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The Good Ole Days When Lesbian Kisses Actually Meant You Were a Lesbian

By the looks of the MTV Music Awards last night if you’re a female celebrity and you haven’t gone girl-on-girl before a crowd of roaring, adoring males, you’re probably gay. Last night, Sandra kissed Scarlett as revenge on Jesse. How did lesbian kisses become the ultimate mainstream display of hetero-desirability?

Back in 1995, “I Kissed a Girl” was a song by a lesbian folk singer about being gay. Eight years later, Madonna caused a media shitstorm by kissing the resolutely straight Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on an MTV stage. Seven years later, a former Christian rocker turned “I Kissed a Girl” into a anthem of straight girl titillation. Now America’s middle-aged sweetheart SANDRA BULLOCK is locking lips with ladies on another MTV stage as proof that she’s lovable as ever. And tween queen Miley Cyrus says the girl-on-girl near-kisses in her choregraphy are “nothing” and shouldn’t imply gayness even slightly.

I kissed a girl ’cause it’s trendy…

Homo Say What? – Neo Nazi AND Homophobe Jesse James: ‘Maybe Just Maybe? If You Suck His Di**k Real Hard He Might Even Put You Guys On TV!’

Neo-Nazi and Homophobe? 

Radaronline published part of an email allegedly sent by Jesse James to a former coworker, full of gay slurs:
Now I kinda find it hard to believe that Sandra Bullock knew about none of his behavior when she married him.  The only excuse Sandra might have right now is that Jessee is hung like a moose.  Other than that if she didn’t know……she’s an idiot.

“In what appears to be a falling out between Jesse and two other men Jesse starts the correspondence by writing, ‘Now you guys will be able to Suck each others D***s without anyone giving you a hard time for it!…That’s right!…my place is ‘f***ed up’..and the Two most ‘f***ed up’ things about my place are gone now!…..Don’t worry though you 2 f***ots will be fine!’ Jesse continued. ‘Maybe Just Maybe? If you suck his d**k real hard he might even put you guys on TV!’…Several sources have confirmed to RadarOnline.com that Jesse has always had a problem with the gay community and is known for making gay slurs in the workplace. ‘He uses the word f***ot all the time,’ an insider said. ‘It makes people really uncomfortable and it’s very inappropriate, but it flows out of his mouth just as naturally as ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ does with most people.'”