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Gun Nuts To Hijack Newtown Massacre Anniversary, Plan “Guns Save Lives Day”

guns save lives day

Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundations and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says that he and fellow gun lovers are going to use the Dec. 14th, the anniversary of the Sandy Hook slayings to “re-brand” the day as pro gun because gun control groups are already politicizing the anniversary.

The Daily News:

In an appalling bid to “own” the Dec. 14 anniversary of the Newtown slayings, a coalition of gun lovers has announced plans to declare that horrific date “Guns Save Lives” day. “We are going to use the day to get our views out,” said Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation. “We don’t want (pro gun-control groups) own that day. … We are gonna be there first.” It was a proclamation that had people who lost family members at the hands of a crazed gunman at Sandy Hook elementary school shuttering. “Dec. 14 is a sacred day for Newtown families that should be about our loved ones — not this disgusting political stunt,” said Erica Lafferty, the daughter of murdered Newtown principal Dawn Hochsprung. “These people will be trampling on the graves of the innocent children and educators who were murdered that day.”

Allan Gottlieb describes himself as “the premiere anti-communist, free-enterprise, laissez-faire capitalist.”  I call him a scumbag.

What’s stronger than disgust? The insane right wing nuts are making us invent new words now.


OMFG! – NRA Teabaggers Heckle Sandy Hook Victim Parent At Gun Control Hearing – Video

Sandy Hook

These people have absolutely no fucking shame.

A false fire alarm, 45-minute waits to get into the Capitol complex, even the heckling of a bereaved parent of a Newtown shooting victim marked Monday’s day-long legislative hearing on gun control. “The Second Amendment!” was shouted by several gun enthusiasts in the meeting room as Neil Heslin, holding a photo of his 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, asked why Bushmaster assault-style weapons are allowed to be sold in the state. “There are a lot of things that should be changed to prevent what happened,” said Heslin, who grew up using guns and seemed undisturbed by the interruption of his testimony.

Who needs the Westboro Baptist Church when you have the Tea Party and the NRA


Westboro Group DOES NOT Protest Sandy Hook, Cowers and Hides In Hotel Because of Outrage

The cowardly members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed their true “righteous colors” this week and never left their hotel rooms in Newtown CT, after nationwide outrage, cyber-attacks and volunteers from all across the United States traveled there, to form a human barrier to prevent them from reaching the memorial service for Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung.

Hundreds off duty police officers, firefighters, bikers and concerned and disgusted citizens traveled across country to join with locals in forming a human barricade to stop members of the church from trying to picket.

Last week a website for members of New York’s Fire Department put out a call for off duty emergency workers to travel to Sandy Hook and a day before the memorial service the estranged son of Westboro pastor Fred Phelps had released a statement condemning the planned picketing action.

‘My sincere hope is that the Sandy Hook community is able to grieve and mourn privately, and with whatever peace can be had in knowing the rest of the world mourns with you,’ wrote son Nate Phelps, who is a board member of the group Recovering from Religion.

ANONYMOUS the worldwide Hacktivist group also became involved and declared war on the Westboro Baptist Church  by hacking into Phelps-Roper twitter account and taking it over Also ANONYMOUS disrupted several of the WBC websites by launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks against them, and has leaked the personal details of several members, such as home addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

In turn the  internet security company the Westboro Baptists have hired to protect its website from attacks announced that it would be donating the money it received from Westboro to charities supporting the Newtown community, veterans groups like the Wounded Warrior Project, and LGBT groups like The Trevor Project.’

This is how you fight hate and evil   You STAND UP and  FIGHT BACK.  You don;t ignore it.

Well done to all involved.

How about the Family Research Council next?  Same boat, different crew.


Celebrities Stand Up and DEMAND A PLAN To Stop Gun Violence NOW! – Video


A Who’s Who of celebrity voices from music, television, the stage and movies have banded together and recorded a powerful, personal message to help more than 750 mayors and 750,000 grassroots supporters Demand A Plan  and tell President Obama and Congress to step forward with a plan to end gun violence NOW!

