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#ShitPatRobertsonSays: Gays Are Destroying What The Pilgrims Worked So Hard For – Video


Actually, the Pilgrims were bloodthirsty totalitarian religious zealots who just a few decades after landing at Plymouth were hanging their own as witches.

Pat Robertson.

#StillNotDead  #JerryFalwell MissesYou #HellTableForOne

NOM’s Brian Brown and Mike Huckabee: Christians Are Victims Of Bullying Homofacist! – Audio

Mike Huckabee should be keeping an eye on his dog-hanging and potential serial killer son to make sure that he doesn’t hang another stray or worse perhaps worse instead of spewing his bullshit and lies.

And Brian Brown.  Really, could you sound any GAYER?

If you are going to make a living off being a gay hater butch it up bitch or people will talk.

“Ex-Gay” Greg Quinlan of PFOX and The New Jersey Family Policy Council: Gays Are Sexual Cannibals!

“I like the word that you used there, ‘cannibalized,’ because there is a scientific term that’s called that, ‘I want to have sex with that man so I can be like him, so I can become a part of him.’ It is a sexual, emotional cannibalization. ‘That person has something I want, they look better than I do, they’re more muscular than I am, they’re more virile than I am, they have something I want,’ and it’s a type of what we call an emotional or sexual cannibalism. I can’t describe it any better than that.”Greg Quinlan current New Jersey Family Policy Council and PFOX President.

So lets get this “straight”  in other words gay sex is kind of like communion?

I’d tell Quinlan to “EAT ME” but I don’t date outside my species.

Reality or Scam? – "Porno Pete" LaBarbera To Push Illinois Anti- Gay Marriage Petition. (Pssst. It’s A SCAM)

A few years ago the officially recognized anti-gay hate group the Illinois Family Institute, then run by undercover leatherman “Porno Pete” LaBarbera now of infamous Americans for Truth About Homosexuality set up the website called Protect Marriage Illinois  when they laughingly and unsuccessfully tried to get a anti-gay marriage referendum on the ballot because of failing to gather enough valid signatures.  (And many of the ones they did gather were that of people who didn’t exist, were dead, and just outright fraudulent)

After years of inactivity Protect Marriage Illinois now has a placard that reads ‘Citizen Petitions to Protect Marriage in Illinois’ is coming soon, with the Americans for Truth email as a contact.” (Hello Porno Pete!)

So here we go again.  Bit its not as bad as it seems. And its all part of a publicity stunt by LaBarbera the anti gay huckster. He must be short on Right Wing Welfare funds.

Other than the fact that same-sex marriages already cannot be legally entered into in Illinois.  Voter referendums in Illinois are advisory only.  And all constitutional amendments must originate in the Legislature.  Also Illinois sets the bar very high to avoid the debacle seen in many other states where voters (not the legislature) vote on often superfluous measures tailored to benefit special interests which is why you never see NOM throwing away money in Illinois.

 It’s a meaningless exercise and you can bet that good ol’ Porno Pete isn’t making that clear to potential donors that its all for nothing and it’s only to pad his email list and get some extra donations.

Charlatan, grifter, crook, fraud and huckster. 

Those are the nicest words to describe “Porno Pete” LaBarbera

Hate for $$$’s

How’s that for a lesson in TRUTH Pete?

Family Research Council Hate Group Prays For "Supernatual Intervention" Against The Gays!

The  recognized hate group the Family Research Council headed by ginger haired closet case Tony Perkins has hit a new level of crazy today as it asks its homophobic small minded lemming followers to pray for “supernatural invention” against the America”s filthy perverted homosexuals (The picture at left are pillars of salt btw)

From the FRC Prayer Team via Right Wing Watch

America’s moral decline is directly related to His people’s public and private acts of disobedience that dishonor God and His eternal laws. Scripture warns that the shedding of innocent blood (e.g., abortion) and perverted sexual practices are abominations that call for Biblical judgment. America is now under such judgment. Can we find our way back? God has only one prescription. With the traditional American family in near statistical free fall, homosexual activists persist in their destructive agenda. Backslapping and self congratulation at President Obama’s signing of the law to overturn DADT left Biblically informed onlookers aghast. Obama and Vice President Biden say they are rethinking their position on homosexual “marriage.” Yet God’s plan for marriage, family, and natural sexuality is essential to the survival of our nation.

May God’s people have faith to believe that laws giving those who practice homosexuality special rights, protections and privileges can be reversed! May the Lord supernaturally intervene to do so.

Well their prayers might not be working correctly because the only thing the power of Christ is compelling me to do is bitchslap every one .

Supernatural Intervention eh? Whats that quote again about suffering a witch to live?

What a bunch of evil morons,