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NYC Health Department Advisory: Your Safest Covid-19 Sex Partner Is Your Hand

NYC Health Department Advisory: Your Safest Covid-19 Sex Partner Is Your Hand

Via The New York Post:

In a sign of these strange times, the city Health Department has issued a stunningly blunt memo on how to stay clean while doing the dirty during the global coronavirus pandemic. First and foremost on its two-page list of tips: sex is safest with oneself.

“Masturbation will not spread COVID-19, especially if you wash your hands (and any sex toys) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after,” the department wrote.

Good news, though, “COVID-19 has not yet been found in semen or vaginal fluid,” the notice says. If you do have sex with another human, make sure it is “with people close to you,” like someone you live with. If sex with strangers is your thing, the agency suggests “video dates, sexting or chat rooms may be options for you.”

Once Again Safety Pins Bring Support and Comfort To The Gay, LBT, and Marginalized Communities

After 30 years safety pins once again are providing support and a safety net for groups left feeling vulnerable in Donald Trump’s America.

In 1986 at the height of the AIDS epidemic the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, a non- profit AIDS education in New York City, chose the safety pin as a symbol for safe sex support and education  ‘The idea was: safety pins, safe sex,’. Wearing the pins was just another way to promote the idea that safe sexual practices help slow the spread of AIDS.

Fast forward 30 years and the safety pin is back this time symbolizing support to the LGBT community and other maginalized groups amid mounting reports of racial, LGBT, and sexual harassment spurred on by Donald Trump’s election,

“To my fellow Americans, I will be your #safespace #LoveTrumpsHate if you see me with my #safetypin on, know I am an ally. Come talk to me,” tweeted @ErinFearns.

Some Muslim women in hijabs have reported harassment and intimidation following the presidential election. Numerous reports of gay bashings and anti-lgbt harassment  have also been reported .

On Friday, the hashtag #safetypin trended on Twitter, as dozens of people shared selfies with safety pins attached to their clothing.

“Standing together we will be safe,” one user tweeted.

“My #SafetyPin shows I will protect those who feel in danger bc of gender, sexuality, race, disability, religion, etc.,” another said. “You are safe with me.”

Even Star Trek captain Patrick Stewart has beamed aboard.

And while some may think that s a safety pin will do nothing to help in our current situation a symbol is a powerful thing that can bring millions of people together for a cause.

Remember these?

HIV+ Canadian Man To Be Tried For Attempted Murder

A Canadian man , Steven Paul Boone who authorities named and identified in public reports as a sexually transmitting hazard to your health, has seen charges against him upgraded. To attempted murder.  Boone was arrested in May after an 18-year-old man said he contracted an “infectious disease” after having unprotected sex multiple times with Boone and while Boone was awaiting trial additional men came forward following health officials’ open call to Boone’s sex partners. Boone also faces charges of administering a “noxious substance” (yep, HIV). Which brings Boone’s grand total of counts against him to 31.

Boone who knew that he was HIV+ and aggressively sought sex partners hid the information and never divulged his status. (Weather he was asked and lied about it is unclear at this time.)  The allegations suggest the list of Boone’s potential victims could date back more than a year.

Its truly a disturbing story, spreading an infectious disease to people unaware, esp HIV/AIDS (Which, while chronic, still has no cure and still causes death), is an absolutely disgusting thing to do. But some of the responsibilty does fall back onto those who had the unprotected sex with Boone for they choose for themselves to act with careless disregard to their own protection. And, how can a fair judgement be made when the so-called victims willingly engage in unsafe-sex? Certainly if they had unprotected sex with Boone, it is reasonable to doubt whether or not they had unprotected sex with others.

Remember AIDS is not gone.  AIDS is not cureable. 

It is everyones responsibilty who is involved in a sex act to protect themseleves.  Weather it be with someone you meet through a friend or meet at a bathhouse.  Sex is not a dirty thing and can be lots of fun. 

But in the end it is up to YOU to be responsible for your own safety.