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Pope Benedict XVI Gets PUNK’D! Blesses Two Bel Ami Porn Stars In Priest Drag

The Gay Star News is reporting thatg  that Pope, Benedict XVI also known as Führer und Reichskanzler Ratzinger recently blessed two gay porn actors from Bel Ami studios who appeared at the Vatican in priest drag.

“The Pope has been tricked into blessing two porn actors and a video of the moment is set to be included in a new Bel Ami gay movie. That’s according to famous gay porn producer and Bel Ami founder George Duroy who annouced the news on an online forum. The new film, Scandal in Vatican, is going to be released in September. It is the story of a couple of young priests, dressed as Catholic clerical students, who enjoy their sex experiences in the little country in the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome. [snip] Scandal in Vatican will also see a football match in piazza San Pietro, the Vatican’s main square. The Italian press think that the Vatican could sue the company and ask for compensation. And the Italian pink press writes that the Bel Ami actors could become the new Pussy Riot, the pro-gay Russian punk rock band who were recently jailed for a anti-Putin protest in a church.”

I bet Porno Pete LaBarbera can’t wait to get his grubby hands on a copy of Scandal in Vatican, for research purposes of course.