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Scotland's Only Chick-fil-A Shut Down After Boycott Over Anti-LGBT Funding

Scotland’s Only Chick-fil-A Shut Down After Boycott Over Anti-LGBT Funding

Scotland’s only Chick-Fil-A which opened in the food court of the Macdonald Aviemore Resort in October, has been closed after a furious public backlash over its funding of anti-LGBT causes.

After opening a spokeswoman for the Macdonald Aviemore Resort said: “Chick-fil-A is an enormously successful business, with over 2,300 restaurants in the US, and we are pleased to have them invest in the Aviemore economy, where the restaurant is proving extremely popular. It’s vital to underline that, in both our recruitment and our customer care, we treat everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender.”

In 2017 alone, Chick-Fil-A contributed over $1.8 million into anti-LGBT organisations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which requires staff to accept “sexual purity” and opposes same-sex marriage.

Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie encouraged a boycott of the restaurant and other MacDonald hotels across the country, urging the chain to “end their commercial relationship with sponsors of prejudice and hatred.”

A petition to have the eatery removed from the hotel attracted more than 1,200 signature on Change.org.

Macdonald Aviemore Resort has responded to the boycott and widespread criticism by confirming the restaurant had closed its doors over the weekend.

A brief statement posted on the resort’s website reads: “Our pop-up restaurant Chick-fil-A is closing on Saturday, January 18.”

Scotland’s only Chick-fil-A closing comes on the heels of England’s only UK based franchise closing in Reading last year after opting not to extend its licence beyond the initial six-month period after another backlash for the same reasons.

Grab Yer Kilts Laddies! – Scotland Beats London, Introduces Gay Marriage Bill

The Scottish government has pulled ahead of London and launched the ‘Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill’

The draft legislation will allow same-sex marriage in Scotland and give all religious and belief bodies (for example Humanist) the right to conduct same-sex marriages, if they wish to do so.  Remove the requirement on a married or civil partnered transgender person to divorce before obtaining full Gender Recognition. And introduce religious and belief ceremonies for civil partnerships.

The bill will also allow civil marriages to take place anywhere a couple and their registrar choose.

All the major Scottish political parties welcomed the bill.

Alex Neil Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) said; ‘We are introducing same-sex marriage in Scotland because it is the right thing to do.  We are striving to create a Scotland that is free, tolerant and fair and I am pleased to say there is support across the chamber for this significant step.”

Over 14 Scottish religious leaders, from the Quakers, Episcopal, Unitarian, ministers of the Church of Scotland and Liberal Jeduasim have welcomed the bill and said they look forward to solemnise same-sex marriage.

It generally takes 6 months for a bill to go through the Scottish Parliament.

John Barrowman Really Is Capt. Jack! Foils Robbery Then Offers Teen Criminal Job

John Barrowman took a page from his Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood character when Barrowman  stopped a would-be teen thief and then suggested giving the youth a job to get him away from a life of crime.

Barrowman was staying at the Radisson Blu hotel in Glasgow, Scotland when he hard a woman screaming after awaking to to find two boys ransacking her and her husbands in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The concierge was trying to sort my air conditioning.We heard this woman scream and shout, ‘Stop him, stop him.’ We saw this young boy running down the hallway. I told the concierge to chase him and called the hotel operator and told them to block the staircase so we could get him. The lad had tried to get away through the staff elevator and punched the concierge. I grabbed the kid’s ankles, yanked him to the ground and then pulled him out into the hallway. I pinned him down. My tour manager then arrived and the three of us held him down until the police came

According to Wales Online.  Barrowman then offered the teen a job backstage in the pantomime he’s currently performing in at Glasgow’s Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. “It was sad. He was only 14 or 15. I think he was on drugs,” Barrowman said. ”But I’d like to find out the boy’s story and give him a second chance.

Way to go Captain Jack!

Kickboxing Lesbian Elected To Be Head Of The Scotland’s Tory Party! BOOYAH!

