises) when the police came stinging the prostitution and drug ring from his boyfriend ran from their DC condo.

So both of you…..



Meet Your New TeaBaggin’ Senator! (Who You Probably WOULD Teabag Or Vise-versa If he Wasn’t A Right Wing Loon!)

Yes thats right!  Theres a Teabagger in the Senate!  Any why is there a Teabagger in the Senate you may ask?

Well its because the current President and Democratic Party has done such a HORRIBLE job the past year that the rightwing nuts prevailed and a Tea Bagging (abiet studly) Republican won a senate seat in MASSACHUSETTES! 

Thats how much the Democrats SUCK right now.

So tell me?  Is the Anti-Christ supposed to be handsome silver daddy and an ex-Cosmo nude model?