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WATCH: "The Crucible" Old Vic Production. Starring: Richard Armitage - Full Production (2014)

WATCH: “The Crucible” Old Vic Production. Starring: Richard Armitage – (2014)

Richard Armitage stars in Arthur Miller’s classic American drama brought vividly to life in this visceral production by internationally acclaimed director Yaël Farber from the Old Vic in London.

The Crucible, one of the key social plays of the last century, is ostensibly about the trials and convictions in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. A community is knocked sideways by rumors of girls dancing naked in the woods, murdered babies, “enemies in the dark,” and even puppets stuffed with needles, one of which is produced as evidence in court.

One of the central themes emphasized throughout the play is that hysteria has the ability to tear lives apart while also having long-term repercussions. As we are still witnessing today especially on social media.

Armitage’s credits include the forthcoming film Into the Storm. Other film and TV credits include The Hobbit trilogy, Captain America: The First Avenger and Spooks. Theatre includes The Duchess of Malfi and Macbeth for the RSC.

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OMFG Hold My Broom!: Disney Channel Confirms Hocus Pocus Remake Those BASTARDS!

Disney is crossing the line this time on remakes by announcing that the Disney Channel is going to do a remake of Hocus Pocus remake without Bette, Kathy, or Sarah Jessica!

Via Vanity Fair

Rumors of a remake or sequel have been bubbling for what feels like 300 years. (As for why it’s taken so long, Midler once joked that Disney was having “trouble finding a virgin.”) Garris hinted to Forbes in an interview on Tuesday that Disney Channel might be brewing a remake, which perhaps prompted the official confirmation.

Still, we have to wonder why the film is being recast, considering the number of times the original trio has confirmed that they would be interested in reprising their roles. “I would love that,” Parker said in 2016 about filming a Hocus Pocus sequel. “I think we’ve all been fairly vocal about being very keen, but that hasn’t created any ground swell of movement.” No matter why the movie is moving forward without her, Midler, and Najimy—who presumably would call for higher salaries than a TV movie may be prepared to pay—it’s hard to imagine Hocus Pocus without the original Sanderson sisters.

Well since Disney has not learned from the HUGE mistakes of other networks recent television remakes including Beaches, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dirty Dancing I guess we’ll just have to put a spell on those greenlighting  Mouse Ear executive asses!

“Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi.  Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi. In comma coriyama.  In comma coriyama
Ay, ay, aye, aye, say bye-byyyyyyyyyyye! Motherfuckers bye bye!