Please take a minute to watch the video and share it with your friends and family.

NRA-meggedon – NRA Presser Turns Into Pro-Gun Propaganda And Mic Checks By Protesors – Video


The National Rifle Associations’ much anticipated press conference turned into nothing more than a pro -gun propaganda speech given by the group’s top lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre who blames the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre on everything from video games to violent movies of the 1990’s like “Natural Born Killers’ without the group itself taking any personal responsibility or coming up with any meaningful way to stop these horrible tragedies other than putting armed guards in school and turning places of education into maximum security prisons.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said.

LaPierre announced that former Rep. Asa Hutchison, R-Ark., will lead an NRA program that will develop a model security plan for schools that relies on armed volunteers.

More than a dozen security officers checked media credentials at various checkpoints and patrolled the hotel ballroom but that did not protestors from mic checking La Pierre with one protestor screaming “The NRA has our children blood on their hands”

And they do.

And after the (non) press conference that LaPierre gave it’s quite obvious that they really don’t give a damn.

FACT: The USA has 5% of the world’s population, and 50% of the world’s guns.

MOST EVIL – The 5 Most Insane Extremist Right Responses to the Sandy Hook Massacre


Below are the 5 most evil and insane comments made by  prominent conservatives, gun and religion nuts who have taken such glee in using such a dreadful event an opportunity to promote their paranoid vision of a perfect America proves the right-wing is insane and must be locked away.

5. Ann Coulter:  Everybody should carry a concealed firearm.  The killings took place in the morning, and by 11:07 a.m., Ann Coulter, the publicity seeking media whore big, bad mouth gives the little black dress a bad name, was touting concealed-carry laws as the answer to America’s massacre problem. Coulter’s first tweet on the subject came so soon after the killings, that there was no definitive count yet of the number of people who had perished: ”Only one policy has ever been shown to deter mass murder: concealed-carry laws. – bit.ly/VGDNBo

4. Mike Huckabee: Massacre the result of church-state separation.  Former Arkansas governor and pastor and father of a seriously deranged child who tortures animals Mike Huckabee thinks that if only the Constitution had been rewritten to allow for the mandatory worship of his God in public schools, the massacre would not have saying that if only killer Adam Lanza had gotten religion during his public school education, he wouldn’t have killed, or if Huckabee was suggesting that God was punishing a public school for not allowing organized worship in the classroom.

We ask why there is violence in our schools but we have systematically removed God from our schools,” Huckabee told host Neil Cavuto. “Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

Media Matters has the clip

3.  Louie Gohmert: If only Sandy Hook principal had an assault rifle, everyone would have been saved. Speaking to host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, the Republican congressman from Texas with the shining bald head who had man on man solder barracks fantasies during the DADT repeal hearings let loose with this, as transcribed by the Huffington Post:

“Chris, I wish to God she had an M4 in her office, locked up so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out … and takes him out and takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids,” Gohmert said.

The M4 is the rifle favored by the U.S. military; you can view its specs on the site of its manufacturer, Colt. Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

2. Larry Pratt: Making schools gun-free zones caused the problem. The executive director of Gun Owners of America, a far-right group tied to the militia movement, makes a leap of logic by claiming that because the massacre happened in a school designated as a “gun-free zone,” that the absence of guns in Sandy Hook Elementary School must have caused the problem.

Despite the fact that Pratt once addressed a group of white supremacists and advocated for the creation of militias in the U.S. based on the model of anti-communist Guatemalan death squads, the USA Today Web site gave Pratt a big megaphone to its millions of unique viewers (23 million in May 2011, according to the company’s media kit), the day after the Sandy Hook tragedy, in the opinion section of the site.

There, Pratt asserts:

Hopefully, the Connecticut tragedy will be the tipping point after which a rising chorus of Americans will demand elimination of the gun-free zone laws that are in fact criminal-safe zones.

One measure of insanity is repeating the same failure time after time, hoping that the next time the failure will turn out to be a success. Gun-free zones are a lethal insanity

  And Number 1 on our insanity parade……..

1. AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Children Died in CT Shooting Spree Because School Did Not Embrace God. 

American Family Association’s spokesloon Bryan J Fischer had the gall to say that God could have protected the victims of this massacre, but didn’t because “God is not going to go where he is not wanted” and so if school administrators really want to protect students, they will start every school day with prayer   CLICH HERE to watch the video.

What fucking monsters.
And there we have it people.  The case why its time to stop signing petitions and time to pick up pitchforks, torches and tar & feathers and not only run these evil bastards out-of-town on a rail but out of the country as well.
Primary Source:  Salon.com

Operation Save America – Anti-Bullying Policies Lead To Sandy Hook School Shooting

Further proof that every crazy right wing religious extremist nut and group is crawling out of the woodwork like the vermin they are to publicize themselves and their warped beliefs over this horrific tragedy.

“Watching the Memorial service for the twenty-six precious lives taken from us was painful to say the least, but it was far more painful to the God who made America great. Newtown cancelled Christmas so it could properly mourn. How foolish, yet typical of governmental strategy to replace God. The ‘Interfaith’ service was an affront to Almighty God. Those claiming to be His priests barely mentioned His Name –Jesus! After all, He is the only God there is! What happened? We violently removed the fear of Almighty God from the hearts of our children. We expelled God from school and banished Him from the schoolyard. He was replaced with metal detectors, condoms, policemen, anti-bullying policies, No-gun zones, and violence of unprecedented order. Our strategy has replaced God’s Truth. We are losing our kids because we are ignoring God’s Law.” – Pat McEwen, in a press release published by Christian Newswire.

Four words.  Parasitic insane charlatan bully.

Two more:  FUCK YOU!


Trump to Address NRA's Annual Convention, Guns Banned From Convention During Speech

The NRA Promises to Unveil ‘Meaningful Contributions’ So Sandy Hook “Never Happens Again”

Ever since the horrible and tragic Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut the National Rifle Association —America’s most influential force for putting guns in the hands of everyone—went  silent going even as far to remove its Facebook page.

Now in the shootings aftermath it has released its first statement on the Sandy Hook incident:

National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown.

Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting.

The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21.

Expect it to be a completely empty PR exercise. The NRA has made it abundantly clear that they only believe in the maximalist position; anything less is a world-ending infringement of individual rights as handed down by God.

By the way Friday 12.21.2012 is the predicted Mayan Apocalypse.

Sure NRA. Wait until the end of the world to announce something meaningful.

NRA Spokes person: “We have come to the realization that our efforts these past decades have been … OOPS … end of the world, got to go”

Source: Gawker

Focus on the Family – The Sandy Hook Massacre Was Caused Because of Abortion and Gay Marriage

“We have turned our back on God. I mean millions of people have decided that God doesn’t exist, or he’s irrelevant to me and we have killed fifty-four million babies and the institution of marriage is right on the verge of a complete redefinition.  Believe me, that is going to have consequences too. And a lot of these things are happening around us, and somebody is going to get mad at me for saying what I am about to say right now, but I am going to give you my honest opinion: I think we have turned our back on the Scripture and on God Almighty and I think he has allowed judgment to fall upon us. I think that’s what’s going on.” – Focus On The Family founder James Dobson.

Let it be duly noted that this is the SAME  hate speech, but to a different audience that the Westboro Baptist Church uses just with different wording. The WBC is great at getting the wider public’s attention while FOF prefers to fly under the radar and preach to its own.  There is no difference between the Phelps clan and any number of Christian organizations that operate under the banner of hate and persecution. It would be great if Anonymous would take these people out, too and also the FRC, AFA and all the rest but it would be even greater if we had hate speech laws in effect that made this kind of rhetoric punishable.

This most recent parade of frauds and charlatans blaming the horrific loss of life at Sandy Hook on The Wrath of God just shows how mentally unbalanced they really are and its up to us to destroy their organizations.

Focus on the Family, proudly supported by Chick-fil-A