32 year old Ruth Davidson is a kickboxer, an ex-soldier, an openly lesbian woman and is now the new head of the Scottish Tory Party.

Davidson who was inspired by David Cameron, who only took a seat at the Scottish Parliament at the  election in May,  has already become the first overall leader in a shake-up of the party.

Runner-up Murdo Fraser,  had pledged to scrap the ‘tainted’ Tory brand, proposing to set up a new centre-right party for Scotland prompted Ms Davidson,  to enter the race and defend the current Scottish Conservative and Unionist party.

You go kick some kilted ass girl!

UK Hate Speech Laws Put To The Test – Police Search For Hateful Anti-Gay Twitter User

In the United Kingdom and Wales Hate speech laws forbid any communication interpreted as “hateful, threatening, abusive, or insulting” which “targets a person on account of skin colour, race, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, or sexual orientation”.

And today that law is being put to the test.

Yesterday after the news broke of the horrific murder in Scotland of a young gay man Stuart Walker who was beaten, tied to a lampost and then burned to death the scum crawled out of the woodwork, especially on Twitter with one in particular Jay Miller – @mabsmiller posted disgusting homophobic messages about Walkers death that sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy and resulted in numerous complaints bring called into the Metropolitan Police who are also assisting in the investigation

Miller who descibes himself on Twitter as a “Liverpool fanatic”, a “true scouser” and “hard as nails”, statements included: “Bet when they put you out you was like a frazzle!”, a reference to the fact that Walker had been beaten and set on fire in what is believed to have been a homophobic attack and “Better dead now than infecting people with #Aids,” and more as you can see from a screenshot taken of his account below.

Mersyside Metro police are asking that members of the public with information about Jay Miller of Liverpool should contact them at 0151 709 6010.

MANY THANKS to @pdtThomas – Peter Thomas on Twitter for the heads up.


Horrific Hate Crime: Gay Man Found Tied To Lamppost Beaten And Burned Alive

An upset couple arrive at the murder scene to lay flowers where Stuart Walker was brutally murdered

Horrible news to start a Monday moring with.

A gay mans body was found dead and tied to a lampost, beaten, doused with gasoline and burned alive.  

28 year old Stuart Walkers remains was found  at 5am on Saturday in Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Strathclyde Police confirmed the body had scorch marks and the victim had suffered massive injuries

According to Detective Inspector John Hogg, Ayr CID,: ‘Stuart had been out with friends in the Cumnock area during the night and was last seen alive by a family friend near to the fire station in Glaisnock Street around 2.30am hours on Saturday morning – nearly two and a half hours before he was found.  Police  are not ruling out he may have been the victim of a homophobic attack..

Kazza Sutherland, who used to work with Stuart, said, “I can’t believe this has happened to such a great guy. I hope they catch those who did this to him. Hopefully justice will be served and I hope those who did this go to hell.”

To think that any human being could do this to another for any reason, and especially because they are different is just simply insane.

SourcesThe Daily Mail 

TRAGIC – Gay 16 Year Old Boy Savagely Murdered In Glasgow, Scotland

Jack Frew and a friend were attacked and slashed with a knife in Glasgow while walking home on Thursday night. Jack died soon after the violent assault and the other victim, 17-year-old Craig Roy, remains hospitalized.  Glasgow police are still seeking a motive, but at least one news source, newsoftheworld.uk claims that “it’s been suggested this was a homophobic attack.”

The Scotsman newspaper reports:

The 16-year-old was stabbed on a cycle path in East Kilbride’s Mossneuk area on Thursday night.

Frew, who stated his sexuality as “gay” on his MySpace profile, was a pupil at Duncanrig Secondary in East Kilbride and was described as a gifted actor who was well liked and respected in the school.

Hundreds of well-wishers wept and hugged each other as they left flowers, cuddly toys and messages at the scene yesterday. One message on a card from ‘Christopher’ read: “I don’t know how we are going to cope without you and we miss you something awful already! They say God only takes the best and you truly are.”

News like this just breaks my heart. My deepest sympathy to Jack’s family and friends.